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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Self-discipline is a difficult journey but it offers cure to many of our problems. Use your intellect to plan your days, months and years. You will frequently fall. You will face new challenges. But keep fighting till your last breath.

  2. One of the reasons that I have become inactive on SC is because everytime I try to contribute to an interesting thread/post, I end up realising that I am unclear about the subject matter. So please keep sharing quality information. You give me an opportunity to learn... 

    1. Muntazir e Mahdi

      Muntazir e Mahdi

      We are all students just like you brother.

  3. Lost 11 kilos in a month (before Ramadan)! who the man!!? :dwarf:  

    p.s still can't get rid of biryani fever... :sob: :fever: A Saturday without biryani feels like... :Titanic: :titanic:

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    2. Laayla


      I'm actually feeling hungry  today because for suhoor I only had an apple and camimile tea.

      But how are you actually able to function during the day and not eating after iftar?


    3. Abbas.


      Apologies for the delayed response. @Heavenly_Silk I have lost size, not weight, during the holy month.

      @Laayla I experienced cramps and headaches prior to Ramadan. During Ramadan, I have been enjoying deep-fried foods at iftar (2-3 times a week but with exercise)...

    4. Abbas.


      @Ibn al-Hussain @Heavenly_Silk @Laayla @Vindemiatrix @Pearl178 @Reza @Hameedeh @notme

      A colleague trialled an injection for 2-3 weeks. She is in her late 40s but now she looks like she drank from the fountain of youth heh MashaAllah.

      Per my observations and discussions with her during our lunch breaks:

      In the first week, she felt like vomiting every time she smelt or looked at food. She literally took a couple of spoons of food and left the lunch table. I saw her consuming orange juice, tea etc. Still, she was very happy and excited because she did not have to control or discipline herself lol. The chemical compound, which I think is usually prescribed to diabetes patients, was doing its inteded job.

      But her body got used to it in the second week and she started consuming food in small portions (1/4th the normal/previous size). She complained that it was no longer working but as an objective third party I can confirm that she was consuming way less than her usual sizes. In week 3-4, she was consuming food 1/2 the size of her previous consumption (or sometimes 3/4th if the food was yummy). 

      The injection lasts 1 week. This means that there are certain risks and you will have to check with your doctor whether your body can handle it based on your current medical condition(s), history, symptoms or any allergies. 

      The point of sharing this story is: let me know if you are interested and I'll confirm/share the name of the prescription drug (compound). If interested, always best to have a detailed consultation with your doctor before trying it. 

  4. Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success (Henry Ford).

  5. You never win unless you win the hearts of people. 

  6. This video supercharged me today ... Worth watching. 


  7. Foji, kesay ho?

  8. 0:24 - 0:55 mesmerised me. I think Eminem retweeted this as well. The kid known as Sparsh was born with osteogenesis imperfecta.





    1. Hameedeh


      Sparsh is a good young man and so positive. He inspires me. Allah bless him and his family. 

  9. My 3 yr old son saw a dying bird in the park and asked if we could call Allah (for help). 

  10. Happy belated birthday ! 

  11. Sorry for not being able to reply to messages. I am currently on vacations. In my absence please contact other admins. Thank you 

  12. Test for FB Team (Hector)

  13. I have changed a few settings. Close your browsers, Re-open and Clean your temp files, and let me know if you guys are still unable to post or comment. 

    @apofomysback @laithAlIRAQI @Tonks @Marbles @Zarla @Ruq

    1. Tonks


      Okay. Mine started working fine after a few hours, but will check to be on the safe side :). Thank you!

  14. @Ali I am seeing several old timers returning back which is a good sign. Couldn't have asked for more so thank you so much :grin: Hoping that all background tasks get finalised soon. There are still some issues preventing members to access some site features. Some can't even access the site yet 

    1. Ali


      Anytime, though thanks to @YaAbaAbdallah who made it happen.  Login to the Admin panel and you'll see how far the tasks have made it..  They keep getting stuck which is what the ticket is waiting on.

  15. Morning All. Apart from the daily obligatories, starting my day with this awesome motivational video. Now give me 20 push up!

    (Warning: Video may be considered haram but I am reasonably sure you will not harm yourself and/or fall into sin)


  16. I wonder if we could set up a 'universal' member. Tagging it would mean tagging everyone on the forum. :alberteinstein:

  17. @apofomysback and @laithAlIRAQI

    Sorry no solution for now. Give it an hour or so. If the issue persists, we'll look into it in more detail. 

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