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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No because human nature is thus we have in us the angel and the devil , very often the devil prevails.
  2. We beat our chest Until it's red, Imam Hussain We cry in pain. But then do we change? Can we ever change ? He died for Islam. For freedom, Justice , For the oppressed. After we've beaten our chest Until it's red . And checked the balance In our banking app. And updated Facebook and Instagram Do we,remember the oppressed, We put the word Shia In front of our hallowed name Which could very well be Zainab , Abbas or Hussain We spend our days Courting this dunya Loving this world, When the great test comes Will we be put to shame Can we live up to the name Zainab , Abbas and Hussain. The times are coming. When the world will be filled With chest beaters, With red chests, I can't say your name. I'm filled with shame , O grandson of Imam Hussain !
  3. Can a poet describe That day, When the kings and queens of earth suffered Lets not mention their foe Now obselete, as they were then How bright shone their action Shining through time, past and future Father Adam did you not walk on this hallowed land footsteps blessed the plains Cry for them and remember They are the sun and moon Giving us sight and nourishment Can a poet describe No, we can only say labbaik I prostrate on this blessed earth Labbaik O ahl al-bait (as) Show me the way
  4. Submerged in information Yet knowledge eludes We remain ignorant And the world suffers We've become enemies Of truth, and harmony And become friends And beloveds of falsity We forgot how to open That door to the city Lost in dark alleys We can't even see its lights We yearn for sunshine we won't leave the shadows Every so often a solitary ray Caresses our heart And we feel like weeping Then we are just confused And we forget, too busy to care The path to the city is love And to weep for the martyr Hussain (AS)
  5. Salam I don't know if I still qualify in the youth category probably not being a father of three but what are the main / problems issues facing youth in today's society ? I know it's quite a wide ranging topic but I think there are a few youngsters on this forum who could contribute
  6. NormaL_UseR


    You'll be alone On the day you meet The only possession To surrender your heart Did you anticipate That moment With gladness All your energy And knowledge Preparing you Or will it be A meeting of strangers Rather than friends Gaze into the mirror Deep into your eyes Your reflection hides True happiness and True sorrows
  7. NormaL_UseR

    Mola Ali

    Ali You are the master Are hearts are with you Ali Ali Our hearts soar to you Your name brings joy Your mention brings tears of love Ali Ali Son of Fatema Nephew of the Prophet You are the high Ali Dhulfikar is in your hand Mola Ali Mola Ali You raised the heavy gate With the strength of many men The enemies ran from you They should be glad to die From your sword of justice Ali Ali Mola Ali Ali The sun of the world The life of the world The Prince of believers The master of masters The gladdener of hearts The light of the firmament Ali Ali Mola Ali Ali
  8. NormaL_UseR


    You sometimes wonder Why, Love, laugh, life, cry, Answers are near and far Questions never leave The mind But the answer is clearer When you bow your head And close your eyes The darkness of a whispered prayer Brings light
  9. NormaL_UseR


    We walked Communicated But did not move Did not speak Our speech lacked life We understood nothing And our world died Loveless Until, We listen We’ll be still Until we serve We’ll be lost
  10. Geo it sounds kind of cool lol that's why I wanted to know what it means
  11. Not said in anger said as matter of fact
  12. Well we shouldn't of course typecast a whole diverse generation into one category and as Muslims I think we can help and there is an opportunity not to be missed - why are people like this in the first place clearly because of lack of spirituality, that is where we can come in and plug the gap so to speak. Yes special snowflake all these new terms clearly I'm a bit uninformed
  13. Salam so I seen this term 'geo' being used in facebook I think it's an Urdu term it sounds cool but I wanted to know what it means also some people use it in their nicks like geo-Naqvi for example
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