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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Spoken like a true boss. Loved the ending as well. Inshallah Syria will soon rid itself of its terrorists like the FSA and their friends Al-Qaeda Long live SYRIA AL-ASSAD
  2. I cannot wait for Sheikh Hassan Allahyari to tear this Asrar guy a new one. If you have ever seen Allahyari debate you'll know that asrar is in for a treat.
  3. Bravo Rafida.org for standing up to the Salafists. Everyday there's some SHIA REVEALED OMG video series on YouTube being made recycling the same filth over and over again, but we don't see many Shia Muslim videos refuting them. We have loads of videos telling us why we should be super nice to sunnites for unity and blah blah blah meanwhile the sunnites are calling us rawafidh and majoosi Iranians etc. Here's to hoping in the future YouTube will be filled with PLENTY of SUNNISM REVEALED videos. We have so much ammunition but we don't use it because we are too nice, but that has just got to stop.
  4. May Dr Bashar Al-Assad be victorious in Syria's war on terrorism. Long live Syria Al-Assad
  5. The Saudi Arabian regime is trying to elicit further foreign support in order to make up for their embarrassment of their Saudi-Army by the Shia Muslim Houthi rebels in Yemen. They do this all the time with Shia Muslims in general and Iran. I wish the oil would just run out already. Then we'll have a useless AND poor army (Saudi) vs an extremely competent and poor army (Houthi rebels). Not that the Houthis aren't already doing very well and InshaaAllah they continue to do so.
  6. Where was Saudi Arabias hospitality and respect towards those killed in the stampedes? May Allah break the nose of every person that supports the cursed Saudi clan. The Ka'ba is in the hands of the Shai'taan and God willing it will return to the Muslims (Shia).
  7. Forget Shai'taan sitting on the miswak, if you are following sunnism then Shai'taan might as well be sitting on your forehead.
  8. The more I read about Umar Ibn Khattab and Abu Bakr the more I hate them.
  9. Sunnism IS a violent ideology that glorifies rape, suicide bombing, 72 virgins, child bombers, racism, terrorism, and praying like you are suffering a bout of irritable bowel syndrome. These 'moderate sunnis' that you speak of; in June 2014 when Daesh first gained significant media coverage in Iraq, and the general public didn't really know much about them, they were celebrated by 'moderate sunnis' that were eagerly awaiting the 'fall of the rafidah regime'. Don't blame it on the wahabis/salafis; it is the majority of standard sunnis and I have witnessed this for myself in public and in the workplace. If you mention the word Shia to them, a switch flips in their brain that screams iranian majoosi safavid rafidah (because they think ALL Shia are from Iran). The only acceptable sunnis are those that are agnostic and don't really care about religion because at least I know they aren't planning to blow me up.
  10. The Houthis have already succeeded in embarrassing the saudi army. May the brave Houthis continue to do so and inflict further losses on the wahabi kafir army.
  11. Shia Muslims cannot unite with najasaat. Sunnism and its branches are the most violent, disgusting ideologies in existence and deserve to be exterminated for the sake of the world, not just Pakistan.
  12. Imagine what kind of country would be established if these palestinians managed to somehow overthrow Israel, and establish their country again. What kind of problems would they begin to cause the Shia Muslims in neighbouring states, especially in Lebanon. If this is how the palestinians respond after all the military, political and finiancial aid they get from Shia Iran then they deserve to stay as they are, and die in their rage. Go to Sunni Saudi Arabia for your help since you love them so much; whoops, I forgot they have had contact with Israel, but who cares because the Shia Muslims that helped you and fight against Israel are your enemies and the Sunni Saudis that didn't help you and are cordial with Israel are your friends.
  13. Saladins (LA) treatment of Shia Muslims is well documented, and that includes forceable conversions. It is not my assumption. Google it The Savafids did the sunnis a favour by reverting them to Islam. Maybe you should change your profile status to say SUNNI.
  14. google it. Saladin (LA) killed a lot of Shia Muslims in Egypt and converted it from a Shia Muslim Fatimid state to a sunnite state.
  15. Even atheists have carried out acts of terrorism in the past. The difference is, terrorism is condoned and encouraged in sunni doctrine.
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