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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No. This is not how research works, especially when it comes to things like genetics and such. You can prove this research by replicating it. Once you replicate it and find the same evidence they become facts. And this is a fact that Autism happens before birth, not after being vaccinated. Vaccines protect you from dying and spreading diseases to other people im society, those who die from vaccines are a very small number and is usually caused by human error, not the vaccine.
  2. You could die from anything. the numbers of people who died from vaccination vs the number of people who didn’t is huge. Someone died from a colonoscopy a few days ago, are colonoscopies bad? No. Death literally happens in anything. New research proves that Autism develops in the womb, way before vaccination. There is no truth or evidence that vaccines cause autism. Look at the statistics. There will be deaths and harm with everything, it’s just not a high percentage.
  3. Don’t. I have a friend who was living with his family and when they found out they harassed him so much till he switched back. There is no benefit in telling anyone what you are.
  4. People are viewing this through a contemporary lens. This is not how it works. Why shouldn’t men consult women during those old times? Because women were generally uneducated (not using this word in a bad manner). This is why religion studies is no walk in the park. It requires historical knowledge.
  5. And should we add Qur'an reading with the usage of Maqamat as ‘haram as well?
  6. Depending on how this plays out, if the Middle Eastern character is a villain or not, this could be the perfect example of orientalism. Put a Middle Eastern guy and discredit him so that when the true Messaiah comes everyone would be averted to the idea that he’d be Middle Eastern. Look at how the use the Arabic accent to produce a character who’ll probably be the villain.
  7. Maybe get in contact with someone who has been in a similar situation and ask how they dealt with it. It’s better to ask people with experience. I’m sure there are societies and group gatherings for people with disabilities, someone from there must know something
  8. So? By your logic I shouldn't listen to you either because I bet you have a rap sheet of troublesome activities. What you just said shows how lazy you are to not use critical thinking. "I'll stick to the Qur'an", yeah, like you'd know the 7 layers of meanings each verse has. Give it a rest and angle your nose down a bit.
  9. No, I don’t. If Rasulullah has to spell out everything for us we’re doomed.
  10. The only problem is, can you represent that culture in a manner that doesn’t demean, degrade or stereotype it? Orientalist representation of Asian countries is still an issue. I mean they just came out with a new Aladdin movie and it’s still orientalist. Representation is a very hard subject. I used to believe anyone should be able to do whatever they want, but now after doing my final thesis on orientalism I’m not sure. People should definitely do the work either way, then we can sit and discuss if it is an issue or not.
  11. https://web.stanford.edu/~dmgordon/articles/other/Gordon Scientific American.pdf apparently not.
  12. I’m graduating next week!! Then off to my masters.
  13. that’s silly. Men and women need to know about each others problems to empathize and understand each other. The more we mystify the other gender the more we produce insensitive idiots. Why is biology taboo?
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