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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam This is fantastic for all those people applying to uni now i urge you to take this opportunity this can give you the edge against all those other students applying. Great stuff !! salams
  2. i thought it was just me !?!?!?! <------ i need ahlulbayt sat i cannot live without the ahlulbayt sat i need to have ahlulbayt sat to function!!!! :mellow:
  3. kathum


    i contacted dell they told me that there was a prob with my hard drive so they will send me a new one -_- just incase this happens again to people a small hint........microsoft help is uuuuuuuuuuussssssllllllleeeeeesssssssssssss :D
  4. kathum


    ssooooooooo i take it a cd isnt going to fly :dry:
  5. kathum


    ooorrriiteee then it says *ahem ahem... STOP:c000021a{Fatal System Error} The Session Manager faild to create protected prefixes sytem process terminate d unexpectedly with a statues of 0xc000003a (0x00000000 0X00000000). The system has been shut down. AAAAAAAAHHHH - btw i dont have ANY CDS for the laptop im running vista home edition :(
  6. kathum


    Salams ^_^ i have a blue screen of death going on atm on my laptop which is great fun and all that but u know im a kinda boring person and not up for error messages and all that exciting stuff. So does anybody have a u know solution to this ------->AND PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME BUY A MAC I DONT HAVE THE CASH PPL !!!!!!!<----------- thanks :)
  7. would you rather have a job that makes you ooooodddiilllsss of cash or.....a job that doesnt get you that much but you really enjoy it be HoNeSt =P
  8. ok my turn my turn ! would u walk alll the way to mecca keeping in mind taht it will take around 5 years to walk there next question.... A duck and a can of coke walk into a store ........ what do u do ....... QUESTION NUMBER B) BILL GATES AND steve jobs walk into ur living room........what do u do.... question letter z33egy) the panda from kung fu panda gets into a fight with pooh from winne the pooh ......what would u do..... and lastly question numberletter 8) u try cook egg....(god forbid) the house burnt down..... what do u tell ur parents? these are probs the most random questions u w
  9. Salam http://www.justgiving.com/bringingsighttosoreeyes GO GO GO GO GIVE GIVE !!!!!! i know you guys have loads of cash :P Please help us raise £20,000 by Christmas to purchase a much-needed laser machine which we will be bringing to the city of Najaf, southern Iraq in the New Year. The machine will be used by local surgeons trained by the Al Hasan Foundation. Our aim is to provide laser treatment to 50 patients a month commencing January 2009. The journey of this machine, once purchased, will be reported regularly on this website – right up to its commissioning in the Najaf clinic. And ther
  10. i like the concept but.....it gives me a headache ! :P
  11. for me i still think the best airport is kansai ! :!!!: oh btw is it ment to look like a dragon ??? - coz i cant see the dragon :huh:
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