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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Mainly I think the worst barrier for both men and women is the lack of community help. It's almost shameful for a girl to mention she wants to marry (even if she tells another girl) and it's shameful for the guy (unless he is stacking villas and cars into the dowry). This is even the case on SC. I think the generation that is married and capable of helping needs to be more active in marrying those that are facing difficulties. Whether it be financial, circumstantial, geographical, whatever it may be. Not every man has parents that can help him, nor does every girl live in the most populat
  2. OP: This is one of the most beneficial lectures I've ever listened to. And yes I confirmed all of his research afterward on my own. Please watch:
  3. One of the single ones here just hoping to throw in my opinion. Hope no one minds. I don't know his side so I will focus on yours and I hope you know this is only constructive criticism : A lot was revealed by your OP. It seems you see a loss of character or individuality if you adapt a little more to his ways. But a woman should mirror the actions of her husband, especially if they are bettering her. Being active in the community, discussing news/politics, caring for ones parents means growing up and bettering ones self. That will earn his respect. Look to him as an example and a motivation
  4. I never understand people that want revenge when others harm them. Honestly brother worse things have been done to me, you have to forgive and let go. She's already living a false life, that's punishment in and of itself. As for forgetting, this is why full love and trust should only be placed in Allah (swt). Your happiness shouldn't be based on a person. In the future choose a woman that loves Allah (swt), because as long as she loves him she will honor you. And move on. Past the memories and past this hatred.
  5. Totally agree ^^ To this day I never met a man in person I was attracted to. Perhaps that's because I don't bother looking. As for the "like brothers" ("like" being the operative word here) that's not acceptable. Period end of story.
  6. You have to actually live together to prove you're married so I'm not sure how you're planning on pulling that off. Unless you're going to do katb-ktab and then get divorced? Why get yourself in such a mess? Marriage isn't a toy. I suggest trying every other option first and if that's you're final option then I suggest looking for a real-marriage. And if a real-marriage does not interest you than don't even consider this fake marriage business. My sister brought her husband here, she had to prove through pictures, whatsapp convo's, facebook convos, phone bills, interview questions and re
  7. Alhamdilla I'm glad the new marriage was a lie. Just move on brother. From a girls perspective; emotions will get you nowhere in life. And from a religious perspective; just because you want something, doesn't mean it's good for you. Best of luck inshallah.
  8. A one state solution in favor of the Palestinians is impractical and very very unlikely. A two-state solution is the most practical option. Of course they could just deport all Palestinians to KSA, they seem to love their wahabis.
  9. Situations like this is why people need to stop playing with Mutah. Im not talking about you but she should have been aware of this or at least asked. People need to stop treating Mutah like its boyfriend/girlfriend and need to take it as serious as its meant to be taken. It is a marriage, look up the rules, regulations and standards before you jump in and jump out. Look at this ridiculous situation she placed everyone in now. Either her dad is lying or she's committing zina with a man who is innocent and there's a very likely chance she can get pregnant. If I knew this girl I'd smack some
  10. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. All of us need this reminder.
  11. Oh wow. I don't even know why you would fall into a depression over her. If anything she harmed herself more than she harmed you. If I were you I'd be breathing a sigh of relief. In any case its too late to do anything about it. So just let it go. Btw if she was technically still married to you can she even marry anyone else? Wouldn't that mean that her marriage is negated and batel? Which could also mean she's living in zena and will probably have kids in zena? Or am I wrong here?
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