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  1. heyyy... Shiachat is wayy cooler now that I'm back.. :p

  2. is that YOU in the picture? o_O

  3. I am not mod or admin, so you should contact them instead.

  4. Eid mubarak! Ã'm not coming home anytime soon unless somehow we got an extra 3000 euro for ticket falling from above lol

    I miss my country so much :(

  5. It was just an inquiry, why was it rude? Now I know who made me lose my 5 stars rating <_>

  6. are you a transgender?

  7. Salam,

    Everything is well alhamdulillah. Did you mean the braces smiley on my sig? yeah I thought it was cute since I'm wearing braces myself.. I don't remember where I got them from though..

    you can just save the image from my sig, its easy!

  8. That guy hassan3 is so rude, why don't you delete his comment sis?

  9. Big up to you girl :wub:


  10. I don't know why but my heart is still heavy :(

  11. I was about to leave you a comment but instead I found a devastating news.. I really hope you are well and happy and in a better place inshallah.. :(

  12. Salam,

    You left message for my husband lol, was that intended for me?

    Hope so.. :p everything is well here and I don't live in Zaandijk.. (almost.. we live about 5 mins away by train)

  13. lol, add you where?msn? sure..

  14. Salam,

    Just give me whatever you have lol :P I have exam for every chapters of the book :(. Poor me... I really need to start studying..

  15. Salam sis,

    Im fine inshallah, and my mother is getting better (so I heard) was just thinking about giving you a message. My exam about study of language is coming so can you tell me what kind of questions you had :p

  16. That's awful and weird. Why would someone do that? :( Im sorry sis

  17. why aren't you a mod anymore sis?

  18. thx, I'm going to let you know when I get her tests result.

  19. do you know any trustable and good gyneacologist to operate my mum (from my town) she doesn't trust the doctors cus many ppl only had it worse after operation and died :(

  20. Salam,

    I'm well.. I haven't spoken to my mum yet but I'm going to make sure she'll do the operation if she needs it =(

  21. salam,

    I was wondering if you're hasidic or liberal jews? and what is your view in zionism?

  22. salam sis,

    I'm well alhamdulillah. I haven't been able to reach my mum but we will talk inshallah this sunday. Until then I can only pray. :) Thanks for asking :)

  23. Cool, thanx... but my test will be on may though :p so I have a lot of time to learn :D

  24. Everything is allrite here. Im pretty bz with school :p. My avatar pic is taken 1 yr ago btw.

  25. You don't have a dad anymore? :(

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