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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam alaikum,

    The problem you faced after marriage, I faced similar kind, somewhere I feel the people who did this to you, are the same who did this to me,  if you don't mind can we share the data like people names etc, because I doubt they are good at cheating people 

  2. I just want to know the opionions of my fellow shia brothers/sisters
  3. i asked sayed sistanis office, they said to me tell her to either come back or you will take a second wife
  4. I made a new facebook again and got blocked again after 3 months its really over
  5. Ive lost all hope now, my family hates her and her family now. she has removed her facebook completely . I talked with her dad 2 weeks ago. He says her daughter hates me right now and doesnt want to see me :(. Im afraid that if she would come back she would do these things again. that would be much worse. we asked a sheikh to talk with her she is persistent and doesnt want to see me again :( and we didnt have 9 years a relation. we just had a relation less than a year. she just said she loved me 9 years in secret
  6. If you have 50 posts I can pm you and maybe help you out :)
  7. it has been more than 2 months now, Ive lost all hope
  8. Well Im not gonna divorce her, and try my best protect this marriage. Today I was reading the symptoms of personality disorder and I saw that a person with this disorder fails in a relationship and is constantly afraid that everyone is gonna leave her
  9. but its such a complicated situation, she should have never called her brother And she has a disorder Im afraid she will do this again for no reason in the future
  10. We got married 5 months ago and everything went well. Then she suddenly changed, she had strange wishes. Like, u will come to my country and live with me and my parents. I refused to do this and said I will stay in my own country and u will come here. She is a very good girl and I did never harm her or insult her. we were invited to a wedding so those people said to us u can stay in our house. We went there and everything was well and ok. Then 2 days later all this happened. She said she didnt want me anymore and wanted a divorce. So I went to my room and waited till morning. In the morning I held her tidly, my intention was not to hurt her. The girl has seen many horrible things in her life. One of the things is that her father left her mother. So she is very very afraid that I will leave her after we have 3 children. She has a personality disorder unfortunately.
  11. slm, Im now married for 5 months and she wants a divorce. we were in a place and I hold her arms very tidly, I never intended to hurt her. then she started crying I thought she was sad because she had said to me that she wanted to divorce. later that day I went to her again and wanted to hug her. she warned me: If you touch me I will call my brother, but I touched her anyway. Then she called her brother with a loud voice. So I turned my self to the other room, and the brother came rushing. He said to me, what are you doing here? I said Im with my wife. He said u are hurting her, I said she is my wife. then he said, get out of here. so I got out because I didnt want any trouble. Now I dont know what to do, I havent spoken to my wife for 6 weeks now. I cant go back to her because of this incident, but I cant divorce either. dont know what to do, would be good to go back to her? funny thing is that my wife loves me now for 9 years. And oh yeah, Im not gonna divorce her
  12. Slm, My dear brother how are u doing? I don't know if u have overcome ur ocd.if u havent I will try to help u. First of all, u need to know the problem. U think ur thoughts are the problem, but in reality ur reactions to ur thoughts are the problem. Every human being has the same thoughts as u, but the reaction is different. For example when a healthy person gets the thought " what if Allah doesn't exist". This person doesn't get anxious and wanders on this thought " yeah what if there isn't a god" then goes on with other thoughts and forgets about this one. But when a person with ocd gets the same thought this person begins to struggle with thought. " yes god does exist!!!!!" U know ur thoughts are irrational but u react rational. Thats the problem. So one key is to react irrationally. Now there are few exercises that I can do to overcome this disease. One is called worry time.plan some time every day, 10 minutes for example and think about the thoughts deliberately. Think there are 2 gods. The trick here is to be irrational. Don't rationalise! U get the thought there are 2 gods. Don't start struggling in ur mind. No there are no 2 gods!!!! Don't react like this. React completely irrational. Say yh perhaps there r 2 gods. Second exercise is called mind fullness. Sit somewhere and concentrate on the outward things. Think about ur fingers are they cold? Or warm? Hear the sound. Think about ur body touching ur clothes. Become conscious. U r focused inwards. When u do these excercises u will become focused outwards. And oh yh don't listen to ur thoughts. Ur ocd is commanding u to research about religion for satisfaction. Believe me it will never be satisfied. Thoughts are irrational so react to them irrationally
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