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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dear Members The Big Question is a unique current affairs show where special guests are invited to tackle topical issues facing the Muslim community today. Join the facebook page to keep updated with our weekly shows and discuss our questions. The Big Question - Facebook Page thebigquestion@ahlulbayt.tv Get a taster of the show below. Kind Regards
  2. happy birthday, if ur the guy on youtube who posts all those lectures - may Allah s.w.t reward u for all that - the lectures have moulded me to beocme a better person thanks :)

  3. salam un alaikum

    wishing u a very happy birthday

    ""live like ali die like husain""



    BRGDS !

  5. Is this available anywhere as the link is not working? no worries the link works
  6. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  7. At first the world was cautious for their lives meaning was so precious from within them came the leader who made the wise ponder but some arose with anger complaining about this wonder for they called him a sorcerer who they claim corrupted the younger Strong was his character to bear so much hatred until his people chose to disown while some caught glimpse of his light most ran away in flight But his light was no ordinary one foreseen it was they knew of its coming the same light of Issa and Musa had arose in Arabia Yathrib revelled in his shining and fast spread his true meaning while the others shunned his reasoning soon was to be their pleading and they would truly adore him when mercy is placed between their eyes yet some would lay in anger did they think they could punish truth The calling is made for all to hear As Mecca has finally come to adhere with that, the call lives on and soon we shall see the light that once shone for this light was from no ordinary clan this was Muhammad mercy to Man
  8. Salam!!!! it's halal to comment on people's profiles so I thought I'd drop by to say salam.. alsalam alAllah ..la im being serious! ... u should post some of ur new poems here, they're great..peace

  9. what further issues have you understood?
  10. Long time bro Thanks. Its good, grown a bit since last time.
  11. ^ Nice one its not on the level of some peoples wavelengths which is sadly why they dont get it and start posting needless remarks :rolleyes:
  12. The door is open, its path is wide its path is long, seemingly appealing he chooses it above all for little does he realize, this path is ever deceiving the path that produces anguish and pain from it nothing he will gain as he walks it his peers are left in confusion they desire a means for reasoning days pass by, months are flowing the path he continues the end, he searches for what end can there be on such a path his eyes open, he gazes upon the field emptiness he feels nullified it catches up with him he cries aloud "oh strand of grass, you are seduced me into nothingness!" the grass replies "I am merely amongst the many which you longed for, why do you blame me" could it be he wonders, with that he cries " I blame you for painting a picture of sweet serenity, while within you, you knew of this sour severity!" They begin to listen, strand by strand each fights back against the wind they are still now, the wind is no match for them upon this sight, he stares has time stopped the gush of wind flies past him the fields are unaffected the strands are strong he sits beside his strand of grass converses in deep thoughts as the minutes walk on the fields begin to play again the heart warming sounds of men beside him, his strand gone he looks up once more the fields are busy alone he is not his path is now ever appealing the path that will see his healing. -_shadowfax_-
  13. This is the first time that the trip is open to brothers and sisters. But the organising commitee are looking to take 20 brothers and 20 sisters. in regards to your question about the saudi visa, I am not too sure about that question. Kind Regards
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