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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Hi everyone! I'm new here and i'm sorry if this topic is in the wrong forum.
    I have been learning about parts of islam on and off for some years, but always from the perspective of a concerned citizen who wanted to understand the motivating ideology and driving factors behind events that have taken place since 9/11. Only for the last couple of months have I read from the Quran with an open mind and studied other parts of islam other than the extreme sects which preaches violence and I personally believe that shia islam follows the rightful heirs of the prophet.
    Do muslims have "declaration of faith" other than the shahada (and the 5 pillars)?
    Do all muslims believe in "pre-destination", that all event (including events in individuals lives) are already "planned" so to speak? If so there is no such thing as free will?
    Is the shariah different in ithna asheri shi'ism from sunnism? Do the shariah law claim authority over non-muslims as well in an islamic society?
    Are there tariqas in shi'ism?
    I believe that the soul is purified and then incarnates into another body after death, is there a prohibition against this in islam? I know the ismailis believe something similar but some say they are not even muslims or deviants? Judaism also teach this but it has been a so called "esoteric teaching" known only to the sages until the Zohar commentary on the Torah came out.
    I was born in a (post)christian country into an agnostic family in a society where belief in God is almost considered a weakness by many. I always believed there was one God because of the law of cause and effect and that Jesus was a human being but that he had a great knowledge of God and enlightened and that his way has been corrupted with the dogmas of the Trinity, the incarnation etc.
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