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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam Alaikum brother Rahat When the Official Website of the Marja' Mirza Jawad Tabrizi (ra) uses the title "Ayatollah Al-'Udhma", I believe it's pretty clear where they stand. To not use the title or replace it with another is not a negation but to use it is a subtantiation - it's quite different. However, if you wish to still believe what you do because of some random wukala (whom in my opinion all belong to the political school of WF), that's fine as well. You're free to do so. I just thought I'd show you this. As for the translation, it's in Farsi and it says "Ayatollah Al-'Udhma" which is a title used strictly for Maraji's. And as you said, should they not use the title "Ayatollah Al-'Udhma" doesn't mean he's not a Marja' but when they use it, there's only one meaning to it. It's basic logic: A Marja' can be refered to by "Sayid, Imam, Allamah, etc..." but a Sayid that hasn't reached the level cannot be refered to as a "Marja'". One of the statements fails to negate while the second statement implies an actuality. Inshallah next time I ask a wakil, I will also request from him whether I can post his name on the website for reference. PS: I apologize if due to my negligence I was rude in anyway. We're brothers whether we agree or not inshallah. Take care, Fi Aman Allah Ta'ala Shiaboy
  2. Assalam Alaikum brother Rahat http://farsi.tabrizi.org/news/?sec=data/75 It's in Farsi but if you read Arabic or Urdu, you'll be able to read the official site of Sheikh Tabrizi (ra) refering to him as a Marja'. That's just one instance, the same was done by Ayatollah Safi Gulpaygani (ha) and Ayatollah Montazeri (ha). The list goes on... just thought I'd bring it to your attention and that of others. If we participate in promoting the propaganda, we will be equally responsible in the sin. Peace be upon you my good brother, Shiaboy
  3. Assalam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah dear brother, I know brother, and I never said they didn't do taqlid :). It's great to see that at least some of the members of Shiachat still have an open-heart :) May Allah multiply your likes dear brother, Fiamanillah Shiaboy
  4. Assalam Alaikum Sorry brother you got my post all wrong. You should re-read it. I refered to Ayatollah Montazeri (ha) condemning the attacks on the women, then asked why is brother Ayaz so quick to point out Mojtaba when the latter did this after the attack on the women. Sayid Sadiq stood against the gvt but did not condemn it publicly. Please provide proofs if you have some. I'm talking about his public speech delivered on the burial of the Marhoum (ra). Sayid Sadiq has always been, like his brother Muhammad, a quiet type. They do condemn but they never push for fitnah. As for Taqleed? I didn't say they don't do taqlid, I have no idea what you meant by that. I said The World Federation, according to bro Ayaz (not me) claims on one hand that Shirazi is not a Marja' and then goes and helps his followers ... double standards if you ask me. When Mirza Jawad (ra) condemned Sayid Fadlallah, he explicitly forbade supporting any of his projects. I have no doubt the World Federation does taqlid, but they have also had their share of unjust wukala who have stolen money in the name of Marja'iyyah. Anyone can become a wakil, especially for such big names as Ayatollah Al-Khoei (ra) who need countless amounts to respond to all the needs of his Muqallideen. Sorry for the confusion, in no way was I knocking anyone, but to say Shirazi isn't a Marja' because the World Fed says so is far from valid. I'm done with this thread for now, as I said, I am far from Jannah so I shouldn't waste too much time trying to defend people who have probably earned it while I may be heading in a painful torment. God Forbid... Fiamanallah Shiaboy
  5. Assalam Alaikum Brother Rahat, may Allah (SWT) and Ahlulbayt (as) be Judges between us :). You are sure I am making stuff up - that's a very bold statement. If I had no limits, I'd post the names of the wukala (very well known too) of Sayid Sistani (ha) on the site; but "inni akhafullah". You make very bold statements, not sure whether it's out of lack of knowledge or out of pride (God Forbid) but you have failed to define "Ahlulkhibra" and you have failed to provide what you claimed. Montazeri, Gulpaygani, Shahroudi, Modarressi (ha on all) are all alive but that's fine. If you're counting on the scholars that are currently in the Govt to praise Shirazi (ra) that's a little like telling the Conservative Cocus to Praise Paul Martin... a little off. You're missing the basic point here, you made the claim, so Islamically the Onus is on you and not me. I'm very content with Sayid Shirazi (ra) and what I've read about this great man, may he rest in peace in the presence of Ahlulbayt (as) What's getting old is the propaganda the uneducated mass has been spreading. As for the "drama act", it's easy to preach Ahlulbayt (as) but very hard to follow their ways. The last thing I seek is your pleasure or your contentment with me. I simply tried to remind you that if you were wrong about those you seem to profoundly hate, goodluck confronting them. Imam Ali (as) who was certain Ibn Muljim (la) was to kill him, refused to pre-emptive strike, you seem to be "certain" I'm lying but have no proofs and yet you strike. I will definitely let Allah (SWT) Judge between us and our intentions inshallah. As for brother Ayaz, Montazeri (ha) condemned the people who beat the women... I'm not sure whether he condemned Sayid Mojtaba. Note, Sayid Sadiq (ha) didn't even condemn the Gvt when he watched his brother's grave being forcefully moved... Inshallah Allah (SWT) will guide us all. The World Federation has a lot of issues in itself. I'm familiar with some of the things they have done. On one hand they put their hands with the Shirazis and on the other they say their A'mals are batil as they don't do taqlid - that's quite surprising. There has been quite the issues with Khums there, remember Ayatollah Burujerdi (ra) and the very reliable Wukalas that deal with the World Federation? Perhaps, I'm a little more in touch with the World Federation than you expect. As for Sayid Fadlallah and please stop bringing him in the mix, you should know that the Shirazis aren't the only ones to have had that issue with some of the Aqaeds. Rather Sheikh Tabrizi (ra) was foremost in that matter. Anyway, case closed inshallah. It's a matter of time until we all realize truth; whether we like it or not, we'll all be transparent in front of Allah (SWT) and in front of the rest of humanity. Believe what you will, so will I, but in time neither Imam Shirazi (ra) nor Imam Khomeini (ra) nor your World Federation will avail any of us. Only our intentions and struggle... may Allah (SWT) have Mercy on us and may His Curse be upon those who are lying. None of us have guaranteed Jannah, I don't have much energy having to put up with typical propaganda, I'd rather spend it worrying about my abide instead of those whom I'm beyond sure have earned their Reward. Peace be upon you, Shiaboy
  6. Assalam Alaikum About Israel, go read what the Sayid wrote in his books: "Al Yahood" and others. You'll get your answer yourself. Surely he believes in peace but he believes in the destruction of Israel at all costs. He says to use weapons, money, media, you name it. I won't really bother answering your post brother Ayaz as most of it is irrelevant. I personally have met plenty of wukala (including two-three of different maraji's) that I can clearly attest are not pious nor just. Perhaps they should have followed Sayid Khomeini (ra) in cleaning their hearts. I've given you the name of the Dr. Sagheer, now ask a wakil of the Sayid what he knows of him. Moreover, the Hawza in Syria was founded by Sayid Hassan Shirazi (ra). Sayid Mojtaba has a totally different approach then his 2 brothers in question. Do "I" agree with his ways? Absolutely not. I'm more into Sayid Muhammad (ra) and Sayid Sadiq (ha) and their ways. Also, it's amazing how you condemn his reaction (although I condemn it too) yet you fail to realize that the actions done are far worse. They were condemned by Ayatollah Montazeri (ra) the next day. I see the same propaganda in your talk then the typical one coming from the same line of thought; no use debating really. Sayid Fadlallah has nothing to do with this topic so please don't mix him in this. Brother Rahat, and who told you this? Also, who are Ahlulkhibra? Can you actually define these people? Do you or anyone else have a control no who these people are? Can the same be said about Sayid Khamenai (ha)? Since he was opposed by the biggest ayatollahs of his time. As I said, plenty opposed Sayid Khoemini (ra), Sayid Sadr (ra)... No, because Ahlulkhibra are there to testify to the level; not the lack thereof. I myself have met Ayatollahs that testified to the Marja'iyyah of the Sayid (ra) in question and one of them was a Wakil of Sayid Sistani (ha). Go figure... "Obviously" according to who? What do you know of the Hawzas in Qum? Let alone Iran? Did you know Montazeri, Gulpaygani, Shahroudi, and the list goes on... all accept their Marja'iyyah? It's easy to repeat what the uneducated mass says... you obviously have no idea how Lebanon runs that you would claim it's "hawza" opposes or etc... Do you know how many Scholars get arrested for speaking out? You don't think some stay quiet to avoid it as well? I've never gone far in saying this and it won't start today. One day, I am sure you'll realize that things aren't as you see them. As for Najaf, try Ayatollah Zainul Abidin Ibnul Rida (ha), I met him myself and asked him directly. You have clearly disrespected many scholars in your post to Casper but have brought nothing more than feelings that you hold towards them. That's fine, you're entitled to them but again I warn you to beware should you be wrong or misinformed. Sadly, Shiachat was started to provide a good service to the Ummah but it has turned into a sad place. Truly sad... May Allah guides us all and may He (AJ) open our hearts to reality and truth. Assalam Alaikum Shiaboy
  7. Assalam Alaikum For one, the proclaimed fatwa that is being passed around in the name of Sayid Al-Khoei (ra) has been denied on many occasions by Al-Khoei (ra) himself. There's also a Dr. Muhammad Sagheer or Dr. Hussein Sagheer that is close friend of Ayatollah Al-Khoei (ra) for close to half a century. He went on TV and denied the fatwa. Sayid Shirazi (ra)'s office also refuted the fatwa since the time Sayid Al-Khoei (ra) was alive. The fatwa shouldn't be too hard to check really... as for the World Federation, with all due respect, their political wing is pretty clear as well. When our politics start governing our religion, our state of affairs gets messy. Our religion should encompass our politics and not the other way around. As for Syria, you should know that the Shirazi family are the ones that founded the Hawza in Syria and that they have a huge supporting there. Sure some of the hawzas don't support, but the same can be said about other scholars. In fact, if you take a look at Sayid Khamenai (ha), there are plenty of high ranking scholars that have opposed him. Does that mean we go around saying this? No, these issues lead to bigger problems when we ignite them. Others opposed Sayid Khomeini (ra), a few even went as far as discrediting his Maraja'iyyah... does that make it that Sayid Khomeini (ra) wasn't a Marja'? No, he was an amazing man and a Great Marja'. I swear had it not been for Sayid Shirazi (ra)'s opposition to some issues in Islamic Iran, he would be praised and left alone. Also, I believe his Fiqh Series speaks for itself... he discusses topics that no other Marja' has touched. Many of his commentaries are taught in Hawzas. Perhaps when media is one sided --> the information that is passed on to us is one sided and blurry as well. Best wishes, Fi Amanallah Shiaboy
  8. Assalam Alaikum Tell me which Hawzas and who leads there? Who is of the Ahlulkhibra that you know of that claims this or that? It is obvious that Lebanon's Hawza is under one political wing... Syria has strong support for Shirazi (ra), Karbala is supportive of Shirazi (ra)... there are claims that Najaf has issues though it's baseless. Please do explain as I don't seem to follow what you're trying to say... what lack of support and for what? Moreover, Sayid Shirazi (ra) has stated on many occasions "Al Salam ma3 Israel istislam" and in some of his writings, he says "fight Israel with all that you have, it's a wajib". Yet today, typical view is "Shirazi is anti-resistance" ... this stems from propaganda trying to discredit him for his opposition to some views of Islamic Iran. Too much propaganda though I admit that I know some of the followers of Shirazi (ra) aren't exactly examples to follow, but the exact same can be said about followers of any other Marja'. I have read plenty of scholars praising the Sayid (ra); including Ayatollah Al-Khoei (ra) (contrary to propagandish talk), Ayatollah Mar3ash Najafi (ra), Ayatollah Montazeri (ra), Ayatollah Gulpaygani (both of them ra and ha), etc.. perhaps we should stop following non-sense and focus on our own problems in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Bahrain, Lebanon. Finally bro Rahat, I re-read some of your post and they are truly disrespectful, I'd say they are a direct insult to some of the Great Scholars we have. I highly recommend you be careful in your assessment, the Day of Judgment is near and if by misfortune (Allah forbid!) you were mislead into thinking what you do and you insulted them wrongfully... Allah Forbid... Also, some of the scholars that you disrespect have done more in the revolution to establish the government than any of the Scholars currently in the government... that's a fact. So perhaps you should re-think that the situation isn't clear cut as you seem to see it. If you find that I've posted things that may mislead or hurt anyone, please send me a PM and I'll gladly edit it out and this goes for all Shiachatters that notice I said things I should not have. Jazakum Allah (AJ) wa Fi Amanillah Shiaboy
  9. Assalam Alaikum Actually :), I can offer plenty of evidence that goes well beyond your claim but I'm not here for that. However, since you are the one denying the marja'iyyah of Sayid Shirazi (ra)... perhaps you would like to offer the evidence as the Onus is on you according to Islamic Law. Moreover, I didn't say they supported Shirazi family, I said the same can be said about Scholars you profoundly admire. Perhaps you can explain the encounter between Sayid Sistani (ha) and Sayid Sadiq as-Sadr (ra)? Or maybe the views of Imam Rouhani (ra) on high ranking scholars in the Iranian government? Please don't go into topics of mouth to ear. Do you even know the first thing about Sayid Shirazi (ra)'s involvement pre/post revolution? I honestly don't mean disrespect by this, you just seem to be following the typical mass about Shirazi. All this hatred because he opposed some aspects of Islamic Iran? So much for Ijtihad... Best wishes, Shiaboy
  10. Assalam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah Brother Link, with all due respect, you have a lot of learning to do about Sayid Shirazi (ra). In fact, you should follow your advice about pre-revolution and post-revolution involvement of Shirazi and other Ulamahs for that matter. Personally I don't feel it's the time to even discuss these issues when our situation is in a mess pretty much all over the world. But again, you seem to lack knowledge on many aspects of Sayid Shirazi (ra) and his pre/post involvement in the revolution. Taghooti laws? Subhanallah... please brother read a little more from the Marja' himself. Also brother Rahat, which AhlulKhibra? are you kidding me? It's common knowledge that some Maraji's in Najaf and throughout Iraq had issues with one another... including those you praise... perhaps you should be careful before you spread such things. If you want the in(famous) encounter between Sayid Sadr (ra) and Sayid Sistani (ha) that's a very simple and obvious example... let's not preach hatred and inshallah we'll come to terms with one another. You want names of some Scholars that opposed Imam Khomeini (ra) with quite heavy words? Would that help the cause? Please when you bring forth such explanation, perhaps you should be careful. It's easy to start pointing fingers from both sides, it will not avail us. When we discuss an issue, we don't care who said what, we care about what is being said. Brother Casper, please keep your posts respectful as well. Discussion with an open-heart is the only way we can come together. Best wishes, Assalam Alaikum Shiaboy
  11. Assalam Alaikum Just a quick note, not all Marajis hold the view that praying them separately has more thawab. Some say joining has more thawab. May Allah (SWT) Bless you all, Shiaboy
  12. Innah Lillah wa Innah Ilayhi Rajee3oun Return to the Holy Lady (as) you protected... may she (as) reward you manifold... Piety examplified... indeed an Ayatollah the likes the world will not often see... Al-Fatiha for his humble soul...
  13. Assalam Alaikum There is not a single doubt about the event of the door, too bad we've been blinded by our own desires that we give in to such heinous attempt to hide the incident. It brings much sorrow to any Mo'min's heart to see that some are doubting it and some are even willing to sacrifice the sorrow of Ahlulbayt (as) and Fatima (as) for the sake of being "civilized"... may Allah (AJ) remove all His Mercy from all that speaks out of ignorance when the right of Ahlulbayt (as) is at stake and may Allah (AJ)'s Wrath be upon those who knowingly diminish the Afflictions of Ahlulbayt (as, rouhi elhum al fida) May Allah (SWT) count me among those who wash the feet of the mo'mineen who Curse the Devil (la) that martyred Fatima (as) Wa La'nah ad-Da'ima 'ala a'da' Fatima (as). Shiaboy
  14. In His Name, The Beneficient, The Merciful... Peace and Blessings of Almighty Allah be upon you my dear sister Zahra_Islam, I have not posted on this forum for a very long time myself and wasn't planning on doing so either but couldn't help but to break my silence after reading your sad yet very inspiring story. My dear sister, I write to you while remembering the hardships that had forced me into isolation - leaving behind me everything I cared about. I can't help but keep this short as tears cannot cease to flow through my eyes as I am reminded of the past. I have learned that it is in times of hardships that a true believer recognizes how Great his Creator is. A true Believer is distinguished with the intentions and conciousness of heart. You have demonstrated characteristics that any Believer would envy having, follow your heart for truly you were blessed with a pure one. Allah (SWT) is your Helper, call upon Him and do not despair. From your words, it is apparent that your faith has never left you; and now one step at a time, Allah (SWT) willing, it will reawaken from the short break it took. And remember that for every sacrifice invested in this short life, Allah (SWT) has promised to repay you manifold. Do know that your courage is admirable and your honesty even more so.. May The Merciful raise you among his Chosen Ones (His Peace & Blessings be upon them) You brother Shiaboy
  15. Assalam Alaikum From experience reading "AlSharq Al Awsat", it is a lot of propaganda. However, if someone can provide another link, I would be very thankful. If Sheikh Rafsanjani is really saying he wants to reform WF, then I'm all for it. As for tie with the U.S., I really doubt this would happen since the Iranian Gvt has been very explicit in saying "...until the US changes its attitude..." and I agree with the Iranian Gvt on that one. However, I really doubt he would be able to reform WF as many Marajis before him have tried and many of their muqalideens have seen the results. Fi Aman Allah Your bro Shiaboy
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