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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't know how telling the truth about the true beliefs of Islam means I hate Islam. Maybe you hate it. And I don't what that has got to do with your generalisation of Turkish men. And, no, I'm not Turkish. Because I treat these matters seriously. A discussion that foments hate against males, that crusades for subtle apartheid is not good. Someone has to challenge this awful mentality.
  2. Participated? Were Muslims more liberal back then or was there a particular aspect of the event that incentivised them to participate?
  3. What is the "proper way" may I inquire? Because, the way I see it, there's no way in hell you'll approach a guy and there's no way you'll let a guy approach you.
  4. You felt intimidated because of your warped worldview, hand in hand with your lack of confidence. So I don't know why you have to use a guys' looks to demonise them further if it is irrelevant to your actual problem. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  5. Islamic Salvation, If that verse is actually referring to a future event then what verse was revealed about Muhammad's miracle of splitting the moon?
  6. Gross generalisation. So let's get this straight. If someone who is handsome and isn't Turkish, or of any other ethnic background that kicks in a deep seated prejudice, does the same thing as the ugly Turkish man at the chippy, you'd be OK with that? You'd accept the free chips without feeling "humiliated?"
  7. He produces facts and corroborates it with other factual sources of information. Which means it is no longer a conspiracy theory. It's a 17 minute video, watch it properly.
  8. But Islam upheld that cultural practice by its law, no? Slave women weren't allowed to cover their hair due to the religious law.
  9. Thank you. This is an excellent YouTube channel. Subscribe everyone. It tears down the treacherous corporate machine with proper evidence and logic.
  10. Islam condoned and institutionalized this "cultural" practice. There's no point engaging in a discussion with you since you haven't directly addressed any of my points. There's plenty of other discriminatory laws against slaves that Islam condoned or put into effect, but you'll just wave it away as "nothing to do with Islam" every time. Futile.
  11. Anyone have a response to the above problems?
  12. The laws of Islam are full of hate and senselessness toward women? Interesting. Why haven't you apostatised yet? Actually, all of these works sugar coat the truth to make the reality seem less painful than it actually is. The views that are put forward sometimes don't have any backup in the main sources of narrations, or are extrapolated incorrectly, and sometimes unpleasant aspects are omitted from the texts altogether. Even then, a cursory glance is enough to figure that Islam is undoubtedly patriarchal.
  13. No. I get it from the Qur'an and authentic Shia narrations. I suggest you refer to these materials and that you read a scholarly book on the role of women or flip open a book of jurisprudence to realise that Islam deems you to be an inferior creation to men. I think they call it "equally different" just to make it sound PC. This is laughable. In Islamic law, your natural disposition is in child-rearing, looking after household affairs and striving to please and obey the husband, not making him angry under any circumstance lest you be cursed. I doubt you can find any evidence in the texts that women are even allowed to work. Khadijah didn't work outside after she accepted Islam. Many Islamic narrations advising women to stay locked behind closed doors. Women receive a pittance in inheritance, don't obtain custody of children in the case of divorce and are given the right to testimony half that of a man. Plenty of narrations, especially in Nahjul Balagha where the Imam says that women are deficient in intellect in faith and faith for the above reasons. Educate yourself about your own faith. Equality of the sexes is non existent in Islam. And by the way. The headscarf you wear on your head with pride was snatched off the heads of Muslim slave women. Which indicates that the headscarf in the 7th century cultural context symbolised status. Free women had a higher status than slave women, therefore they were entitled to wear it. So there is reason to believe that it has nothing to do with modesty, or God would have made it mandatory for slave women too. If you want to dismiss this out of hand without research then you're not doing yourself much of a favour.
  14. Don't encourage her. Her attitude and mentality is immoral. Do you really think this constitutes advice? Unless you think stargirl is so stupid as to not have thought of that intuitively.
  15. Yeah... because permanent nationals are clearly superior to the dirty FOB immigrants / asylum seekers. Kudos, you've just insulted your parents and/or grandparents. It probably isn't a coincidence because that's the type you attract. You have foreign blood. It attracts other foreign blood. "Go back home to your country!" Little trivia for you: Islam is a patriarchal religion. Don't get me wrong. I don't appreciate it either when males blatantly objectify women openly in an obnoxious manner, especially after females openly express disapproval. But this context is entirely different. He gave you free chips to pass on a subtle hint that he likes you. There was nothing offensive about it except for your post-reaction. As I said before, if you're going to let an event like this break you down into tears of pity, you have issues. Either personal, cultural or ideological issues, or all. Sort it out. Take this complaint up to your creator. I'm sure it'll be received with a warm reception.
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