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  1. Ibn Al-Shahid

    Show me proof that Qadiyani are wrong.

    Very few people heard of him when he came out, even to this day not many have heard of him. this guy is literally unknown to 3/4 of the world. what kind of God would send a Messiah that 3/4 of the world didn't even know existed? even after he "spread" his message and died. and why didn't he rule the world? why's the current guy not ruling the world? isn't Al-Qaim's capital supposed to be somewhere in the Middle East? why's he in the United Kingdom and not even ruling the United Kingdom? why is he elected instead of chosen from Allah? isn't Al-Quds supposed to be liberated by Al-Qaim? why isn't it to this today?
  2. Perhaps Al-Qaim is in a place where time doesn't function the same as Earth does.
  3. Ibn Al-Shahid

    Anyone who knows what a milcha is?

    Milcha is when u lose half ur things. it's marriage basically. there is Khutba, that's when u have the chance to run away, engagement. then the next step is milcha
  4. Ibn Al-Shahid

    Types of Shiachat Users Part 2

    beta males* alphas generally don't care.
  5. Ibn Al-Shahid

    What made you laugh today

  6. Ibn Al-Shahid

    My dad's views on the hijab

    men are still like animals. it's biology. just because we have iphones doesn't mean our genes are civilised now.
  7. Ibn Al-Shahid

    What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?

    Been playing Dark Souls 3 for a week. I'm stuck at the Dancer
  8. Doesn't the whole process of conception to birth show evolution in an incredibly fast rate? Sperm -> Fetus -> Baby
  9. Ibn Al-Shahid

    I believe Ali was the Khalifa, but now what?

    Contradictions are found within Sunni sources. Then there's the case with the narrators (i.e. Abu Hurayra). Sunni sources have very questionable characters.
  10. Ibn Al-Shahid

    Imam Ali role in killing of Uthman

    Ok, now lets discuss the sanad of the sources and the men who reported them.
  11. Ibn Al-Shahid

    Clinical psychology

    i remember attending a lecture and a doctor said, "volunteer for a week at a centre and see if you can actually make it or not. most people quit after a week". remember, becoming a psychologist means you have to take on other people's problems. the hardest part is not to get attached to another human. and it's hard not to get attached to someone who's broken.
  12. Ibn Al-Shahid

    Nasrallah endorses suicide bombings?

    if you've watched Sayyid Ali Al-Khamanai's lectures you would've heard the IRANIAN crowd chant "almawt li amrika".
  13. Ibn Al-Shahid

    looking for books

    السلام عليكم I am looking for books about these topics: Sallahuddine al ayubbi. General background, deeper analysis and his murder of shia. Abbassid era. History of the modern west (anything that discuss life/laws/culture/tradition of Britain/America from 1400s till today) may Allah bless you
  14. Ibn Al-Shahid

    Nasrallah endorses suicide bombings?

    baffling how most people here have no background in philosophy or linguistics, yet they keep talking. even more baffling how people decide to put a general label instead of looking at the situation. No wonder muslims look and sound like a joke in this era.