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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Based on the arguments, I would say then that although Abubakr was called As-siddique when the prophet was alive, due to his actions after his death, this title is then becomes void. But case in point, is it proper to curse, bash, or even hate Abubakr? though it is not done by the prophet in any way? Sure, we can say this person is a liar, a cheater, a calumny-monger, but these accusations are based on facts, not due to emotional or subjective reasons. It is like in the court of law, the judge reads the accusations against the suspect, and asks how he pleads, but the judge does not nec
  2. Salams, I was reading the Qur'an earlier, and then I read its translation, because I know very little arabic and I came across this ayah: 4:69 which, translated by Yusuf Ali reads, : "All who obey Allah and the messenger are in the company of those on whom is the Grace of Allah,- of the prophets (who teach), the sincere (lovers of Truth), the witnesses (who testify) (this is also translated as "martyrs" by other translators, but seeing that it says "shuhadda'i", it probably means martyrs), and the Righteous (who do good): Ah! what a beautiful fellowship!" If I am not mistaken, this verse
  3. Salam! Here are the facts : I live in a place where there is not many Shia. The only shia I know who lives in this city is my family. Most people who live in this city are christians and some are sunni muslims (who do not know they are following wahhabism) who are ignorant about the shia and especially temporary marriages. Before becoming serious about achieving nearness with Allah ta'ala, I was a party goer, a constant drinker and I had sex with women I never married. During those days I also learned how to Pick up women, as I was what you call a pick up artist myself, i used to go out ever
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