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  1. Salam, They have al ghadeer event on Sunday and I think I'm going to go there. Thanks :). Still, would be nice if I could meet up with other sisters in Luton area.
  2. Well eventhough I am not active anymore but I used to be really active on SC a couple of years ago, I didn't just sign up on SC just to lure innocent sisters mind you
  3. Salam, I'm staying in Luton for a couple of weeks and I barely know anyone here. It'd be lovely if I could meet up with some sisters for a walk/cup of coffee. I know it's a long shot and maybe everyone is very busy but when I walk down the streets I see many muslims so I thought I'd give it a shout out on SC. Sisters only please, if the title is not obvious enough.
  4. There are always stereotypes but people are unique. I really don't believe in stereotypes but I do have preference which I don't share with others because then they'll think I'm a racist. I do know a western girl who married with a muslim for few years against her family's wishes, they warned her that muslim men are bad news. It didn't end well as the man was abusive and stole a lot of money from her but she still doesn't think that all muslim men are like that. She said she just wasn't lucky.
  5. Salam, I've been searching with no luck for a minimum distance while travelling of which fasting is not obligatory. I read that it's 8 farsakh. How much is 1 farsakh? it's really confusing to me. Anyone can help me with sources? Thanks
  6. Find some muslim friends... there are plenty in the west I promise my best friend isn't muslim but we share a lot of things in common... she doesn't go out or drink and she's very tolerant about my faith.. she would buy halal meat when I come over for dinner...and we always have healthy discussions about faith and such..
  7. heyyy... Shiachat is wayy cooler now that I'm back.. :p

  8. Salam sis, Anger problem is a major issue. If it bothers you now, it'll ruin you after the marriage. You don't sound like someone who's in love and looking forward to marry your fiancee. Normally people feel like that after 5 years of marriage when they start to settle and become 'best friends' with their spouse, but from your story... it seems he doesn't even care about what you think. If he chats with other girls and flirts with other girls behind your back before marriage he'll still continue this.... many men become worse in this area after marriage... trust your guts... but pray for guidance.... being single and happy is 100000000000000000000 times better than stuck in a marriage with a self centred man who doesn't give nothing about how you feel... (pardon the double negative) its all about communication, and you don't seem to have a good one going with him
  9. Because some people apparently think it's more important to see differences... than similarities... and easier to spread hatred than love... and they want to view the world just from one perspective and can't be bothered that there are some people in this world who don't share the same view with them... Well brother.. some people just LOVE to slander because it makes them feel better than others I always wonder the same thing every time I come across some posts in this forum. But thank you for posting the statement.... he's my marja and I can't agree more about what he has made forbidden... I believe a good muslim will be kind towards his fellow muslims... no matter from which sect they are from.
  10. Salam, Quite off-topic but when I read Bondwomen I thought of James Bond.. lol, I thought it was a joke or something but then you were actually serious.
  11. I do notice a significant speed difference. I just wish it was more like firefox, lol. Incidently my new laptop just died. :( Stupid bios update from their site automatically starts updating with some lame file, while the actual file is located outside of the install folder... result... my laptop will not even turn on... the power button does nothing, lol... :cry: PS: Apparently my wife was logged in... but its me: Arman.
  12. I am not even familiar with those brands lol. I shop occassionaly at H&M when they're on sale :D
  13. you know it would be nice if you were right, but if you were wrong then you'll roast together with them in hellfire.. it's kind of like a lottery because you never know until you die and experience it yourself
  14. Armans Wife


    yeah people were confused about my gender too, cus they thought I was Arman's alter ego.. :blush:
  15. I think the ruling is a bit weird because the first trimester IS actually the most crucial phase. I fasted during the advanced stage of my pregnancy because I know that the baby is fully developed now so there's nothing I should worry about as long as I consume enough nutrients. Besides its just scary having to fast 30 days outside Ramazan lol. its your body so you know best! But either way you will have to fast 30 days sooner or later lol
  16. A good person is a person who : (according to me that is): 1. Don't lie 2. is friendly 3. is helpful towards others in need (genuinely, not to show off) 4. has a good nature (this would mean that others will have nothing bad to say about this particular person) 5. trustworthy 6. is rarely get cross 7. doesn't gossip 8. is not arrogant/humble 9. actually the list could go on and on.. but Im too lazy to type it right now.. so if you think you possess the quality above, then you are a good person according to me =), I think I'm not 100% good but I'm like..70-80% good but it's ok cus I know Im nice =)
  17. that's not true, many muslim women (also in muslim countries) are being abused and oppressed. And the ones that are religious might cry every nights in their prayers so you never know.
  18. ^ you must have heard about MRI scan? I think your logic about the brain is a bit too easy to break because we know that we have brains and how human anatomy looks like.. (body exhibition, x-rays, mri scans)
  19. Hmm guys are playing pretty boring shooting or strategy games. I mostly play Wii with my family. Exercising on Wii Fit (since I don't go to the gym :P), playing Mario Kart with my son, Mario Galaxy, Harvest Moon.. or playing The Sims 3 on my laptop with my son.. thats pretty much it :)
  20. Although I'm not a great chef.. occasionally I make a mess in the kitchen but thank god I never really set anything on fire... I wanted to boil egg one time the easy way so I put it in the microwave and it exploded... lol, I almost jumped from the big thumping sound. There were also times when I boil water to make noodles or something but then I went internetting (as usual cus I love multitasking) and I forgot I was boiling water.. so the pan burned and the water was totally cooked away.. lol, so I thought I'd boil some again.. and I forgot again but it wasn't as bad as the first one cus there was still a bit water left in the pan. :)
  21. It's a reference to Ahmadinejad, because Mousavi called nicknamed him dictator during the elections.
  22. Yeah that is what I mostly do. I couldn't cook at all in the beginning of my marriage but I can make edible food now. I never enjoy cooking though (and the dishes!!) I only do it because if I don't then my son and husband will die of malnourishment. I'd love to hire a chef or eat sushi and sashimi (the only thing I enjoy preparing) everyday! :D
  23. lol thats a bit contradictory Well, I get a ring and 5 gold coins but I haven't received the coins cus we'll buy it later when I go to Iran for the first time.
  24. Yes I have a 3,5 year old son.. and unlike other women who keep having babies like rabbits, I haven't become pregnant again since :) Im still against BCP cus it's just not natural..
  25. A modern muslim is someone who is not stuck in the 14th century like the Talibans.. and knows how to use the latest technology but also at the same time still practicing islam 100% though people tend to associate modern with liberal which has another meaning to it... my classmates at school would call me radical and conservative, some call me traditional or extreme while I believe I'm modern.. so I don't know which one is right.. :S
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