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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. That is not true. You should not be stereotyping people based on the experience with a few. Similar prejudiced people are present among others, including Punjabis. Talking of injustices, I think it is not about Punjabis or non Punjabis, it is about class-struggle. Just like everyone else in Pakistan, common people from Punjab themselves need to be rescued from clutches of feudals and others. But my point is, do you think THIS topic is worth discussion in such grave situation in Pakistan?! Such things exist against everyone different in anyway. Do you know Pathan jokes? Do you know what some people say about Biharis? Just a few examples. The list is endless. It is funny that the topic started about Punjabis but is now turning about Karachi.
  2. What's the deal with suddenly come up with this topic? Looks like you only want to have some FUN. Has this section been dull recently?!
  3. In other words, you mean Taliban mufsideen and their apologists like Imran Khan and Jamatis. Such people have DESTROYED Pakistan.
  4. Army became Islamic (read: wahhabi) during the time of Zia and General Hamid Gul. I would rather like to see army to be secular than Islamic. which "momineen" are you talking about? If by "momineen" you mean shia then you should know that shias are a part of the same army.
  5. بد قسمتي سے اس طريقہ کي چيزيں ہمارے ہاں کافي عام ہيں۔ ميں اگلے عنوانات ميں ان پر سے پردہ اٹھاؤں گا۔ afsos k hamare haan log inn cheezon par behes bhi nahin karte.
  6. ãíÑí ÈÇÊ ÈÀÊ Óÿ áææŸ ˜æ ÈÑí áÿ í۔ ÇÓ áíۓ Àáÿ Óÿ ãÚÐÑÊ۔ mujhe pata he k alam ka ehteram Hazrat Abbas ki nisbat se he. Laikin kya esa nahin lagta k hum log zaroorat se kuch zyada hi ehteram karte hein? mein ne to kuch logon ko alam ko sajda karte bhi dekha he. chalein mana k ye sajda shirk ki niyyat se nahin hota, laikin dekhne wale ko kya lage ga? dunya wese hi hamari itni mukhalif he, phir unn ko esa mauqa kyoon diya jaye k hamein mazeed badnaam karein? khusoosan koi esi cheez kar ke jis ka mazhab se koi ta'alluq bhi nahin.
  7. This looks like a very nice noha. I like the Haji Iqbal's calm voice. Can anyone please translate this noha for me? Thanks. Also, is this noha in Punjabi or Siraiki? Akbar, mera sairayan wala Akbar. Sikhday wailay jawaan bachray koun, baghbonainday Hussain tak pondeh. Inalillah dee sirf ik ayat, paar suendeh, Hussain tuk pondeh. 1) Dekh teh-tul halak peyamber dah, dhal gey hur batool de chadar (x2) Kambdeh hath naal sir Batool an dai, buur kheh dendeh, Hussain tak pondeh. 2) Putreh mehman hove lazai da, Peyoo dee sahwaan qyoon deed hut de nai (x2) Jug toh toorun qyoon pehleh Akbar deh, saag rendeh, Hussain tak pondeh. 3) Hai janaza teyar Akbar dah, Mustafa alameen dai sudkay (x2) Akhrie waar sonai Akbar daa Moo dikhen deh Hussain tak pondeh. 4) Ai deseven jo vuct neye melna, peyoo ko ai da jigar churan ketai (x2) Senai barchi lugun to boh pelai hut mulendai Hussain tak pondeh. 5) Enj pug putur kown juhan otai, koy peyamber nahey punhda sukeya (x2) Mout dey pug jo hai to hon pug da lurvulendeh, Hussain tah pondeh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASTgv07dduo
  8. Thanks guys. I asked this question because I like to speak every language exactly the way locals speak, or at least as close as possible. I read somewhere that the sound of Ö is somewhere between 'd' and 'z'. And I think that's how it should be pronounced. It's a difficult letter to pronounce, but then almost every language has its own share of special hard-to-pronounce letters. That is the beauty of human languages.
  9. hm: [EDITED] if no wahhabi is cursing wahhabi taqi usmani then why start a thread about "wahhabi mqm" alone?
  10. Then go start another thread about that wahhabi taqi usmani, who is never cursed by other "wahhabis". What's the point of singling out MQM alone? Why post the crimes of ALL Wahhabis in this thread about MQM? Where is your thread about Wahhabi Punjabi? Where is your thread about Wahhabi Pathaan? By the way, you expect a Wahhabi to be cursed by other wahhabis? You gotta be kidding yourself! :!!!:
  11. farwa: While government will "start working on it", who will purge all these brain-washed Taliban maniacs who are itching to join other munafiqeen in the hellfire by blowing themselves up? They have training camps and bases there. The situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan is linked because those terrorists move freely between Afghanistan and FATA. So it is necessary to remove them from FATA, including Waziristan. Hence the operation. What other sources? Nice rhetoric. But the question remains. Whom would you vote TODAY?
  12. There are other reasons for their insistence on teaching Arabic. One reason being that in Pakistan, most sunnis consider Arabic to be a "sunni language", as opposed to the "shia language" of Persian. Off course, it is nonsense. But that's what they tend to think. This is why majority of sunnis have changed a very common form of saying goodbye. Now instead of saying historical "khuda hafiz" (khuda being Persian for God), they instead say "Allah hafiz". There is nothing wrong in saying "Allah hafiz" either, but it just shows the anti-Persian (read "anti-Shia") mentality of them. Now listen to this. Many of these people are DYING to make Arabic the national language of Pakistan. Except that they can't do it. Because common people don't have an iota of clue about what Arabic language is. Reason is that Pakistani people have not been connected to Arabs and Arabic anytime in history. Pakistani culture is more akin to Persian/Afghan/Turkish culture and their languages use Persian words heavily. Even the Arabic words that they do use actually came through Persian (and not directly through Arabs). This was just one example of why sunnis tend to put more emphasis on Arabic than sometimes even their own language. There are many other reasons, for which this is not the proper venue. Anyway. Thanks for the reply. I guess I got my answer. ummm... Khuda hafiz or Allah hafiz or Allah nigehban or Khuda nigehban or Salam... 'BYE.
  13. This question is for shias whose mother tongue is Arabic. How do you pronounce the letter after SUAD? Here in Pakistan this is considered a sunni-shia issue. Sunnis pronounce it the same as many Arabs would pronounce, that is, with the sound very close to DAAL (or 'D' of French). But shias pronounce it close to the sound of ZAAL ('Z' in English). So how do Iraqis and Lebanese pronounce it? Is there difference in pronunciation among Iraqi, Lebanese and Gulf Arabs?
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