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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any views on this ?
  2. Salam Alaikum, I have a question - are the majority of human beings good or bad . As a Muslim one should always assume the the best about his fellow human . The devil was an arrogant rational being whose ego was his downfall. He entices humans to follow their own desires, very often you probably don’t need a devil for this , humans do it of their own volition. And thus they are rational ‘animals’ i.e. they chain themselves to the basest things in life and don’t seek to purify themselves. If you look around is the world full of devils and animals . Are the real humans precious jewels that are dug out of piles of filthy rubble . After all humans have the ‘potential’ to be higher than angels or like devils or worse than animals . Following lower desires is so much easier and more apparent than the higher spiritual path. Therefore in conclusion are we to assume or believe that most people are devils / animals rather than actual humans . Should we assume the worst about humanity considering it’s awful track record or should we have a more positive outlook on ourselves / humanity ?
  3. Salam Alaikum just thought I’d start a discussion - the question is :- What’s good for the spirit and the spirit likes or finds beneficial might not be liked by the body - or should what is liked by the spirit also be pleasurable for the body . why I ask this - for example getting up in the morning is hard for everyone , being hungry is hard for everyone but could a stage be reached where it would be easy and the body eventually likes it ? Or is it the case that the body will always dislike it and that’s the point in that mastery of the body and desires liberates the spirit . Is this the greater struggle . Why do some lecturers then say that for some people it’s easy to wake up because of the connection they have to God? When in actual fact it’s hard on the body and mind of everyone - but ultimately it strengthens the spirit ie there will always be this dichotomy . On the same theme is it ok to indulge in things that one finds pleasurable for the sake of simply pleasure ? Not for the sake of for example satiation of a desire. Hope I’m making sense
  4. Languishing, Ill, Time to perpend. Past sins , current frailties . Here they are laid bare . For some , despicable . They turn away , But, they are unable - To embrace the darkness. Instead they cover it . With skin , powder , False laughter , muscle , Words , threats . Face who you are , Who you’ve been , A devilman , For was not he - An arrogant deceiver ? The light, is in knowing , There is no good in you ! But you are a void , That light fills . There is no strength in you , You are the weakest . That God chose to breathe into .
  5. I died ,No longer rigid -But fluid - Part of the whole ,Accepted , Loved ,Nourished .I blew a kiss to God He threw it back ,And told me to catch it .When you accept yourself ,The universe will accept you .Go forth pauper ,Lose everything you have
  6. Some call me - cyclops.I, born with one eye -Whilst, you , see me with - two.So I roamed , the world scorned .Scorched back , fiery mind .On my forehead emblazoned , lost .You may think like many a fairytale .I found peace and love , solace .But alas my knees ache , my brow stingsMy throat dry , people laugh tinnily At the passing of the ages - which means - little One day I clasped at my closed lid and toreAnd scraped my socket - on one knee , I shout in pain Then I laugh for the first time - under the epithelial layer - above the frontal lobe ,There was an eye after all !Now i’m born again , but people don’t seem to notice me .But I notice them and the world afresh .And I call myself man , Vicegerent.Who was born with a smile upon the universe.
  7. Whilst a king , Khidr spoke to you . You abandoned dunya. To become a noble . Amongst men . You died , And awoke . To true purpose. Ibn Adham
  8. Look deep , Through the fog of thoughts , The illusion of this world , Walk far, Past the thorns of emotional turmoil , Past trips and traps , pride and jealousy All paths lead back to God
  9. God is dead , said Nietzsche. So he reasoned and thought. Others grasped onto his utterance. Creating an avalanche of unbelief. Man is enlightened , free , From the shackles of religion . Free to invent, to create , to grow. God denigrated to the shelves. Where he gathered dust , discarded. Sometimes sought for , In difficult times - when money failed. The bottle failed , drugs tolerated . Even love became questionable . A weakness , a disease then man fell on his knees. His heart felt - something unintelligible The ravages of life had damaged him . He raised his hands and prostrated. In a last , hope , for mother , father - For God , for those who truly cared . Who had freely given that thing, called Love How he’d give the cars , the drugs . The women , the so-called friends. The credit cards , the gadgets , phones . For an ounce of true love, For a fleeting glimpse of that thing Called , peace , true contentment. (((((Descartes and Nietzsche))))) He maybe realised that he was wrong . Descartes - the I presupposes the Am Nietzsche - God is dead in your mind You looked in the wrong place . You ‘thought’ man no longer needed his Maker. And so you ran and hid - but couldn’t You simply died , inside . God is in your heart . Your words were meaningless , To that man on his knees. reawakened to the truth You cannot hide from God He is the alpha and omega. His way is Love - to stray is to fall. Like that man, arms lifted, like us . So, lift your hands and God may raise you Remember the time when a child. And your mother lifted you - And kissed your cheek.
  10. War , used to be bombs , That fell down the road , Air raid sirens , blaring . Announcements on the radio - About the enemy advancing . Songs by soldiers , by mothers - By children in the street - Suffering , hardship . Yes , the puppet was still on strings . Dancing to the tune of nationalism . Now the truth can be altered , By subliminal imagery , advertising . Wars are romanticised , promulgated Through the tinted lens of Hollywood, Played out like soap operas, Talked about continuously on social media - As if we are Kriegsspiel players Dialecticians involved in affairs of state . But nay we are but mere prattlers. Now what is war, a status update . A shake of the fist followed by an espresso. A tear followed by watching standup at the Apollo. Them , the others , ‘This scene may contain disturbing images’ Time to switch channels . What is genocide ? What is mass murder ? Oppression ? Famine ? It’s not us , we’re not aware . It’s the thing we see briefly between commercials . What we forget between binge watching . Till our minds have had their fill of drivel. And they feel well fed , and our eyes are tired . And tearless for others - we cry a small tear . Because our hearts somewhere remember what It was like to feel a genuine Unadulterated emotion . All the time we feel like we’ve progressed . Society and humanity are approaching their zenith . Whilst hungry people starve Children die having never smiled - Cities burn , civilisations , cultures trampled By the army of globalisation. The devil smiles , this is how I want the son of Adam to be - Lost like me.
  11. It took 5 billion years , We emerged , Intelligent . In a short period, We manufactured, Our demise . We destroyed , Killed , lied , cheated . Annihilated . Those who came . Men of God , Enlightened We ignored . Our Holy books, Say dusty on shelves. Regarded as relics . Instead we adopted . Systems that promised - But never delivered . We didn’t trust , God Whose system , could bring peace And salvation . There’s still time , For us to look within - and know Our heart To know our Lord . Look within and you will know . The path you should tread , Step by step .......
  12. Yes change is the most difficult thing , but if you truly want to change God will help you.
  13. The mind shouldn’t be master over the soul , instead let the soul be a calm observer of the mind - calm the mind and let the soul observe , easier said than done
  14. The multi-faceted mind always seeking to be occupied by whatever activity appeals to it The singular soul seeking to be heard , only satisfied with Love , Freedom and closeness to the Lord
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