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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Iran shot down a US Spy Drone!!! https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2019/06/20/598942/Iran-IRGC-US-spy-drone
  2. Certainly the question is coming from the land of self-declared Shia Muslims from sub-continent. Most of em esp. Syeds from sub-continent are circling around their own superficial thoughts of superior to everyone and at the same time the most non-religious and far away from basic fiqh knowledge.
  3. I really want to get my hands on this book. Unfortunately, the cost of this book is very high but I always appreciate any body's effort when it comes to Imam Mahdi a.s. Mashallah brother.
  4. Well, I've never wasted my time debating in Atheism b/c it never goes on point but I'm writing here just to give my 2 cents on the generality of the debates of atheism is that it never ends with some conclusion, it might add to your logical connections which you might use in the next debate. I believe debates should have a conclusion other wise its just a mere waste of time of both parties. It might be just adding one more discussion to the history of the SC posts.
  5. But this doesn't answer my question. The question is not a debate on what is the hudud qisas whatever. I want to know if one of them repents, is this adal for the other to be punished?
  6. Scenario: I was thinking about the scenario and curious about it. So here it is. Suppose there is a man A who has killed someone but he was punished by islamic law (like by chopping of his hands). There is an another man B who also has killed someone but he somehow didn't got the punishment but he repented with the pure heart and suppose he was actually repented by god. Now, here are my questions: 1. In the above scenario, who will be punished in hereafter? If neither then isn't this against adal that Man A was inflicted with the punishment and the Man B was save from his hands chopped? 2. Since god has discussed the punishment of here and hereafter, if someone gets punished here, will he/she will be punished in hereafter too? Thanks.
  7. Sorry to hurt your patriotism. I mean most of Iranians who speak English and when I interact with them through Youtube, most of them either hate the Iranian govt or try to be a westerner.
  8. [POLL] Pakistani General Elections 2018
  9. I want to move to Iran but the most of the Iranians are sick, can't handle them.
  10. The best thing about America is the hub of the worldly knowledge and the worst thing is that they don't have a clue about their government.
  11. What do you people think what is the plan B of the Zionists? Any news for an all-out war against Iran and allies or any inside build-up news to share?
  12. The problem is that you are doing something b.c someone said so and If you don't like it, you'll leave it? Islam doesn't work on your liking or disliking or perhaps your English is something that is becoming a hurdle for me to understand. Any ways, best of luck! Sakht londa..
  13. Yeh I agree, they're still loosing the war on the reality grounds! Thanks to the resistance!!!!!! But I feel so sorry for the ignorant humans who're donating their time and money for the white helmets
  14. The deception is unbearable. I can hardly see anyone than these people who are doing the hard work of spreading deception across this globe. The one-eyed strategy of western imperialism is not just spreading the rumours and fictious stories, but the worse that they're changing the mindsets which might not affect the people who resist but the people who're ignorant of the situation and are huge in number turn in favor of them, give donations to the white helmet rackets consisting of fake NGOs, individuals and organizations. The money, power and opinion is making them victorious!
  15. People are been screened continuously on Facebook. Many of my friends who share anti-mainstream content is banned frequently. I myfelf got banned twice just because I was writing against Saudi.. The so called sleeping muslims are now awaken and sharing fake news, articles and pictures from CNN, BBC, Euronews etc and crying like [edit]. Moreover I couldn't share a thing but just sit and read them. I'm loosing my self control and don't know what to do to stop this [edit] fake news. What is your story?
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