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  1. Do you have a link to your Youtube page?

  2. How new and original... The result of people like him who make sweet and beautiful slogans is this. Observant Shia will notice that all you have to do is replace the name and the organization with other 'new found friends' and we find that this has occurred quite a few times. Many of our (mainly) black turban friends have done similar things, just change the dates...29 years ago, 19 years ago, 5 years ago, etc. But of course there are always those Shia who take people like this and make them heros. I would not be too surprised to see his name and picture go up next to the others that came before him who are also 'heros'.
  3. It is quite distressing that some so immediately try to create an atmosphere of negativity with respect to such positive and delightful news. Even more unfortunate is the fact that they try to do this by relating things which are not even remotely proportional. Make no doubt people. This is a huge step for Iran and a significant one technologically speaking. Be proud. BTW, From my readings it appears that the rocket was a multi-stage one. The first stage being a Shahab, the second being liquid-fueled, and the third being small solid-fueled.
  4. Not a very smart question. Oil and water, my friend.
  5. Perhaps for somethings sister. However an important note to keep in mind, as I think you may have touched upon, is that Iran does a lot of things in-house so it makes it becomes very hard to make an accurate guess as to what is going on, especially when it comes to inventory, and their horrible numbers on the SSMs are just an example of that. So the most informed guess has Iran with only around 24 ("~24" as they put it) Shahab-3s until 2015? That would be very hard for me to believe, even looking at this from an 'unbiased' standpoint. This becomes even harder when it comes to inventory as Iran gets many of its parts from the black market and as you know those parts go through some extremely varied paths until they reach their final destination. Iran actually claims 10 million, not 3 million. But yes those questions remain, which only a few know the answer to.
  6. As with many other analysis regarding this, most of it is based on speculation of "what they do or dont have" and sifting through the vague statements from Iran to determine what the capabilities are. Also considering the fact that many of it is downplayed by some for whatever reasons they have (israel downplayed shahab capabilities in the most recent tests), we are left with not too many details, which is how Iran actually wants it. So while the list can be good for speculation and getting a rough idea, it is very far from detailed and the section regard SSM is one indication of this.
  7. Salam. You are posting a link from globalsecurity.org and presenting it as details about Iranian military? I am sorry to say sister, but this just casts whatever interesting discussion you have made about this matter under a shadow. I am actually surprised to see this from you.
  8. Not sure. Perhaps it could have been the actual Black Sea. If it was, I don't see how it would change the explanation. I know that the Sassanids had to build a wall in the Caucus to stop raiders from the north. Whether building a wall like this was something done by previous Persian empires/kings or whether it could be traced to Cyrus the Great, I am not sure. There have been several expeditions in order to find the wall throughout Islamic history and all of them seem to have been to the Caspian/Caucus region.
  9. I would be very interested in knowing the exact words of Imam Khomeini and what book/s you are referring to. I would also like to know what references you have to support your claim that Cyrus was an unjust king? On one hand there is the bible, torah, and thousands of historic accounts, and on the other hand there are your unreferenced claims in a public forum. Bro it is quite obvious that you are nit-picking and mixing things that have nothing to do with each other. With these series of sentences you are effectively saying that the greatest Shia scholars are full of it and are wasting their time.
  10. The Quran mentions expansion in 3 directions and reading history we find that Cyrus the Great expanded west to Ionia/Asia Minor, east to Turkistan, Bactria and th Indus, and north to the Caucus. References to east and west are obvious but the third direction is not so obvious, however it is almost unanimous that it is meant to be north. It is very important to note that Cyrus the Great expanded in these 3 directions only, never expanding south. Alexander on the other hand expanded only south and east. Additionally, [shakir 18:86] Until when he reached the place where the sun set, he found it going down into a black sea, and found by it a people. We said: O Zulqarnain! either give them a chastisement or do them a benefit. Is thought to mean Asia Minor and the sea being the Aegean Sea. Ibn Kathir also mentions that the place where the sun set means that Dhul-Qarnayn marched westward, conquering until he reached the boundary where land met sea which further strengthens the idea that this refers to Asia Minor. The sun also sets in the west, signifying the direction in which the land was conquered, eliminating Alexander. A final point, Dhul-Qarnayn while translated as "The Two-Horned" (common insignia for iranian kings of the past) is also translated as "he of two generations" "he of two kingdoms", and "ruler of two kingdoms". Reading history we find that Cyrus the Great brought together the Persians and Medes to form a single Iranian empire.
  11. Salam. Brother repenter, with much due respect to you brother, it would be a very good idea if you researched the topic more than you currently have. I guarantee you that you will reach a conclusion that is quite the opposite to the idea that you have now. What does Christians saying Jesus is God have to do with the Bible? Many of the individuals mentioned in the Bible are mentioned in the Quran and up to where I have read, those portrayed in a good light in the Bible are also portrayed in a good light in the Quran. In addition to the scholars mentioned in the post above, Sunni scholars have also suggest that Dhul Qarnayn is most likely Cyrus the Great. Please refer to Abulala Maududi's tafsir.
  12. There is also another issue with regards to the book of Sulaym when it comes to the chain of narration which many argue that there are 'broken links'.
  13. One argument that I have heard is that when a believer commits suicide, it is a result of him losing hope, which is a form of shirk. P.S. Dont kill yourself.
  14. We can label it all the negative things that it is. The main issue is regardless of how religious the young individual is (again i can only vouch for brothers), the great majority of those that were raised in the North America or Europe would identify that clip as comedy and would categorize it as funny (whether very funny or just worth a chuckle depends on the person). Sure a good number of them would shake their heads later or feel very offended, but it doesn't change the reality that they've been made accustomed to having such characters play a part in the humor.
  15. btw, in my personal opinion, this is just another move in a series of steps to diminish the sanctity of religion. As it slowly becomes okay to make fun of some aspects of the religion and eventually the prophet himself, the religion will lose its quality and standing in the minds of everyday people--much like christianity has. Every popular cartoon viewed by almost all youth from 12-18 and even older than that include guest appearances by Jesus (as depicted by Europeans) in quite hilarious situations. God also joins in the mix at times to provide that oh so special cherry on top of the 'religion-is-a-joke' sundae. here is a classic one about God hitting on a redhead in a bar when things get a little out of hand... http://hk.truveo.com/Family-Guy-God-In-A-Bar/id/1649074511 I will bet my life that the majority of muslim youth in the west (I can vouch for the boys at least) have seen that clip and would classify the clip as funny (with varied degree) whether they are extremely religious or casually religious. I myself would identify it as funny, unfortunately, but hey its the truth. anyway, it starts with small steps (little mosque on the prairie) before we all cuddle up with the family for some evening entertainment starring the prophet with guest appearance by angel Jibrael.
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