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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you, alhamdulilah I deleted Tango and didn't receive any calls, he does not have my number! Syed was right! I just deleted my Tango account and have not received any phone calls or messages from him. Do you know if it is possible to make a new account with Tango even after you have deleted it with the same number? You are right! He doesn't have my number! I don't live in UK. But I think I would start a lot of drama if I did get the police involved :wacko:
  2. What will my parents do about it? I mean what can they do? If I tell them, I will just loose their trust and this guy will still continue to call! I am using a samsung galaxy mobile. I only gave immediate friends and family my number! ( + only one female online friend from here, which has nothing to do with the stalker!) I deleted Tango, I sent an email for them to delete my account, and I also uninstalled it. But I can't change my number again, my family will get suspicious and my co-workers. Also, someone said apparently he can call on Tango, but he doesn't have my number? Are you sure of this? I sent a question to Tango and they said if he was able to call you it means he has ur number! So for sure he didn't find me from the list of "Tango Users"? What about Whatsapp? Your post gave me so much ease, please tell me where you found the information you posted. Thank you. What do you mean!!! Syed just said he doesn't have my number!! :( You mean he has my number from the apps? Oh Lord.
  3. Assalamo Alaikom, If you all remember, I posted this topic http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/235015974-call-stalker/ a few weeks ago and I listened to all those people who said change your number immediately, and I did! This morning after performing my Fajr Prayer, I looked at my phone and on Tango, the same call stalker called! I am seriously freaking out! I wasn't even able to sleep because of this! How can he find me? I don't get it. How is it even possible!!?? I honestly don't know what to do! Do I tell my parents? Even if they know, what can they do? Who should I tell? There is a saying that you first perform the action, then leave the rest to God. I changed my number, even though it was so hard, but I don't get why nothing is getting better? How can he find my number after it is changed? I only txted my friends and family that I know. Even some close friends and family still don't have my number, as I haven't got around to tell them yet! Should I change my number again? Sincerely, -Thinkernow
  4. Assalamo Alaikom dear brothers and sisters, I had a question for you all. We have so many hadiths about how marriage completes half of your religion and how Allah insists in early marriages, but there are many people that want to get married but can't. For example in some cases for girls, they must wait until someone contacts her parents and asks to get to know her for marriage. What if she really wants to get married and is praying to God to get married, but no one comes for her? Allah is fair and Ar-Rahamarraheem, but what if the girl falls into Haraam because she doesn't get any suitors. There is a saying that one must first take action then leave the rest to Allah, but some girls must wait around till someone comes. Same thing goes for some guys as well. I knew a guy who has been wanting to get married for the passed 5-6 years and is proposing to many girls, and even when he accepts and is ready to say yes, the bride side says no. So what Im trying to get to is, does Allah want us to get married? If so, what do girls do when they can not find a husband by themself, but have to wait for proposals? Is God trying to test someone with not allowing early marriage? If a girl knows she will fall into haraam, what should she do? If she has already told her parents she wants to get married, but her parents tell her you have to wait for a suitor, what happens then? I will appreciate the responses -Thinkernow
  5. Thank you all for the advice. I honestly just needed the push from you guys and went ahead and changed my number. I feel so relieved! Thanks again
  6. I have changed my number! Alhamdulilah, I feel so relaxed now and I feel I can actually move on with my life! My parents did not make a big deal out of it. My dad asked a lot of questions, but I also had been getting calls from colleges and universities.
  7. I am just trying to find a way to tell my parents then change my number. Do you think I should just change my number then tell them?
  8. What do I tell my parents? I am not a really good with not being completely honest, so if I know im not saying the entire truth u can tell from my face expression. So you think nothing will ever make him stop?? Same question, what do I tell my parents?
  9. Dear friends, You guys have made me feel better by giving me more of a push to change my number, but is this really the only option i have? Does anyone advise a certain time limit? Like, wait 1 more month and see what happens? Should I do this immediately? He has been messaging me asking for a picture, and now the calls are more. It seems like me answering his messages has brought him to think I am interested. Even if the phone is broken or has problems, they can just replace the phone without changing the number. I just feel like it is so much of a hassle changing my number.
  10. Mohsen Hasnain Ammar Mehdi Zainul Abideen I think everyone else pretty much said most of the names.
  11. I think the best way to get rid of loneliness is too constantly keep your mind occupied with something else. For instance, find extracurricular activities, and do not stay in the house by yourself. I think the worst thing to do is to stay home, especially if you do not have any work. You will just think about it repeatedly until you become so depressed. Few Examples: Exercising, window shopping, going to masjed, going out with friends
  12. I posted a topic, and it doesn't show up in the forum? Do you guys have to first approve it?

    1. Abbas.


      Yes. First 10 posts of new members have to be approved by a mod/admin.

  13. Assalamo Alaykom, I am having a problem and need your help. About a couple years ago, my friend met an mod or admin on another site (islamic) to help her with some stuff and I ended up talking to him. I was very young then, so we did not continue, until about 9 months ago, he began to talk with me, but I showed no interest. Anyways, to make a long story short, this person lives in another country, and unfortunately I made a very big mistake of giving my number (although it wasn't directly). He kept wanting to get our parents involved and had marriage intentions. I responded negatively and said I do not think we are a good match. Now he would not take no for an answer. About 7 months ago (so this is like 2 months after we talked), right after I gave my number, he kept calling and so forth. He would keep saying I get a good vibe from you and I will talk to ur family with my parents. And I just wanted him to stop,I repeatedly told him no for religious reasons (he did not pray or fast or even value the ahle bayt) but he kept calling, so I blocked his number, then he began calling from other numbers. These numbered varied, and so I block all unknown calls and any number that seems mysterious to me. He even was able to make the number appear from someone local, so I got a bit freaked out. Now if he has ur number, if you use any apps such as Tango, Viber, etc... He can still message you or call you, and there is no block option there. So I had to get rid of all of those, but even though its been 7 months from the time I asked him to leave me alone he keeps calling. Now this man is not a 18 year old, he is 30! So I just don't get why he would not get over it quickly. During the past 7 months, I would get very upset, so I would randomly message him and tell him I will tell ur friends and ask them for their help, and he would say ok tell them. I did tell a couple of his friends and family, but nothing changed at all, his friends actually took his side and said someone is out to get u and ruin your reputation! Honestly, I realized he is not giving up, so not talking to him for several months, he messaged me today and I explained to him that it is not right for u to keep calling when I also may be getting married soon. He still did not accept and now I am thinking of changing my number. Now you all are thinking, just change ur number.. but it is not that easy! Firstly, when u have all the numbers of ur friends, coworkers, and family members, it is very difficult to explain to all of them the change in number. What if they ask u why the change of number? Should I lie? Another reason is my parents, they will ask why and become suspicious. Maybe someone here was one of those stalkers and could possibly give some input as to how they moved on? Last night was the first night of Qadr, and I asked God to allow this man to move on, but my prayers were not answered. I know I made a mistake, and I am regretful, but if anyone knows any way other than changing number please help. Thank you -Thinkernow
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