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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I know this: every Mohib e Ahlulbayt is guaranteed Jannah. Now, this does not mean every Muhhib is free from sin. Nevertheless, they will be go to Paradise. How? Our Aimaah e Tahireen have given us their word that they will - on the day of Judgement - be our wasta to paradise. No doubt about that. HOWEVER, They have also stated that you and you alone will be responsible for your deeds in this life and face consequencies in your grave, which means... once you're dead - you give your own account - - get rewarded and/or get paid for it. On the day of judgement when you are clear of your accou
  2. Ayesha did take off her 'Hijab of Eyes'. Therefore, she did take off her hijab! No references. Only my analysis.
  3. Dear Cupid, Pleaase take some time to target your practice. Ur aim sucks. Moron!!!
  4. Salams, My fav fron dua is Jaushan e Kabeer & down below are the ones I enjoy the most... this one... Ya Syyedas-sada-te, Ya Mojeebad-da'vate, Ya Rafe'ad-darajate, Ya Vali-yal hasanate, Ya Ghaferal-Khati'ate, Ya Mo'ti-yal Mas'alate Ya Qabi-Iat-tavbate, Ya Same'al-Asvate, Ya 'Alemal-Khafi-yate, Ya Dafe'al Bali yate. and this one... Ya Khairal Ghafereena, Ya Khairal-Fate-heena, Ya Khairan-Nasereena, Ya Khairal- Hakemeena, Ya Khairar-Razeqeena, Ya Khairal-Vareseena, Ya Khairal-Hamedeena, Ya Khairaz-Zakereena, Ya Khairal-Moonzeleena, Ya Khairal-Mohseneena. and this one... Ya Ooddati 'Inda Shi
  5. As per the book "Hereafter (Ma'aad)" by: Ayatullah Dastghaib Shiraazi What is Death? Shifting of the lamp from one place to another place. For instance, suppose there is a hut having many holes. If a lamp is placed in it, its light would be emitted through those holes. But as soon as that lamp is moved out of that hut it will make the hut dark. Similarly, so long as the lamp of soul remains in the body it manifests its existence known through the light, which comes out from limbs like eyes and ears etc. But as soon as this lamp of soul is removed from the body, all its manifestations also ceas
  6. (salam) Mashallah thats very nice ayyub! Inshaallah you will be rewarded for your great decision. But remember taht once u walk on this path u have to be strong in Iman. Coz whoever walks on this path will face a lot of harships. But worry not, coz we Shias have 12 Imam(A.S), 14 Masomeens and 124000 Nabeeyeen to guide n support us. Inshallah will not go astray as long as we hold on the rope of Ahlul Bayt. I'd like u something personal here ayyub, ofcourse u dont have to answer me if you dont wish to. My question is what was the impact on ur family regarding ur decision to convert (perh
  7. (salam) i heard there is a site where i can go n see it or lets say have it done for myself??? :donno: its sorta urgent so...... aah i knew u wud do something :rolleyes:
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