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  1. (salam) So, as long as a probabilty exists that say the halal item was fried in a different oil then the non halal item (even if it was just at the time of my purchase) the fried halal item should still be considered halal? Or am I missing something? Thank you! (wasalam)
  2. If a halal item say, shrimp is deep fried in the same basket as the chicken or non halal fish, would this make the fried shrimp halal or haram? (Just an example) thank you.
  3. (salam) According to the link below eid is on Saturday, July 18th 2015. I believe that this organization is affiliated with ayatollah sayed sistani. So, would this reflect his opinion? http://www.imam-us.org/1436/shawwal (wasalam)
  4. Yup, thinking the same. Thank you notme.
  5. (salam) These days its really hard to find employment post grad unless you have good network platform... My question is how does one find people to network with? I'm just so clueless...
  6. I am on the extended release. For me it lasts 8 hours, if I take it at the end of sahoor time (roughly 3:30 am) it will only lasts till about 11:30am-noonish, thats not enough. I dont know....
  7. (salam) I remember reading a hadith from Al-Dhahabi(ra) narrated from Aljuwanyi(ra) reports from ibn abbas (ra)(?): that the Nabi (SAW) said that Imam Ali (as) will be the chief of successors where there will be twelve, in which Imam Ali (as) is the first and the last being Imam Mahdi (AJ) will be the last. This reflects the shia interpretation of the twelve imams, at least in regards to their lineage, the next Imams (as) follow in between Imam Ali (as) and Imam Mahdi (AJ). I cant say this is concrete proof but proving Imammate from Sunni sources is a difficult task especially when there have been incidents in the past (one of which is referenced by video brother thecontendedself posted) where there have been deletions in Sunni hadiths or Alterations to suit the intrepretation of Sunni islam that the twelve Caliphs are relatively unknown as to who they could be leaving a question mark regarding this mutawatir hadith. Allahu ya3lam. (wasalam)
  8. I'm not gonna do that I'd rather suffer through it. I don't think my medication comes in the form of injections.l, I'll check with my doc. I follow ayatollah sistani. Thank you for all the replies.
  9. (salam) My question is concerning medication and fasting. I have an attention disorder so I'm taking medication for that. Is it permissible for me to take my medication while fasting without my fast being invalidated? My medication has no nutritional value and neither will satisfy my hunger or quench my thrist but it is important for my day to day functionality. Thank you.
  10. (salam) If one is touches or is touched by a dog while fasting, will it invalidate the fast? (wasalam)
  11. Yeah right? Something from the flintstones, that steak! I'm bumping this very old thread because I need an answer to this (and reason) as the previous comments didn't really answer the question. Thank you!
  12. MohammadMianSunni, While Iran sends support to Palestine and hamas, Saudi sends takifiri's suited with the sole purpose of killing shia. He will say, "I don't like Saudi" or "I don't agree with Saudi." Yet he will continue to send his ill inspired criticism on Iran and Iranians. You honestly have no room to talk, you're Pakistani? Saudi inspired Taliban attacked a shia mosque during Friday prayer last week killing 20+ and injuring many more...I dare you to find a similar event in Iran against Sunnis. Otherwise, you're just another Saudi-Wahhabi inspired mouthpiece.
  13. At minute 2:10-2:22 she says, "there are 50 women here that are Shia and married is this the same as marrying a bear and then holding up with a stick? (saying)" What does that saying mean? I am curious because the ISIS start laughing, hysterically.
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