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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. tonight i made a creamy rice pudding from allrecipes.com and it was so delicious^_^
  2. wow! it's really good! i like to travel to mecca but traveling( generally) needs money and time ^^ if someday i have enough money and time for it i'll go to Scotland, London and east Asia^^
  3. Do you think you are a free spirit?

  4. Don't even think of lenovo it's terrible!!!! Take a look at Fujitsu's it's good but comparing to mac, mac is better of all!!
  5. Chinese painting~^^

  6. No lots of money is boring and most of the times scary!! I think money should be in a reasonable level(an average one i mean).
  7. Making friends to a girl? It's not allowed in Islam brother! And Aftahb is right when a girl feels this even no one tell her she starts feeling uncomfortable!
  8. nothing but some stress...

  9. Salam alaikum Don't sleep late, sooner you sleep easier you wake up! Ask Allah s.w to help you. As soon you want too snooz say A'oozo bil'lah min a'shaytan e rajim, and try to sit first and then stand up, it might be hard at first but needs time and practice! Insha'Allah it helps.
  10. hey there! Thanks for all the brilliant information, Alhamdulilah i finally found a book named " Get rid of your accent" it's pretty good and i think it's the thing i was searching for! I'll go for it inshaAllah!
  11. although i'm not really friendly with carrying bags, but i really liked these!thanks for sharing.
  12. thanks, but i prefer using my phone it's easier to use^__^
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