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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @Replicant I looked on the link you put but didnt see any information regarding ziarat trips. Is there a special page for this?
  2. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.

    May Allah Bless you !

    Have a Blast..... Enjoy !

  3. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  4. salam, happy birthday to you

  5. No not a problem :) Its actually @) , not :Hijabi: . All good :D You can use the book while taking the test. We want you to go through the books and read them. so you can use them however you please to answer the questions. Alhamdolillah, we have been getting a steady stream of sign-ups, Inshallah you all do well. By the way sister, did you receive the magazines?
  6. Salam Alaikum Sister, I have answered your questions in bold below. Is the test to be taken without resources ie no books or outside help? Will those who have all correct answers be given the prize? Or is more of a random drawing of those who participate? Prizes are given to those who score the highest, if people tie in the ranking, then a random drawing will be taken for that prize. Sorry it's not so clear on that... wasalam, Eman I really hope you participate Inshallah, people have already started taking the test. Lion
  7. Salam Everyone, Wanted to tell everyone about a Competition we are putting on. Sorry, this competition is only for residents of North America. IMAM proudly presents... @) 5th Annual Islamic Competition :Hijabi: Take our online Islamic test and win a trip to Hajj Participants must study and answer a set of multiple choice questions pertaining to the following publications: Adult division – 70 questions A Restatement of the History of Islam and Muslims http://al-islam.org/restatement/index.htm Youth division – 52 questions Islam: Faith, Practice & History http://al-islam.org/islam_faith_practice_history/ Prize Information Adults 1st place - $5,000.00 paid for the purpose of pilgrimage to Holy Mecca 2nd place - $2,500.00 paid for the purpose of pilgrimage to Holy Mecca 3rd place - $1,500.00 paid for the purpose of pilgrimage to Holy Mecca 4th through 10th place - $100.00 gift certificate for an Islamic bookstore Youth 1st place - $1,500.00 DELL gift card 2nd place - $1,000.00 DELL gift card 3rd place - $500.00 DELL gift card 4th place through 10th place - $50.00 gift certificate for an Islamic Bookstore Entry fees Youth - 18 and under - $15 Adult - 19 and over - $30 All entries must be received by midnight October 18th, 2007 To enter the competition: 1. Go to the registration page to select your division and pay the entry fee: Registration Page 2. Wait to receive your confirmation e-mail which will provide the link to the test along with the login and password information you will need to access the test. 3. Study hard and take the test! Don't forget to submit your test by October 18th before midnight. Example questions: Youth What is the best way that prophets avoid sin? a] To set themselves as an example to others b] Remembrance of judgment c] Preview of life d] Prayer Adult Who accompanied the Prophet in his visit to Taif? a] Abu Bakr b] Zaied Bin Haaretha c] Imam Ali RULES AND REGULATIONS (1) Do not rush with your answers; you may save your temporary answers on the website and return to work on them at a latter time. When you are finished, click "Submit" to submit your answers for grading. (2) For every two wrong answers, one point will be deducted. Blank answers are counted as wrong answers. (3) Multiple answers will not be accepted. (4) Answers to the adult contest questions can be found in "A Restatement of the History of Islam and Muslims," by Sayed Ali Asgher Razwy and for the youth contest “Islam: Faith, Practice & History,” by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi. Both of these texts may be found on www.al-islam.org (5) This contest is not for Religious specialists, i.e. Scholars or clergymen. We expect them to help guide the people in the contest and not to give away the answers. (6) Transportation to California and hotel will be provided for the first place winner of the Hajj Pilgrimage Prize if he/she resides outside of the southern California region. This applies to US residents only. (7) The first place Hajj prize is worth $5000; second and third place prizes are worth $2500 and $1500 respectively. The prize money will be paid towards the winner's Hajj caravan of choice only. There will be no cash payment to the winner. (8) If the winner of the Hajj prize could not go to Hajj this year, he/she could defer the trip for a year, or transfer it to another person. (9) If two or more people tie for the same prize, we will use a random process to rank them. (10) If two or more people from the same family tie for a prize, one will be randomly selected. (11) Winners may collect their prize during the Eid Carnival, or ask to have their prize mailed to them. (12) Open only to residents of USA, Canada, and Mexico.
  8. Assalamu Alaikum, I am curious to see if anyone saw the latest issue of Reflections at their mosque or home and what they thought of it. Did you see other people reading it? What did you like? More importantly what did you not like and what would you do to change it.? How was the quality of the articles? What focuses did you like? Also, if you get a moment please fill out the survey in the magazine and send it in, so we can improve according to your needs and desires. If you would like to subscribe to Reflections, or help in its creation, please send your name and address to reflections@imam-us.org Thanks for everyones Support.
  9. Salam to all, We are going to print today and I am hoping to receive more messages from people about their centers. If you have a center in your area, please fill out the necessary info and send me a message via this thread, pm, or email. If you would like to receive this magazine to your home, please email info@imam-us.org with your name and address. You can view our site at www.imam-us.org
  10. Well, Alhamdolillah we have a good team, but we are looking for writers, graphic designers, editors etc. Any and all who attend a center in North America, please pm me or email to let me know where you can simply help place the magazine in your center. For non-North American masjids, we can also send packages of magazines to distribute. Just let me know sister where you could help, we are just getting our distribution network up, and you might be surprised to see where we could use help. we are looking fro any and all If you have read this thread, and live in any of the Western countries especially North America, you must email, pm or reply to this thread. This is that important.
  11. This is very important! Due to the hard work of many people, we have been able to put together a great magazine - Reflections. Reflections is a publication of IMAM, the liaison Office of Ayatullah Seestani in North America. We really have worked hard to put together articles relevant to shias across North America. There are articles on Youth, Parenting, Marriage, Ashura, Book Reviews, Spotlights on Shia Centers and alot more. This is a quarterly magazine, not a one time printing. This is in essence a relaunch of our previous magazine Rasikhoon. Many youth from all over the United States have decided to help take over the magazine and turn it into a professional publication, many of them fellow Shiachatters(is that a word?). In the next week the magazine will be going to print, and distribution will begin. We already have a subcription base of about 4,000, but we are looking to heavily expand that with out relaunch. The magazine is free, people can subscribe for it via the subscription card in the magazine. What we can use help with is distribution. You are the eyes, ears, feet, hands, etc. of your community(probably could have stopped after ears couldn't I). We normally try to send 10 issues to each mosque besides our home subscribers, but 10 is nothing, and who knows if they get put out for pickup or not. But we have faith in everyone here. We need to start establishing professional media for ourselves in this country, and you can make that happen. Instead of ordering 5,000 copies, we will be ordering 10,000. If you can just tell us that you will try to place them in your local mosque in a way that people will pick them up, we will send you more than 10. Thats it, thats all we need. You can provide a professionally written, designed and edited Islamic Magazine to your community just by helping distribute. The more subscribers we can pick up now, the easier it will be for other issues, as people will already have signed up. All you have to do is make sure they are placed properly in your center, even better if you can simply hand them out. They can even be distributed to Sunday School kids to take home. Just private message me or reply to this post with: Name: Masjid(s) you can distribute to: Where the masjid is located: Address to send the magazines to: Relative size(in persons) of masjid(s)/how many copies to send: Thank you Everyone. Remember, for every issue that people get and learn from, thats thawab for you. Then if those people give someone else the issue, then you have started your own Thawab Network Marketing Chain.
  12. Assalamu ALaikum sister, I love your poetry, and if you don't mind, I would like to recite is at my masjid, in the style of maqtal or aza. My only question is, do you make poetry like this that rhymes, I have seen some of your other poetry, and it is great too, but to recite it properly, the lines must rhyme. If you do, or can make the ones you have rhyme, Imam Hussein and Sayyida Zainab would Inshallah send even more blessings upon you, as others might be able to hear your words. Shukran.
  13. The site is down that the whole poem was on. Does anyone have the poem saved or know where else it is?
  14. Assalam everyone, Well the title says it all, If anyone has anything about Muslim ibn Aqeel, or knows where it is on shiachat, or somewhere out there on the internet, please let me know. I recite at a center and tonight is for Muslim ibn Aqeel. Can't find anything in English, not transliterated from urdu or something, on the internet or the first 30 pages of the poetry section. Please please please I would appreciate any help and may the shade of Allah reside forever over your head.
  15. Where can I find the nasheed by Basim to listen to to get the tune?
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