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  1. I would rather prefer a short summary here.
  2. Such short online edicts are often a source of confusion. Which is why I prefer that whenever a religious scholar issues them online, he/she needs to take responsibility for providing an explanation so as to leave no doubt in the precedent. For example, when it is said that you may look at a potential partner's physique without sexual gratification, it is probably meant that one is allowed to look at the potential partner's "legs and other parts" to determine whether the person has the body physique that he/she finds attractive (slim, curvy, chubby, etc.). However, because of the high risk of persons being lured into sexual gratification (especially immature boys), the edict better stress upon the respectful and moral manners of communication with potential partners before marriage.
  3. Brothers can sometimes be overprotective which ends up harming the siblings. I think it's okay that you have an interest in such fantasies/fiction. I enjoy watching Greek mythology films myself with their plural Gods and whatnot. It's all good as long as you acknowledge/understand that its fiction (per your faith) and that you dissociate yourself from such beliefs in real life with the sincerity of your heart. Make sure that you have a special relationship with the One and True God whom we call Allah. It will help your brother be at peace. Importantly, you will be at peace. p.s I am not a religious scholar.
  4. Abbas.

    Apple juice vs orange juice

    I love the fake apple juice you get from the supermarket..... you know the one you get on a flight. I'm super nice to the air hostess so I can have as much as I want
  5. I am not a religious expert. But the general principle, as I understand it, is that a song/music that lures you towards haram acts is haram in itself. At its very least, this religious edict comes from the Islamic principle of dissociation with the enemies/opponents of God and yourself. For example, this song is reasonably okay imho but I wouldn't want my child to listen to many raps sung by the same rapper (because of inappropriate content).
  6. Poor choice of words too. Not impressed.
  7. Abbas.

    What do you currently work as?

    Assalam u Alaikum Try to figure out your true passion in life. When you know what you really love doing, you will have a variety of career options that are more suited to your taste. Examples are given below: Love to help people: Become a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a psychologist, a nurse, a police officer, a mechanic, a founder of a non-profit organisation, an activist, a journalist, an academic/scholar, social entrepreneur, a religious scholar etc. Fact Freak: If not knowing about the things that interest you keeps you awake at night, you may want to consider becoming a researcher/scientist, a historian, a journalist etc. Love to travel: If you want to meet people from different backgrounds and experience what life offers in a variety of circumstances, a self-employed journalist may be a career for you (You may blog or use other Social Media platforms). Example: https://www.facebook.com/KamranOnBike/ Love to eat or cook food: Open a restaurant, offer innovation in dining, create your own special spices, become a dietician, start a blog, start a youtube channel on cooking, travel around the world/country to try different food varieties and share your experiences with your audience etc. Love Problem solving: Become a Software programmer, a Psychiatrist, a Mathematician, an Engineer, an accountant, an Innovator, a judge, a lawyer, a scientist, a doctor etc. In making the above choices, you may also want to consider whether you are primarily a thinker or a doer, an introvert, or an extrovert, disciplined or casual etc. These personality traits do not necessarily limit your options. You just have to know your boundaries so that you can either change yourself through self-development or adjust your career pathway according to your comfort zone. For example, an extrovert lawyer may initially be inclined to become a barrister so that he/she can use his/her power of persuasion in the court hearings and be less concerned about too much paperwork and organisation of the actual case. Whereas an introvert lawyer may initially choose to become a solicitor who, due to efficient e-communication, tech skills and better organisation of client base, is able to attract and please people however he/she hires barristers or other senior lawyers to attend important court hearings. Hope this helps.
  8. Abbas.

    Hadith books?

    Urdu Version: Man La Vol 1: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AibFTxClcLIXn3zftJl_E6qiwx_U Man La Vol 2: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AibFTxClcLIXn31bWWz1uFcuVnME Man La Vol 3: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AibFTxClcLIXn3vBYdMekjvca9ld Man La Vol 4: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AibFTxClcLIXn3oFAWqiB7wIaEM1
  9. Answer 1: How did we infer that Adam and Eve were naked in the beginning? 7:22 suggests otherwise: [Shakir 7:22] Then he caused them to fall by deceit; so when they tasted of the tree, their evil inclinations became manifest to them, and they both began to cover themselves with the leaves of the garden; and their Lord called out to them: Did I not forbid you both from that tree and say to you that the Shaitan is your open enemy? [Pickthal 7:22] Thus did he lead them on with guile. And when they tasted of the tree their shame was manifest to them and they began to hide (by heaping) on themselves some of the leaves of the Garden. And their Lord called them, (saying): Did I not forbid you from that tree and tell you: Lo! Satan is an open enemy to you? [Yusufali 7:22] So by deceit he brought about their fall: when they tasted of the tree, their shame became manifest to them, and they began to sew together the leaves of the garden over their bodies. And their Lord called unto them: "Did I not forbid you that tree, and tell you that Satan was an avowed enemy unto you?" Answer 2: Satan convinced them to disobey Allah. Their disobedience resulted in their humility. Is it really too hard to understand? Answer 3: Too much literal, maybe?
  10. Abbas.

    Clinical psychology

    It can take six to eight years to become a clinical psychologist. Sometimes, longer. You already have a long-term commitment in the form of marriage. Best to assess how busy and exhausted you already are and whether you will be able to manage everything with an added commitment. Over time, you may also decide to have children. Who is going to primarily take care of them? These are thoughts that you need to discuss with your partner. Apart from managing your lifestyle, clinical psychology is quite interesting and rewarding. Good luck.
  11. The historical significance of past events such as Karbala is better assessed by means of their moral outcome. It does not matter who was factually victorious and who lived a better life. There are plenty of examples which reflect how the decisions made by other Divine Authorities of God resulted in their suffering and that of their followers. The Prophet himself suffered a lot in Mecca and post-migration. By your logic, He could have played better politics to remain relevant in Mecca’s socio-political environment. Moreover, the Ahl-ul- bayt’s social significance did not merely deteriorate after Karbala. In fact, much of the social significance which Ali, Hassan, and Hussain enjoyed during the lifetime of the Prophet P.b.u.H was lost after the Prophet’s demise. What follows afterward is a natural outcome in the face of oppression.
  12. Abbas.

    #40 Would You Stop?

    The Stop signs have a strategic importance. They are not placed at intersections where it is easier to 'Give way'. Please follow road rules lest you receive a fine...
  13. Abbas.

    #37 The Future of Pakistan Poll

    Although I am optimistic, I am concerned that PTI will have to face the same (if not more) obstacles that it created for its political opponents.
  14. Who told you that you cannot become a public prosecutor in a non-Muslim country? Nevertheless, a law degree entitles you to represent the people in a wide variety of legal issues.
  15. Abbas.

    Pakistan election - July 25

    IK only set a poor precedent by focussing on the "Dharnas" while remaining absent in the Parliament where his party was actually supposed to raise all the issues. The "container dharnas" will only haunt PTI if it ever gets elected. Because PTI's opposition has more manpower and black money to arrange similar "Dharnas" if PTI ever gets elected. Good luck to the party. As for the disqualification cases such as Panama etc., I read them in detail. The honourable judge's reference towards the defendant as a "mafia" was a proof of a bias and an unfair decision regardless of the crook and corrupt nature of the Shareef family. The point is that a fair justice system gives equal opportunity and a fair trial even to a cruel murderer. The recent Supreme Court decisions in Pakistan are quite the contrary. They appear to be arbitrary in nature.