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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. A Kuwaiti court on Wednesday acquitted seven Kuwaiti Shiites, including two lawmakers, who were accused of eulogizing a slain Hezbollah leader in a ceremony and in a statement to Lebanese and Iranian TV stations earlier this year. The praising of Imad Mughniyeh — a leader of the Lebanese Hezbollah militant group killed in a February car bombing in Syria — caused an uproar in predominantly Sunni Kuwait, where many blame the Lebanese Shiite figure for the hijacking of a Kuwait Airways flight in 1988 and the killing of two of its passengers. Attorney Jalil al-Tabbakh, who represented the defen
  2. Western concerns about global energy markets hit new heights last night when Russia, Iran and Qatar said they were forming an Opec-style gas cartel. The move by the three countries, which control 60% of the world's gas reserves, was met with immediate opposition from the European commission, which fears the group could drive up prices. Alexey Miller, chairman of Russia's Gazprom, said they were forming a "big gas troika" and warned that the era of cheap hydrocarbons had come to an end. "We are united by the world's largest gas reserves, common strategic interests and, which is of great importa
  3. That's because they were being killed by the likes of people your "Arabo-Islamic (sunni)" friends. I wish that was the case. I really wish. I personally wish we had nothing to do with this whole "Palestine" (British colonial creation) business because it's been abundantly clear that "Palestinians" don't want us to. Unfortunately, they genuinely do believe in Palestine and are more genuine than your beloved "Islamo-arabic (sunni) ocean" which prefers to sit in coffee shops and shout slogans (as you have always done). The only thing you guys are good at is killing eachother. Look at how the
  4. Israel wouldn't handover 3 sq. m. of the West Bank, let alone the Golan.
  5. Not only were the Lebanese Shi'is under the "shoe of a dictatorial regime" but were opposed by internal enemies inside the country as well. In other words, it's possible, but you are (as usual) fantasizing about things that never have existed nor will ever exist.
  6. According to you, there is an "arabo-islamic (sunni) ocean" of 300 million (let alone that your claim is infactual). While there are 2 million Lebanese Shi'i. Possible scenarios: 1) The "arabo-islamic (sunni) ocean" doesn't exist outside of your head, 2) They exist, but have no interest in what you want to achieve, 3) They exist, have interest in what you say, but are useless cowards. Make your pick.
  7. Are these the same "arabo-islamic ocean" that got defeated simultaneously in six (6) days, while a few hundred people from Hizbullah bravely maintained their positions during and after the war?
  8. DAMASCUS - Word is coming out of south Lebanon that Saudi money under United States urging is being pumped into the Shi'ite community - in vain - to create a bloc among Lebanese Shi'ites against Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. The Saudis are strongly opposed to Hezbollah, claiming that it is an extension of Iranian influence in the Arab world. More recently, the Saudis have began coordinating with former vice president Abdul-Halim Khaddam to break Hezbollah's influen
  9. Iran, Tehran, 19 October /TrendNews corr. E.Namdari/ Iranian Parliament reported that a group of country’s parliamentary representatives met with US parliamentarians within the meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Iran representatives said at the meeting they agree to negotiate with any country, except Israel, said Mohammad Kazem Delkhosh, an MP of Iran’s Sumee Sara Province. “We can launch negotiations with the US representatives, should favourable conditions occur and the country stop interfering with Iran’s domestic affairs.” It is the first time for the recent 30 years t
  10. RIYADH, Oct 18 (Reuters) - A leading group of Muslim clerics has called on Sunnis and Shi'ites to desist from efforts to win converts from the other, but blamed Shi'ite Iran for stoking sectarian tensions in Arab countries. Fears of a growing sectarian rift have bubbled since Iraq's Sunni Muslim leader Saddam Hussein was toppled by U.S.-led forces in 2003 and replaced by a Shi'ite-controlled government backed by Shi'ite power Iran. Leading Sunni cleric Youssef al-Qaradawi said in remarks to Egyptian and Saudi newspapers last month that Shi'ites now had a voice in traditional Sunni coun
  11. Islamabad - Pakistan's foreign minister said on Saturday that China will help the country to build two more nuclear power reactors to overcome its energy crisis. An agreement was signed during President Asif Ali Zardari's recent visit to China, Shah Memhood Qureshi told a news conference in Islamabad. "These two new units will increase electricity production by 680 megawatts, which will have positive effect on Pakistani economy," he said. Both plants are expected to be built at Chashma, about 300 kilometers south-west of Islamabad, in eastern province of Punjab. China has already installed a
  12. Tehran's Mayor, Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf, has been judged the world's eighth best mayor from a shortlist of 50 top city leaders in 2008. The World Mayor website (www.worldmayor.com) announced that Qalibaf took eighth place for his public service and modernization of the capital's infrastructure. Tehran's mayor was chosen as one of 800 mayors from around the world in the first round of the 2008 World Mayor Contest in 2007. He was later selected as one of 50-long-listed finalists, the website reported. More than 200,000 citizens from all over the world then voted via the internet from January t
  13. TEHRAN (AFP) — Private Iranian carrier Mahan Airlines announced on Thursday that it will operate three flights a week between Tehran and Baghdad, the first scheduled air link in nearly 30 years. Services were halted on the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war in 1980. Mahan's first flight landed at Baghdad's international airport on Tuesday with 192 passengers on board. The company, which flies to Britain, Germany, India, China and Thailand, as well as to domestic destinations, said the Tehran-Baghdad flights are scheduled for Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Mahan also said it has eventual plans for f
  14. What facts (notice: opinions are not facts) do you base this statement on?
  15. Alright. Enough. Either post about the topic, or don't post at all.
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