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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.

    May Allah Bless you !

    Have a Blast......Enjoy !!!!

  2. salam, happy birthday to you

  3. Can we like...NOT delve into semantics just for the sake of argument?! Then you wonder why Muslims are so divided! THE POINT OF BROTHER TALIYAH IS THAT BUSH'S RE-ELECTION IS ACTUALLY A GOOD THING!!! Because it will help us persevere more and more against the Illuminati....point final.
  4. Well that's the thing though, some people call it "terrified". In fact, I think it is misunderstood, he was stunned if anything. Because let's face it, he is human and receiving direct revelation from an angelic being is not somehting to be taken lightly, right? So i wouldn't be surprised if he was somewhat shaken up by the first experience, as any human being is. Doesn't make him any less perfect or degrading at all! On the contrary makes him more human and more reachable as an example to emulate, instead of putting him on some high pedestal that cannot be reached. Also, i've been noticing some ppl that say Muhammad (saw) responded to Gabriel (as) at first "I cannot read, I cannot read". When in fact, the response to Gabriel's command of "Iqra'a!" was "Matha Aqra'a", and not "La Aqra'a". ie: what should i read!?!?!? "READ IN THE NAME OF YOUR LORD, WHOM CREATES. CREATED MANKIND FROM `ALAQ. READ AND YOUR LORD IS THE MOST GENEROUS. HE TAUGHT MANKIND WITH THE PEN. TAUGHT HIM THAT WHICH HE KNEW NOT!" Subhan'Allah!
  5. Salaam All. I've been visiting a whole lot of Muslim discussion forums this Ramadhan, and I must say.. I AM LOSING MY FAITH!!! Why? Not because I don't believe in Allah and His Messengers, or the Angels or the Unseen or the Scriptures or Fate or Qyiamah. BUT! I'm getting lost as to the rituals and practices! Each group, Shia and Sunni seem to have such a different view of history it's mind boggling. Also, the way we pray, the adhan and other things are revealing to be huge points of contention! So like..WHAT THE HE**! Where should one stand? How do i know I'm praying properly!? Or saying my prayers properly!? To top it off, each side is at the other's throat. Calling each other Kaffirs, or asking Allah to curse the other, etc, etc... THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE AND UN-ISLAMIC IN EVERY WAY. Very discouraging. What do you people think!?
  6. That's a beautiful PDF file thanks WASSEE.
  7. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU POEPLE!? I come on this site for enlightenment.. YET ALL I FREAKIN' SEE IS POEPLE ASKING Allah TO CURSE ONE GROUP OR ANOTHER. Is this all that Shia is about? What the he**!?!? You take everything out of socio/political/historical and cultural context, twist it and then start hereticizing people and kaffir-ing them or whatever..i truely despise this attitude. May Allah open your eyes to a fraction of His many mercies. Inshallah.
  8. #1 Did you forget the huge number of Arabs that are Shia? #2 Panarabism is a dead idea that Arabs have let go of in the humiliating defeats of the 1960s. So your backward and outdated statements are pointless really. #3 How about Pan-Islamism? or are other Muslim sects to unclean in your view? Again...these views do nothing to the improveement of the lot of all muslims. Good job on giving Jews more fodder for their ideological canons.
  9. This is some BEAUTFUL racial denigration. Lovely! Thanks alot. This goes a long way to following the Qur'an. Good job. During Ramadhan on top of it. basically... go away and see if im there
  10. VERY interesting. This is news to me. Puts a whole new perspective on the issue. I wonder why/where the versions diverged on that experience. What do Shias know about his (saw) life before the mission began. I've heard reports of his forehead being lit as most holy men have.
  11. I saw once a long time ago a "family tree" of prophets and who was the son of who etc etc..anyone can find it? Of the 125000 prophets that Hadiths mention, how many we know? 26 are mentioned in the Qur'an, right? There are more not mentioned for sure.
  12. Lak! What kaffir ideas you! You're on the internet..it's a kaffir invention. Are you to reject it? Just take what is best and talk to the kaffir's in their own language. IE: DON'T BE A BIGOT! If the movie is done in a way that respects the values and ideals of our religion, there is no problem! And NO, they do not show the prophet. I'm guessing they would show it from first person perspective, kind of like the movie Al-Rissalah did in the 70s. Which btw is a great movie :)
  13. Ok this topic is getting quite heated. In my own thoughts and studies about Akhenaton I came to the conclusion that he was a prophet, since he preached monotheism in a see of idolators. However, his history as told in the Tanach and as related to us by Allah (swt) in the Qur'an are very dissimlar. So to me, God knows best about this subject. Nor would it change anything in my mind if he was or not. What premisses or historical findings are being advanced here to equate the two historic personalities? Anyone got the etimology of the name Akhenaton itself?
  14. Show your proof if you speak the Truth. "Hatu Burhanakum ith kuntum Sadikkin". I have yet to see any valid documentation or reports about this. Yes I have heard about some of his sins, but he also repented for them. You telling me you never committed a sin? How will you face your Rabb on the day when He will bestow His mercy upon such people on Khaled bin Walid while you still pour forth hatred?
  15. Ya know.. -Some- Shias seem to really hold a great deal of dismay to anything unrelated to Ahlul-Bait. All this grudging about does no one any much good. These kinds of schisms will continue to divide Muslims...and..well..i give up!
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