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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam u Alaikum @rocephin It hurts to know that individuals suffer because of the lack of awareness, or poor display of attitude, of their society on such issues. It is a difficult journey to help people understand, respect and preserve the rights of one another. But that is nothing new, historically speaking. Issues such as the one in question need to be addressed holistically. Unfortunately, I lack the time and expertise to offer counsel and support tailored to your circumstances. However, I think that the link below may assist you in having a general understanding of this issue from
  2. Unfortunately, the account was banned for the following reason(s): A post was construed, on balance, as a deliberate attempt of trolling without regard to the sensitivities surrounding Islamic etiquettes and culture. The "gravity of offence" was also high because the question was grossly inappropriate and vulgar for this type of forum.
  3. Apologies for the delay in my response. I will review and get back to you. Thank you
  4. Assuming that the spouse is a female. People go through phases. The last thing we want is to make our spouse feel that they are being judged or burdened by our expectations. This does not mean that there is no room to talk about this issue. We have to find the right opportunity to address our concern in a way that makes them feel supported by us. Stress that we want to help them gain the motivation and enthusiasm they once had. Sometimes, we inadvertently do something that affects them in a way that they no longer feel inspired by us. That may be an area worth exploring and letting them k
  5. Assalam u Alaikum I just checked and your IP is not blocked. Would appreciate if you can forward me your previous account name. Sometimes, using a different browser and clearing temporary files/cache help. Regards, Abbas
  6. Assalam u Alaikum Advanced members can edit their content up to 60 minutes after posting. Regards, Abbas
  7. Assalam u Alaikum There is a controversy surrounding this film. A senior member of Shiachat has shared his thought provoking views on his blog. I found his views to be balanced and well articulated. I encourage others to review the article and share their stance in a respectful manner. Please avoid posting content promoting the movie. This thread intends to raise the bar of intellectual honesty and truth seeking. As such, we expect that members will offer relevant comments with merit. ++++++ By Sayyid Ali @Ibn al-Hussain I’m sure by now many have seen the recent trailer for
  8. W.s I don't have much to say at the moment. There appears to be an ongoing debate on this matter. But I found the following which may add value to this discussion: "While the prohibition of wine is an agreed matter based on the explicit Koranic forbiddance, references to hashish, cannabis and other hemp derivatives are absent from the sacred text. This void opens up the possibility of interpretation among legal scholars with results that are not always unanimous, as this article discusses...The lack of Koranic reference stimulated the mind of religious scholars in interpreting t
  9. Self-discipline is a difficult journey but it offers cure to many of our problems. Use your intellect to plan your days, months and years. You will frequently fall. You will face new challenges. But keep fighting till your last breath.

  10. I personally think that "Partially agree" or "Disagree" serve as a good balance against the common reactions of "Like" and "Thanks". We shouldn't expect people to offer a compulsory response after they have reacted to our posts. The number of people agreeing, disagreeing or partially agreeing with our views provide a good measure of the wide spectrum of different opinions. Those reactions do not necessarily make an argument right or wrong. Members who are more active, vocal and interested in your post will of course contribute to the discussion for everyone's benefit.
  11. One of the reasons that I have become inactive on SC is because everytime I try to contribute to an interesting thread/post, I end up realising that I am unclear about the subject matter. So please keep sharing quality information. You give me an opportunity to learn... 

    1. Muntazir e Mahdi

      Muntazir e Mahdi

      We are all students just like you brother.

  12. Despite their shortcomings, our scholars/jurists remain the appropriate authority on such matters. That being said, my personal view is as per below and I advise caution as it is not an expert opinion on religious or other grounds: Understanding Marriage As Muslim males, we are often brought up to believe that one of the primary purposes of a marriage is to cure our sexual desires. No doubt, a marriage restores balance to the hormones of a young individual. But the purpose and primary scheme of a marriage is to establish the institution of a family. And it matters not whether th
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