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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. To Mr. Vader: Perhaps I am just having a bad day, so I will respond to your comments at a later date. However, I want to make some things clear. I do not support Israel. I think it is a disgrace that the US Congress even allowed Netanyahu to take the floor and TRY TO DICTATE how Americans should run their diplomacy. Furthermore, I was one of the main organizers of a protest in my city against the atrocities committed against the Palestinians by the IDF during the second intifada back in 2006. You would not believe the great support that we got that day. Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, JEWS, and people of all walk of life came and joined us impromptu. Did it help? I wish I could say it did, but more than likely not. But at least WE got together as people that cared. I wonder how many people in this forum can say the same? As for a translation of Nasrallah's comment, none is needed. He essentially talked about rounding them up on Israel so that he would not have to chase them down. Not Israelis, mind you. But from all over the world. I have been a member of Shichat for about 10 years or so, and while very rarely post, I do read the board at least twice a week. In fact, it was through this board that I began to actually study the Quran, and to understand (somewhat) the Muslim world. During this time I have come to agree and sympathize with many posters, and also to disagree in a civil way. But I give up. The venom spewed towards everything not IRI has reached a boiling point. It is pointless to have a discussion when, no matter what, everything is the fault of everyone that disagrees with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Supreme Council, it seems, is flawless and as such anything negative must be the fault of the Great Shaytan. Actually, I take it back. I will not respond to your post. In fact, this will be the last time I ever visit Shiachat. Salaam Alaykum, Don Miguel
  2. Sir, with all due respect, you essentially called Christian women "trashy", and I guess not wearing the Hijab is a reason for it. I will have you know that I grew up in a Latin, Roman Catholic country, and most women wore a veil, my mother included. This has since changed with the new generations, and now a head covering is mainly worn by older women. Point being, the veil is not a muslim thing; it is just that Christian countries have never required it by law, only by social custom. Now, it is estimated that about 50% of Muslim women worldwide wear a covering of some sort, whether by law or by choice. That would leave about half of all Muslimas without covering. If We were to be so bold as to use your language, would you call Muslim women "half-trashy"? I am sure you did not mean it to be offensive. Sometimes we come across the wrong way over the internet.
  3. Hey, what a coincidence, I also found something Nasrallah said: "If they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide." October 23, 2002 To thse of you that say "Zionists" to refer to Israelis, why don't you save some time and say that you want the Jews gone from the planet? Nasrallah has.
  4. I agree, the whole thing is a bit fishy.From what I have read, they claim that there is already too much turmoil over land by the three Abrahamic religions, and as such they would be adding to the chaos. That is their claim, but who knows what the REAL reason may be.
  5. I just looked it up, and from what I found, this is actually an internal rule, and not one mandated by the State of Israel. In other words, they do not want to preach there. No one is telling them that they cannot. In any case, it is a moot point. SiSince, according to Islamic law apostasy is a crime punishable by death, allowing any religion other than Islam to convert people would only be a death sentence to the converts. The US government did not set the Branch Davidian compound on fire, the Branch Davidians did that themselves. The siege of the compound was mismanaged according to many, but the FBI had to act after a long stand-off with no relusts. It wasn't until after the FBI began pumping the building with tear gas that fires broke out in THREE different parts inside the building, indicating arson from within. In any case, the Branch Davidians were not part of a religion. David Koresh CLAIMED to be God, and as such, he felt he could have sex with any female in the compound. Not just all women. ALL FEMALES, including minors.
  6. Proselytism is a big part of Islam. In fact, Christianity and Islam are the biggest proselytizers in history. As it is our mission to spread the word of God (Allah), we have become the two largest groups of believers in the history of humanity. Based on the above stated, Christianity and Islam would not be considered religions by the IRI. There must be some other explanation, something is missing here. Anyone knowledgeable aware of the Bahais commiting crimes against the State or the people? What was their status before 1979?
  7. Bahais are not recognized by the IRI and are severely persecuted. Coincidentally, Christians and Jews are not allowed to worship in public and are not allowed to open new places of worship.
  8. Well, it gets worse. There is some evidence suggesting that they are using CHILDREN as suicide bombers. I'll post the links when I have more time.
  9. This is called alliteration, and it has been used in English literature for centuries.Sad Sally Tall Thomas Happy Hasanhh You get the point.
  10. Actually, I take it back.It is not a sign of love, it is diplomacy. Cats do not see us as humans. They see us as big alpha hairless cats. She is sharing the spoils of war with you. Think of it this way: you are Ghengis Khan, and your cat is a Mongol warlord acknowledging that you are the Khan. Cats may be cute and cuddly, but they are actually the most perfect killing machines. When I think of calculated killers, I think of humans, orcas, polar bears and cats. If cats were as big and intelligent as us, they would be brutal dictators. See that leviathan? His name is Don Miguel de Cervantes y Zaavedra. He is a 28-pound Maine Coon. You complain about your kitty bringing you birds? This big oompa-loompa tried to bring a freakin' live goose into my house once! Cute and adorable? Sure. Homocidal maniac? ABSOLUTELY.
  11. My mother used to breed cats, mainly Persians and Maine Coons. I have lived and loved cats my entire life. Your cat is giving you a present as a sign that she loves you. Yes, really.
  12. Do you really think us Westeners are immune to crazy idiots? We may not have ISIS kind of crazy (at the moment), but we did have Hitler and Stalin, both book burners and art destroyers.If it is any consolation (it isn't), since the beggining of recorded hhistory, every single culture that has engaged in the wholesale destruction of art and books, has eventually 1. Engaged in the wholesale slaughter of men 2. Met a violent downfall, whether fom within or from exterior sources. What ISIS is doing is not just a crime against the people of Iraq or the Middle East. It is a crime against the history of all mankind. Having said that, I think they will meet their demise from the real muslims of th world. Peaceful or not, you just don't p**s off over 1 billion people and expect not to be exterminatd.
  13. The Haredi population is not large enough to cause Israel's downfall, even with Israel being such a small country.There are communities in the USA who are Christian Amish that refuse to integrate into what they call the world of the "English" (you could be Chinese, they still call you English, btw.). Their refusal to formally contribute to the general society does not stop them from living "well", having the ability comfortably within their ideology. Also, the US has quite a few Haredi communities already. Obviously, they are able to subsist (although with help from other Jewsish communities). I forgot to add what I wanted to post (I'm getting old!). As I see it, Israel is here to stay. What I feel will happen is that Israelis themselves will finally wake up to all the abuse that their government has put Alestinians through and will change their ideology from within. This is already appening, as we see more and more scholars and laypeople alike begin to strongly oppose settlements and restrictions on Palestinians. I went to a seminar where I discussed this briefly with colleagues, as one of the keynote speakers briefly mentioned his refusal to speak at Ariel University. It is also mentioned here: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2010/oct/04/architects-settlement-freeze-israel
  14. Narcotic- Stasis for the average male is ~15 calories per pound of bodyweight. If I want to gain weight, I have to increase my calories to 18-20 calories per pound of bodyweight. Since you are Asian (and you guys usually have a rough time gaining weight), go for 20-22 cals/lb. bw. and go from there. Make your protein about 1-1.5 grams/lb. bw. If you have no history of cardiovascular disease, eggs will be no problem. If you have no history of kidney disease, a high-protein intake will be no problem. Try to spread out the protein intake into 6-7 meals a day. Eating 50g of chicken breasts in one sitting will be a problem for a small guy. Spread it out so you get at least 20g prot. Every 2-3 hrs. Consider cans of tuna. I used to eat about 10 a day when I was lifting. Get rid of the corn oil and switch to vegetable, canola, peanut, sesame,or olive, if you can afford it. Expect to have to swallow tablespoons of good oil if you want to bump up your calories. Squats and deadlifts are your best friends. If you begin to dread going to the gym to do squats, or if the thought of eating makes you a bit nauseous at first, chances are you are doing it right. Sleep as much as you can. In fact, think of your free time as Nap Time from now on. Keep a journal. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. Analize it, and make changes as needed. Happy Lifting.
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