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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have heard both Vaseline & Coconut oil are both good for lashes
  2. Mintchip of course! :lol: I actually like lots of flavours, most flavours!
  3. Salam, I don't speak French or Spanish. I speak English & Greek. I follow Shia Islam & am happy to chat. Btw I tried to send u a pm but it wouldn't go through??
  4. Salam, Maybe its shaytan making you feel like this. Why don't you try praying? Ask Allah to guide you.
  5. Salam, Does anyone know where Arabic and or Islamic class are held in Sydney? Does the Mosque in Arncliffe hold any classes? I'm more looking for a class to learn to read & write Arabic.
  6. I open my fast with hot water which has sugar added to it and some dates. I've heard of others that open their fast with tea & dates.
  7. It is awesome! :lol: We also have Oporto's here too, which is quite good.
  8. I was wondering if there are any halal subways in Sydney. I know we have halal McDonalds & KFC, but I'm not sure about Subway.
  9. Salam, I would like to learn how to do Salat ul Hajat, I have found a site called Islam schedule. But I don't quite understand how to do it. I think I am supposed to offer a 2 rakat prayer, just like morning prayer? When is it best to do this? Also I am looking for duas which is the best site for duas? What is Durrood Shareef?
  10. Thanks for your replies. I found it and downloaded it. :)
  11. Thanks for your reply. Yes, that's the one. I found it. But the one I downloaded does not have English or transliteration. Does anyone know where in Sydney I can buy it?
  12. Salaam I am looking for a book of prayers. I think it's called mafati or mafawati. I am not quite sure exactly, because I can't speak aranic But I think it has the prayer of komail in it. Can someone please help me.
  13. Salam, I am from Sydney, Australia. As Fatima wrote in her reply those are the Shia mosques in Sydney.
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