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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Easily the Wahabis/Deobandis/Salafis The US and Israel contribute to the world and are responsible for a lot of advancements in science, medicine and technology, even if their foreign policies and treatment of Muslim countries is regrettable to say the least. The Wahabis/Deobandis/Salafis have given nothing back to the world except hatred, intolerance and the desire to pull the world back into the age of darkness.
  2. Russia Freezes S300 Sale http://news.bbc.co.u...st/10298071.stm Looks like Iran is finally getting fed up with Russia though. I think Iran needs to maintain its relation with China. Yes they may have voted for the sanctions, but they, along with Russia, helped water down the original sanctions that the US was trying to push through. And, unlike Russia, China actually keeps its word and delivers any order of military equipment to Iran. Also, this freeze will probably push Iran to developing its own sophisticated defensive missile system, which I'm all for as it will help the nation grow to be
  3. There is a such thing as extremist shias and that's exactly what people who take azadari to blood letting are, like this fellow that you're talking about. Although they're not as bad as extremist sunnis (they only hurt themselves, not blow themselves up to kill innocents), I'm still sick and tired of having to answer for their acts when someone comes up to me and tries to use zanjeer as an example of why Shia Islam is so barbaric (and let's not kid ourselves here, zanjeer and qama are barbaric, but they're cultural practices and not religious, they have no relation to actual Shia Islam). There
  4. Ironic because that last sentence in your post is an "IMO" as well. This is a message forum, without "IMO"s and personal opinions it would be barren.
  5. Considering that you don't need to do zanjeer to show love for Imam Hussain (as) and, IMO, it's a wrong act to do in the first place (I seriously doubt Imam Hussain (as) would want us cutting ourselves to show our love for him), I'm going to have to support the wife here. Like other people have said here, there are alternatives, and possibly more legit, ways of showing your love for Imam Hussain. Instead of ripping up your skin, why not donate blood like the wife said, or donate money/food to people in need, all in the name of Imam Hussain (as)? I'm pretty sure ones wife's feelings are more i
  6. Inna lilah wa ina ilayhi rajioon I was really saddned when I heard this :( He passed away in the holy month of Muharram as well
  7. I am against sodomy, however I am not against homosexuals as a whole since I don't believe that it is a choice (and research has shown us that the brains of homosexual men are more similar to brains of heterosexual women than heterosexual men and vice versa) because no one in their right mind would actually choose to be a homosexual, that's like choosing to be blind or deaf. It is a mental disability/disorder (despite the American Psychiatric Association removing it from their list of disorders even though I think they know full well that it is one). I know some homosexuals at my university an
  8. Dang, my sarcasm detector is broken :P Oh well, my post still stands as a general comment on the subject :D
  9. Unless you have been browsing anonymously, yes they do, but the question is do they care? They probably have data on tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people, I highly doubt that they would waste their time sifting through all that data because most of those people are just your average joes. I bet they use most of that data for statistics to predict trends and whatnot, and/or maybe they sell it for market research. The only individuals they probably spy/track with interest are people the government has interest in, like criminals. Of course, that doesn't mean that they should get off eas
  10. Yeah you're right, oops lol Yeah I can't find any site that actually measures how fast a webpage is rendered on your current browser, however I've found a few forums where people suggested to just use a stopwatch. Pretty ghetto method, but I guess it works if you're precise enough :lol:
  11. Speaking from just personal opinion, I don't think Chrome is much faster than Firefox, if at all, like you have already mentioned. Chrome is much quicker to boot up on the slower computers in my house (hence why it's the main browser on those computers) but once both Firefox and Chrome are fully booted up, any difference in rendering speed is so miniscule that it doesn't make a difference in the end. As always though, the biggest factor in loading time is your internet connection but I'm pretty sure everyone knows that :P I guess you can test how fast your browser loads objects like images a
  12. No no, please do. I won't get embarassed, I promise (especially since you have nothing to embarrass me with and you would just end up embarrassing yourself if you have not already). Yes, damn all those facts I posted! Looks like Arman knows even more about these tools than the developers themselves ;) I would really love to see what your own definition of a benchmark is because I have a feeling that it's not at all close to the real definition of a software benchmark. Last thread I was caught sitting on my hands a bit too much, and my responses were hasty, but you're not going to pull those
  13. If that's really all you have to say...then lol, looks like I win this round You seem to have a vendetta against me for some reason(although I have seen your responses to Nocturne and you seem to not get along well with him either, I'm guessing that's a personality defect on your side), when I posted about acid3, it wasn't meant as a counter to or an attack against what you posted, there was no attempt at 1up'ing you on my part. I figured that posting the defacto standard in browser testing and benchmarking would help complement your thread, which is about browser benchmarks. However, you the
  14. This ^ Another thing, wahabbis can also be considered a derivative of the modern day salafi sect as both wahabbis and salafis share most of the same ideologies (and ignorance), and most wahabbis do prefer the term salafi when referring to themselves.
  15. Why the hostility? It sounds like you hate me :!!!: Oh jeez, please please please never claim to be knowledgeable in this subject because you obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Futuremark benchmarks are THE test to rate the performance of your computer, yes I've used their tests several times before to brag about my system to my friends, but when it comes to browsers speed isn't everything, that's why I'm saying they're completely different tests. All the futuremark test does is test the speed of the browser on your system. Yes you can use the results as a general benchmark f
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