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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Can I download somewhere Usul Kafi?
  2. (salam) I'm currently attacked by an evangelist which uses Usul Kafi as a weapon against me: He says: Croyances Chiites concernant le Coran : Jabir a rapporté que l'Imam Baqir a dit : Personne ne peut affirmer avoir rassemblé tout le Coran tel qu'il a été révélé par Allah, si ce n'est un menteur. Les seules personnes à avoir entièrement compilé et appris par coeur le véritable Coran étaient Ali ibn Abi Talib et les Imams qui lui ont succédé. (Usul Kafi: 1:228 ) Translated by: None can assert to have assembled the whole qu'ran as it has been revealed by Allah, except a liar. The only person
  3. (salam) Do you think the Qu'ran is not authentic like it is mentionned in Usul al Kafi?
  4. (salam) The eternal debate about 'Issa (as). First, bear in mind that us, muslims, we don't have any problem about 'Issa. He wasn't not crucified, he was elevated. That's all. How and why, this belongs to god only. Second, you compare two different individuals: Muhammad (saws) and 'Issa (as). We know the life of Muhammad (saws) precisely, because we know the historical writings like the one of Ibn Ishaq for example, who live during the first century after hijra. But we do not even have any gospel from the century of 'Issa (as) himself. Worse: we don't know anything about the apostles, and
  5. (salam) Seraphim, how do you explain jewish monotheism? In fact, the word "ELOHIM", which is the name of god in the Tanakh, must be translated by gods and not by god. Some says that the suffix -IM of ELOHIM expounds a mark of respect. But jewish exegetes are not unanimous. Moreover, the jewish monotheism is also blurred in the fact that there is no formal exclusivity of god like we can see in islâm (la ilaha ilallah), because YHWH is the only god insofar as it's the only god of that kind. Besides, you can't push away my argument of the origins of christian christology in the egyptian myt
  6. SH1st

    Lebanese people!

    (salam) I'm lebanese, but raised in France. And I'm still living in France. But do I have the choice? What can I do in Lebanon? From which village do you come from?
  7. (salam) Who comes from or live in Lebanon in this forum?
  8. (salam) What do you think about this branch of Islâm? Is that a sect according to you?
  9. Bismillah, Asalamou aleykoum wa rahmatoullah wa barakatouh, In fact that's false. The notion of "trinity" is clearly a syncretism of the famous egyptian trinity, composed of Osiris, his wife Isis, and their son Horus. See the similitudes between Osiris and Jesus in their aspect of divinities. And see how Osiris and Horus are all the same: the father (Osiris, or the sun-king) equals to the son (Horus). That's just like the father and the son in christianism. Moreover, Horus was already illustrated with his mother Isis (who is the virgin, like mary!) like the Madonna. The explanation of the
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