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    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  3. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

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  5. (salam) according to Hayat al-Qulub by `Allamah al-Majlisi, he may or may not have been a Prophet, but in any case 'he was an honourable personality who was guided by the Almighty'. (al-Majlisi, Muhammad Baqir. Hayat al-Qulub. Qum: Ansariyan. Vol. 1, p. 215) I agree with the above brother, these issues are fine to talk about, but you should not come to conclusions about any issue without researching the sources first. Consider this stream of knowledge like any other. You would not speculate and suppose the nature of: molecular forms; or development of a language; or the stages of post-traumatic stress disorder, without researching all the scientific, or available resources available and the scholarly opinions regarding these issues? I don't know why people believe they can satisfy themselves without research and based on speculation. Knowledge is knowledge. It has a path to itself, and its been outlined as a necessity to obtain it and be logical and rational in its acceptance. Please keep this in mind when furthering discussions that bear no impact on your belief. And may God help anyone who speculates and conjectures their belief and doesn't use the God-given faculties of the mind to investigate and derive logical and rational conclusions for their accepted notions. Munkar and Nakir are a reality, and they will not be satisfied with suppositions and speculation. please make du`a (salam)
  6. (salam) Both of you brothers bring about excellent points. I hope you don't mind me adding a few comments to the discussion. It is quoted in the books of hadith and by the `ulama that the women of the Bani Hashim did not feast or celebrate for years after `Ashura. This point holds more importance than just refraining from celebration. In this time, many sons were born to the Bani Hashim, and many girls, also there were weddings and life did contine. However, contrary to the customary celebrations that tribes/families would have at these events, the women of the Bani Hashim did not only refrain from celebrating, they would refrain from gathering together in one home for a single night of dinner and fraternity. From this many of the Shi`ah have understood that although public displays of mourning (i.e. latmiyyah, matam) may prove hurtful to the general masses; within the Bani Hashim the day of `Ashura remained every day for them, and the land of Karbala remained every land for them. In reference to your point regarding rememberance: any mention of the Imams can be considered an act of `ibadah, whether this be in du`a, dhikr, or latmiyyah. Regarding the "Shi`ah Nation:" Although it is true that many people can share in our understanding and education through Karbala, the fact of the matter remains, that Imam Husayn (as) is understood the most through his offspring and their supporters, friends, and students. Thus who can to truly appreciate `Ashura when they cannot even appreciate Islam or Nubuwwah, or Imamah, or Walayah? These are all aspects that tie into the reality of Karbala and the Shahadah of our Imam (as) . You should look into the history of the usages of Latmiyyah by the Bani Hashim and their Shi`ah in preperations for the Lesser Jihad (revolutions against the corrupt and injust caliphs). Moreover, please look at what is happening in the cities of the Bani Hashim today? Look what travesties befall the Shi`ah of Najaf al-Ashraf! There was once a time that at any given moment you could stumble into a backroom Husayniyyah in Karbala and find the Shi`ah crying and lamenting their martyred Imam (as) . There was once a time when the youth of the Bani Hashim and their Shi`ah would beat their chests in preparation for their beloved marturdom, so that they could join their martyred Imam (as). Please consider all these points and try not to worry too much about the image. And please make du`a for the re-apperance of our Standing, Beloved, Imam Aba Salih al-Mahdi (`ajjalallah ta`ala farajuh ash-sharif) and for Allah to Bless His Fathers and Mother, the Lady of Light, Hadrat Fatimah as-Saddiqah az-Zahra. (salam)
  7. I have never excluded the pain and suffering of other individuals. However, the point still remains, have you experienced any of this to speak so confidently regarding a matter that has very little room for conjecture? May I ask how my two points (opposing Saddam and fighting foreign invaders) are related? You state: 1.) Please state the correlation. 2.) Interesting that you use a civil war analogy. May I ask if the South still fought the North after being saved? If no, then what battle are you referring to? Would this be the final and last battle of the war? If yes, then you can clearly see our perspective. 3.) No, a drowning man should not bite the hand that has saved him. However, your simple analogy holds no weight in comparison to the 'Iraqi occupation. First, the 'Iraqis were not drowning. But I will accept your notion of "being saved" for the sake of argument. Alright, the analogy should read as follows: Drowning man is saved. After being saved, is stripped of his clothing (robbed of dignity), his only means of self-sustenance (OIL in reality) is robbed from him, and he is beaten whenever he asks why am I being choked (protesters being executed)? But of course, this type of analogy would require far more deliberation and contemplation than the "Western" education and media organizations would have prepared you for. So, I don't expect you to comment objectively, or even understand the sentences... No disrespect or offense intended on the intelligent and objective "Westerners" that have risen above their national norms. By the way, I do enjoy your inane rebuttals. Please don't hold back. :D
  8. (salam) First, I would like to commend everyone that has contributed to this thread. I see hours of productivity flowing through your answers. Second; Mr. Greg Potemkin, I must give you kudos for your responses. Now, on to the main point. The cheering of triumphs against occupation must be expected. This is a reality. The death of an invading soldier is beneficial to the entire resistance/freedom movements. We, as Muslims, must not only enjoin in what is right and forbid what is wrong but also uphold the very essence of Justice (especially as the Shi'ah). The death of foreign occupation soldiers is nothing but justice. It is justice for every death caused by the foreign war machines. I am and have always been opposed to Saddam and the Ba'ath party, as they had martyred a great number of exceptional scholars and innocent people (my relatives included), and fought against Islam at every angle. I also oppose and have always opposed the Taliban in Afghanistan for the exact same reasons. I have been opposing these people and their "Western" enforced regimes before they had even emerged politically. Now, to claim that I support Saddam, the Taliban and/or the Ba'ath Party solely because I am proud that the resistance has triumphed is absurd. There is no clear correlation between the preceding points. I must add though, that I can understand the opposition to my contentment. I wonder how many people have felt the pain of watching your mother and sister be raped in front of you, while your father bleeds to death beside you. I wonder how many of you "Westerners" know how it feels to walk without knowing whereto. Or to leave the home you were raised in and the only land you knew, not knowing if you would ever see it again. I wonder how many of you "Westerners" can actually identify the route of all these pains. Moreover, I wonder how you would feel if you witnessed this everyday for your entire lives. Maybe after you experience all this, then you will understand our happiness in the death of your soldiers. Please forgive me for any offences I have committed, and understand that the faults found in me do not represent the perfect system I try to adhere to: Islam. May God have mercy on us. (salam)
  9. (bismillah) (salam) Thanks to everyone for welcoming me. So r u afghans sayin? It sounds like yall are chattin from the states. Anyone from Canada? MOre specifically Ontario? prolly not, but it's alright. Lotsa love goin out to my fellow afghans... I don't know if yall could read my farsi. I really can't write any differently... and i know it sounds like i'm some fob nerd... but i'm not. bin here fo too long... they call me OG now! anyways... i'm happy to see afghans generally happy and havin safe enough lives to be able to spend time on the internet. thank God for this blessing. i'm impressed with afghans in general though, if yall have any questions or wutever, don't hesitate... i got no skeletons in my closet. btw... wuts with all the wahhabis here now? i used to post on shiachat last year and it wasn't like this... ah well, i guess someone's got to display our correctness. :D who better than cats frontin names like salafiyyah... they should call themselves fitnatiyyah! (salam)
  10. (bismillah) (salam) nuff respects to all y'all who still remember things back in the days... but in reality, it's not necessarily a good thing to miss that stuff too much. I myself went through some stages in my life as you all must have, and I can honestly say that I miss a lot. Now, whether, I'm going to disclose that information is another story. That is between myself and Allah... insha'Allah. But once, again, respects to all of you who have gone through so much. May Allah shower his blessings on you and your families. (salam)
  11. (bismillah) (salam) chi hal wa ahwal ikhwan e afghan? asliyyat man afghan nist, waleh, walidayn e man mutawallid e Herat hastand. omidwarum keh ayyam wa ruzgar e khush dashteh bashin ya hamwatanan e aziz, wa dar in dunya wa akhirat muwaffaq bashin. man, fi'lan dar Toronto zandagi mikonum. wa taqriban, tamam e umr e khud ra dar in kishwar e fasit tir kardum. ma'zirat mikhahum, keh farsi e man, adabi ast. chun, agar, ba lahjeh milli e herat gab bezanum... ihtimal e ziyad ast, keh shoma mutawajjeh nemishawin... ya'ni beh gapum nemifahmin. ziyad waqt e shoma ra nemigirum. iltemas ad-du'a ba iman e khuda wa khuda hafiz e shoma
  12. (bismillah) (salam) Firstly (not even sure if that's a word), I think you should make du'a for Allah to make things clear for you. Istikhara can be a very helpful tool. Second, I would suggest possibly walking outside. I don't know exactly where you live, but I am sure there are women present. It doesn't take much. With a lil courage :D I'm sure you can strike up a conversation. My personal experiences have been quite positive when discussing mut'ah with non-Muslims. They seem to understand the concept and find it respectful and dignifying for both parties involved. However, one word of caution, be tactful! You must practice proper "adab" at all times. Not only in regards to this case, but in all situations. It is one of our only visible distinguishing factors. Anyways, I've rambled enough. I'll make du'a for you and your sincerity. (salam)
  13. (salam) allahumma salli 'ala Muhammad wa alih My dear Brothers and Sisters, Insha'Allah, I will try and shed a little light on this topic; if I can. The basic principle behind nubuwwah (Prophethood) is that Prophets are ma'sum (infallible). This means that they not only do not sin, but also do not commit any acts that are makruh (reprehensible), ugly, despised, etc. from the view of Islam. Now, there are certain points in the history of our Beloved Prophets (as) that may appear to us, the lay people, that they have committed an act that may be considered a sin, or a reprehensible act. However, these incidents (the ones verified by the Qur'an and authentic books of hadith) only occurred as lessons for us. These few occurrences that are mentioned are solely to be viewed as examples for repentance and methods of understanding. In no way can they be perceived as sins or reprehensible acts in the light of Islam. I hope this helps. If you need further information see the book 'aqidah al-Imamiyyah (The Faith of Shi'ah Islam). This book can give a concise and precise explanation regarding nubuwwah (Prophethood), imamah (Imamate), and 'ismah (Infallibility). Insh'Allah let's make du'a for each other and for the hastening of his return. (salam)
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