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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you for inviting me to watch the video. It was mainly about American-Zionism vs. the world, the money system, and relations between (Orthodox) christianity and Islam. From what I can gather, since World War II, America has been trying to influence the world, mainly initially as anti-Communist and then to promote its own ideology. This is understandable: if the positions were reversed, we/you would probably be doing the same. Instead of promoting a religious ideology, it is promoting a secular ideology. It is not all bad, of course, but what is fundamentally missing is the concept of pass
  2. Just a thought: if the arabic word for "transfer" does mean just "transfer" then it could mean the mahdi being transferred to the city Jabal-sa or Mount Radwa, both of which are stated to be places where he lives. However, given that the other translation quoted above seems to have die in this place then it would be necessary to know what the arabic word is, so thank you for your help.
  3. So what does "transfer me" refer to? Can you find out what is the Arabic word behind this translation? I'm sure you know how to interpret your own hadith better than me, but I just found this curious. And the Sunni translation quoted above seems very clear, implying a different meaning to being hidden. Thanks for your help; I'm just trying to understand. Richard
  4. In 'The Promised Mahdi' part 1 (Biharul Anwar vol 51-53) page 38 we read, "So when Allah hides my person and transfers me, and you see my Shia disputing, inform the reliable ones of them." (This is #25- Ghaibat Tusi: Ibne Abil Jayyid has narrated from Ibne Walid from Saffar from (Muhammad) Ibne Abdullah Mutahhari from Hakima binte Muhammad bin Ali Reza that she said: pdf from https://en.wikishia.net/view/Bihar_al-anwar_(book) ) Here it says that the Mahdi was 'transferred' after his occultation - does this mean that he was taken to heaven? Another translation, from a sunni anti-shia
  5. Hi, I have been studying the occultation of the twelfth imam, and had come to accept that his double occultation had been predicted. However, I found one prediction which seemed to challenge this: The encyclopaedia interprets this as referring to Imam Musa, who was imprisoned twice. The thing is this: this hadith mentions the Mahdi's sons not knowing where he is. Now the 12th imam went into occultation when he was only 5 years old. So any children he would have had (presumably we do not know anything about his having children) would have been born in his place of hiding, and grown
  6. THanks for this. I did try to join the forum at this site but am still waiting for authentification. I also emailed them, and another Dohra group, but got no reply. THanks anyway, Richard
  7. Hi - I posted this on an Ismaili forum, but the forum doesn't seem to be very alive - and, for those who don't know, Tayyib is the Imam for a smaller group of Ismailis. But if anyone here can help, or knows someone who might be able to help, then it would be useful. I found this delightful story (by Makrizi) of how the infant Tayyib was smuggled out of the palace: Among the monuments of the Qarafa there is a small fountain and minaret, and it is known as the Masjid of Mercy (al-raḥma). Abu Turab al-Suwwal … was in charge of building it … And it was to this place that Abu T
  8. Hi, I was reading an article about the Ismaili imam Tayyib, who was taken out of Egypt while a child in about 1130CE ish. Anyway, there's a story where some has to say to him: al-salām ‘alā amīr al-mu’minīn wa-raḥmat Allāh wa-barakātuh What does this mean? THe text is transcribed into the LAtin alphabet so I cannot use Google translate. Google search just brings up the usual 'peace' greeting, but I'm guessing that "amīr al-mu’minīn" is "leadr of the faithful", as a title for Ali and the imams? Does it mean something like "Peace of the Commander of the Believers and mercy an
  9. https://en.wikishia.net/view/Bihar_al-anwar_(book) At the bottom of the page, under 'see also' are the links https://en.wikishia.net/images/e/ed/The_Promised_Mahdi%2C_Part_I.pdf https://en.wikishia.net/images/2/22/The_Promised_Mahdi%2C_Part_II.pdf Richard
  10. THanks, I have this book, downloaded pdf. And it is very long! I found these references.
  11. Before the Twelfth Imam entered occultation, there were Shia who had believed that numerous other descendants of Ali had entered occultation. A list can be found here http://www.*************/2015/07/15/the-confusing-history-of-shia-mahdi/ Why do you think these earlier Shia claimed occultation for these Imams and other descendants of Ali? How is the claim of the Twelfth Imam being in occultation better than the claim for the other Imams? It is clear in my mind that the Twelfth Imam is very special, but just wondered what people here thought about this.
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