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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Just out of curiosity, what's the point? I'm a boy and I realize that the needs of girls is different … But a 50¢ razor and $1 bottle of shaving cream works just fine for me.
  2. So close. Seriously so close. I was this close to liking your post and thanking you for being so kind. Then you played the "American culture" card. I'm not even American =/ I just live here.
  3. Mu3lam


    ^ He was at my masjid for Muharram. He said some pretty shocking things such as that the maraji all speak nonsense and that Hindus are better Muslims than Muslims. Other members on this forum have heard equally shocking things from him. Not saying he's bad or that you are wrong in liking him, that's fine. I'm just saying this as a warning to others who may not be aware of his views.
  4. Fi aman Allah y'all

  5. (bismillah) (salam) Please delete my account. I no longer feel welcome here and so I think it's best if I leave :) I know you guys are fans of deactivating instead of deleting, but all you have to do is go to the admin panel, click on members, find my name, and click the red delete button. Very simple. JazakAllah khayr. Edit: if a mod reads this instead of an admin, a ban would be just fine too. I just want to not be able to come back to this account. If you ban me, though, please make a note that it's not from bad behavior but instead because I requested it. I still might want to come
  6. You would not be a Samurai. That is for Aal e Imran and Marbles.
  7. Mu3lam


    Those who follow the Imams view it as haraam. Those who follow Khomeini view it as halal. Take your pick. /thread.
  8. When I was a Sunni I was taught that it was the second most blessed month. Fast on Ashura because the Jews did it and we have more right to fast than them. Ashura is particularly sacred because it's the day that the uprising against Yazeed (ra) was squashed. I am not joking. I was told this.
  9. Isn't this all a bit superstitious? I'm not attacking, I'm just wondering.
  10. To improve ShiaChat I would … make it a rule that if a mod issues you a warning, they are REQUIRED to pm you and tell you why and if they refuse to, more than 5 times, they lose their status as mod. -______- The ONLY mod that EVER warns me and I never even hear why.
  11. This thread makes me physically sick.
  12. That depends on what you mean by in front of them. Correct, you should not pass in front of somebody that is praying. But in front of them means between them and the next closest object. As long as you are on the other side of their turbah, you're fine.
  13. You do not know the story behind my frustration. Also, I treat women equally. If a man told me to go to hell, I would treat him as equally as I would a woman. You, on the other hand, view women as less than men. You have showed this repeatedly such as when you insinuated that they are like children; brainless. I believe that women are equal. If a man can take what I say to him, so too can a woman. Anisa Bandeh Khoda, as much as I dislike what she may have done, is equal to any man. She is strong. She can take what I say.
  14. :huh: No … Where did you hear that? I tend not to affiliate myself to any particular sect. I am a Shi`a of Imam `Ali (alayhi s-salaam). After that, I am not educated enough. If I lack the skills and knowledge to convince a rational person of my position, I will generally not ascribe such ideology to myself. I believe in 12 Imams (`alayhim s-salaam) but my knowledge concerning the nass given from Imam to Imam after Imam `Ali (alayhi s-salaam) is lacking. I have defended Waqifism as an intellectual exercise before. I am currently defending Nizari Isma'ilism on Facebook as well as on this web
  15. And THIS is what is wrong with Muslims today. Yet another smear campaign by the anti-Rijaali liberals. Yet another attack on the ahadeeth of RasulAllah (sawa) and the Ahl e Bait (as). Is this why most Muslims cherry pick which parts of religion to follow and completely abandon the rest? Because they happen to dislike a hadeeth, even if it is 100% Saheeh? I weep for this and the past few generations. Where did it all go wrong? :cry:
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