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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam A catholic woman, separated from her husband for a couple years but not legally divorced in country of her origin (living abroad now), is converting to Islam. From sharia point of view, does she need a legal divorce from her catholic husband before marrying a muslim? If no, does she need to spend time in Iddah though she has been separated from husband for years. What is the required duration? If yes, are there any exceptions in case of hardship such as if it will be financially difficult for her to pursue divorce through country's legal channels or the husband not agreeing making it more difficult? Any specific verdicts from Ayotullah Sistani on this? Appreciate response from members with knowledge of the subject.
  2. Mohammad Fadllalah is not alive, can we follow his verdict now? I'm in taqleed of Ayotullah Sistani.
  3. Salamun Alayk, I have came across the following on ShiaChat in another thread. Someone posted it in Persian or Arabic (the link to the reference site didn't work) and translated it as following. Question: Can I do Mutah with a Virgin who has no objection to it, but we don’t tell her father because there is a fear that he will (or might) not give permission. What is our obligation? Answer: So, if the girl is Rashida means she can distinguish (or differentiate) between good and bad (evil) there’s no problem to it and father’s permission is not a condition. I just to ensure if this is authentic? Any brothers who have cross-checked this?
  4. I went to MI recently for couple of days .. visited the newly built Islamic Center at Ford Road and had some arabic food .. so had a chance to see some parts of the dearborn .. :)
  5. Salamun Alayk, I have been here on SC on & off for like 3-4 years now .. perhaps this is my 8th post .. couldn't get to know you guys so far .. anyways .. I am originally from Karachi,Pakistan and recently moved to Cambridge, US .. I go to MIT Grad school (MechE) and pursuing MEng (Manufacturing) .. I wonder if any of the user here lives in the same town as mine .. I know of some iranian guys here but never got a chance to talk much .. by the way I just turned 23 .. feels good to see this forum flourishing .. :) Zia A. Rizvi
  6. Even I have recently moved in here .. spot one center online thats around 24 miles away .. Islamic Ma'sumeen Center 115 Wood Street Phone: (508) 497-3462 Hopkinton , MA 01748 , USA Where in boston are you staying?
  7. Salamun Alayk, Is the book Iqtisaduna available online in pdf formt .. excerpts or full version? Regards, Zia Rizvi
  8. jari

    Wali e Faqih

    (salam) thankyou faithmuslima :) .. I hope it will help me increasing my knowledge ... Allah Hafiz
  9. (salam) Please explain the idea proposed by Imam Khumaini about Islamic Government n rulership of a Wali e Faqih. Does he considers it obligatory (I guess no) ? What does othere marajas comment about it? Allah Hafiz
  10. Salam Brother! Aaah .. this iz going to b a quite late reply but .. well em a new member so :huh: .. there iz a madressa known as Madressa Imam al Khomeni (Imam Khomeni Academy) a project of Iran Govt. in Karachi at Gulishtan-eJauhar .. there students from all over Pakistan gather for islamic education and they proivide free accomodation! .. u may continue ur studies living there! I hope this somehow make ur problem a bit easier ..
  11. jari


    hey Ali Zaidi ... NEDIAN here ;) ... Zia from FE IMD .. I heard abt a guy ALI ZAIDI of FE CIVIL or URBAN suffering from Cancer ... whu is hee ???... n howz ur papers going? ... well I have done with my thoery ^_^ .. tommorrow I have my Chem prac :unsure: ... ok bbye
  12. jari


    Assalam O Alaikum This is my very first post to SHIACHAT. I am Syed Zia Abbas Rizvi and have polled for Mechatronics Engineeirng although I am studying Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering here at NED University Karachi as there was no option set for my field and the one which I found nearest is Mechatronics ( with common subjects as Robotics, CAD, CAM, CAE etc). It would have been Mechanical too as its a specialization of mechanical . WELLL ... Is there any NEDIAN on this forum? .. n form where did the rest of engineers graduate or are graduating? .. Allah Hafiz
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