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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. btw, is the hadeeths from the link (http://www.montazar.net/eng/menu/3/OCCULTATION/2.html) from sunni books? (kifayaatuldin etc)
  2. thankyou so much brothers for all of your excellent help.
  3. alsalamu alikum the webssite you gave me is too advanced for the questions that i have asked, is it possible for anyone to just answer them. thankyou and sorry for the inconvennience
  4. salam alaikum i attend a sunni school and i had a discussion in class about imam mehdi. i just wanted to know why imam mehdi dissapeared and how old was he when he did. can somebody please reply with quotes from the Quran or ahadeeth about this issue and proving that imam mehdi did dissapear and he will appear inshallah.
  5. (salam) i just wanted to know why the battle of ashura started... i have heard that yazeed wanted imam hussain to look for the killers of uthman ibn affan but imam hussain did not accpt so the battle started. is this correct? and what is a good excuse to arrogant people who ask me about why we beat ourselves. hence ARROGANT people.
  6. OH-MY-GOD.. sister zaynab PLEASE tell me that you are joking.... you have taken this waaayyy too faar ESPECIALLY linking it with gang/thug behaviour and then blaming western society LOOOL (laugh out loud ie hahahaha). any one can make these kind of links with anything
  7. there is nothing wrong with cooperating... you are crazy for saying anyone who cooperates must be killed that means you shouldnt vote either.. how is cooperating with the very people who kicked saddam and his baath party out something bad? not cooperating and blowing yourself up and causing havoc is the acts of the wahaabees and the other militant groups like al kaida la3natulah 3alaihum
  8. cant you see that the americans have got rid of saddam? cant you see the voting? cant you see iraqies are happier? i dont understand why you hate americans so much.. OBVIOUSLY they must fight back against the people who fight them, every time i hear that one of the people who fight against americansdies.. i smile. and i have my reasons
  9. lol christians are jokers... they beleive that Jesus drank wine. they also should take a look at theyre messed up bible man, they edit it every few years... it was forbidden to be gay, but they didnt want thaaatt.... also, the story of jesus when he was crucified is messed up, i heard about this in a mosque... in the bible, when jesus was crucified, one second he was angry and saying "why are you doing this to me" and another second hes happy/normal saying" yes, i will serve you lord" etc etc. its very funny looking at the amount of christians, they all should really take a look at theyre own beleifs... and if i offended anyone, please accept my apologies...
  10. one more thing: and how can you make your name "abdul hussain"? i had a debate with a sunni man once, and he also came up with this point saying its "shirk"...
  11. oh i see, so the sunnis who had eid today, followed the moon in saudi or something? i also came across tis website http://aa.usno.navy.mil/idltemp/current_moon.html
  12. alsalamu alikum. and eid mubarak for all i am a follower of sayed sistani and i just want to know if it is 100% confirmed that Eid is on monday and not sunday... also, i was wondering why some scholars see the moon and have eid on sunday and some have eid on another day, is there only one moon?! please clear this up for me as i am curious...
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