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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Cool. There’s a website that says an old lady was abducted by aliens in minnesota
  2. God doesn’t need to choose. Choice is a human trait.
  3. Cursing is not hate speech. Look up the definition of hate speech, please. Muawiyah لعنه الله cursed ‘Ali عليه السلام, why aren’t Sunni’s calling that blasphemy? A bunch of your Sahaba cursed each other and killed each other, but that’s apparently okay to you guys. Yet when someone curses on the basis of evidence you have a problem with it. Yeah, not a very rational sect to be fair.
  4. Justifying violence and hate speech by saying “this isn’t Iran”. How Sunnis in Pakistan are acting is the definition of immaturity. Rather than calling for debates and discussions they threat. That is NOT a civil method. This is animalistic behavior at best. Muhammad صلَّ الله عليه واله وسلم was slandered by many people yet he did not call for their killing or cause violence.
  5. Sometimes you post very silly arguments that detract from your good ones.
  6. There’s a gallery with sculptures of our Ulama, full body.
  7. Isn’t hadith generally not a direct quotation of what has been said?
  8. a silly perspective at best, unfortunately. If that was the case then the Prophet صلَّ الله عليه واله should’ve told us to bring out the drums and be happy that there were Shuhada during his battles. He would’ve celebrated the martyrdom of Hamza عليه السلام. But he didn’t. I’d rather follow the ways of Muhammad صلَّ الله عليه واله that some people with different perspectives.
  9. lol, that's some terrible reasoning. Did you even read history books? Just because someone converts to Islam doesn't mean they actually believe in the message. Especially during that time.
  10. It’s only for Shias. You ask the questions and choose which Marj’i you are following. It usually takes them a few days to reply.
  11. Be careful about this though, not everything in it is Sahih. Brother @Ashvazdanghe and I went over one of them that talks about eating whales.
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