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  1. there are certain duas you can recite while peeing, wearing your underwear, socks, etc. everything becomes a form of worship.
  2. if it's at home, wear whatever colour you want. this whole idea that black is reserved for sayyed's is not found in hadith. this was probably something modern.
  3. how many rikaat in each prayer according to the Qur'an? watch the quranist sweat
  4. The problem here is the language she's using. It's too symbolic. To get your point across without getting into this non-sense is to NOT use the language of your opposition. Instead of being symbolic, be ambiguous. Unfortunately, no one listens to Zizek or Noam Chomsky. Everyone's too busy trying to be the hero and trying to say what is "right" but not focusing on how to say it. This is why I personally like comedy and court jesters (Bahlool for e.g). They get away with so much because they understand language.
  5. oh yeah, terrible economy, no jobs, no way to properly do anything, it's great. we're very happy.
  6. How so? if I do not mention the word تعلم it shows that I have complete faith that Allah knows what I don't, hence I'm asking Him about the unknown. I find adding that specific word confuses the hell out of me. Edit: With a little bit of reading I understand the construction of the sentence better. Thanks everyone for indulging me.
  7. if you read this you have to send it to 5 people or you will lose 3 fingers and a liver
  8. Thank you brother. But why say تعلم? why not just say ان كان هذا الامر خير لي
  9. He says a lot of interesting things. Watch the 5 hour podcast. He talks about how we are the aliens and that we came from a different place. Which could explain our decent from heaven and why there's a missing link in evolution. I don't know though. The rest of the stuff he says is just silly. When he talks about how God put us here because God is trying to figure out who he is. He lost me there.
  10. Agreed, but this is not what I'm reading in the dua. My problem is with "If you know". We know that Allah is has knowledge of everything, so why does the dua question his knowledge? The wording of it is simply confusing. @Qa'im @Ibn al-Hussain
  11. 'If you know' is a supposition. Why isn't it "O' Allah, if this is good for me"? throwing out the word know shows that YOU are not all knowing and implies that Allah is because you're asking Him a question about the unknown. I have an issue with the coupling of the words 'If' and 'know' because it suggests doubt. It's like me asking you "if you're going to the store, buy bread". if is used here because of uncertainty to whether you'll go or not.
  12. yes but the words "If you know" shows doubt in whether Allah is all knowing or not. "If" is a supposition.
  13. "O Allah if you know this thing is good for me" That's literally part of the Dua. I'm asking about that part.
  14. @Ashvazdanghe Salam brother, I think you misunderstood. The Dua is saying "O' Allah, if you know". The word "if" shows doubt to whether the person believes Allah knows everything or not. It is not talking about Muhammad صل الله عليه واله
  15. http://shiaonlinelibrary.com/الكتب/1519_بحار-الأنوار-العلامة-المجلسي-ج-٨٨/الصفحة_267
  16. Try to minimise your lone time. It's usually when you're alone that you go to town.
  17. even that is debatable. recent studies on video games have shown positive results on those who play's cognitive abilities. it just depends on your self control. people need to stop blaming games.
  18. your reasoning is ridiculous. that could be said about literally anything in life.
  19. No. Sufi and Irfan are different. If they were the same thing then Sayed Ali Al-Qadhi (qas) would call himself a Sufi instead of a teacher of Irfan.
  20. Al-salamu 'Alaykm I was reading this dua: why is there the phrase "ان كنت تعلم"? it seems weird to me that someone would use this phrase when we all know Allah is all knowing
  21. Very few people heard of him when he came out, even to this day not many have heard of him. this guy is literally unknown to 3/4 of the world. what kind of God would send a Messiah that 3/4 of the world didn't even know existed? even after he "spread" his message and died. and why didn't he rule the world? why's the current guy not ruling the world? isn't Al-Qaim's capital supposed to be somewhere in the Middle East? why's he in the United Kingdom and not even ruling the United Kingdom? why is he elected instead of chosen from Allah? isn't Al-Quds supposed to be liberated by Al-Qaim? why isn't it to this today?
  22. Perhaps Al-Qaim is in a place where time doesn't function the same as Earth does.
  23. Milcha is when u lose half ur things. it's marriage basically. there is Khutba, that's when u have the chance to run away, engagement. then the next step is milcha
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