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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes but I’ve taught in Madressa a lot of what is taught is repetitive and boring for kids quite frankly - and kids not challenged intellectually will become even more disruptive . Another factor unfortunately is that even parents do not have the necessary knowledge to educate their kids it’s a perpetual cycle , and as a result you get a gradual dilution of knowledge . Therefore the madrasah has an important part to play in enlightening the community - if the syllabus is such that it is repetitive and pedantic it has not real impact. And in fact nowadays if the institutions play their cards properly the kids could educate some of their parents about Islam. the mosque and madrasah has always been a focal point for educating and enlightening people , and uniting people . If you produce a community of uneducated, unenlightened and disunited people the future is going to be bleak .
  2. Salam , Do you think Madrassahs focus too much on pedantic topics ie fiqh , tarikh, basic Kalam, akhlaq - do you think there is a need to incorporate more wide ranging topics especially for older children - ie philosophy , politics , Islamic / western thought ?
  3. Salam Alaikum , I wanted your thoughts on the human beings desire for power. Every human seems to have in built in them the psychological need to have power over another , or be better materially , physically , economically . Is this desire built in and what function does it play ? Any good articles books on this topic ?
  4. I think this is where we go wrong, we are scared to upset others and rock the boat , why should I not create healthy discussion on this topic ?
  5. Actually if I wish I can make my opinion known that’s the point of a discussion
  6. Also I feel we should t just focus on Muslim countries but oppression wherever in the world
  7. Yes of course but we are extremely apathetic
  8. The point is also we are so desensitised to tragedy going on around us, and so absorbed in our lives that I think we lose the overall message of kerbala which is not to cry for the sake of crying .
  9. Maybe some do but probably not many
  10. Salam , my question is - why do we only cry ten days a year? Why don’t we cry when we watch the news that innocent women and children are dying all over the world. Imam Hussain’s (عليه السلام) message was fight oppression and stand for justice wherever you see it . But we only cry when we hear his name - what about all the innocent people everywhere dying why don’t we cry for them too ?
  11. NormaL_UseR


    Listen to the robin tweet All thoughts forgotten Except this bird’s speech; With its breast raised It twerps clear and shrill; How I wish like my friend I could sing so sweet and pure; But usually I have no time To hear the birds trill Unlike me, it seems so real When I speak I wear a mask Inside vultures tear And wolves teeth gnash; Behind my smile A grimace lies My soul wrapped up In deep darkness inside O how I wish I could sing Like the dear sweet robin.
  12. No because human nature is thus we have in us the angel and the devil , very often the devil prevails.
  13. We beat our chest Until it's red, Imam Hussain We cry in pain. But then do we change? Can we ever change ? He died for Islam. For freedom, Justice , For the oppressed. After we've beaten our chest Until it's red . And checked the balance In our banking app. And updated Facebook and Instagram Do we,remember the oppressed, We put the word Shia In front of our hallowed name Which could very well be Zainab , Abbas or Hussain We spend our days Courting this dunya Loving this world, When the great test comes Will we be put to shame Can we live up to the name Zainab , Abbas and Hussain. The times are coming. When the world will be filled With chest beaters, With red chests, I can't say your name. I'm filled with shame , O grandson of Imam Hussain !
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