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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Just a question...why would the 1st of Ramadan be different for Canada when compared to the rest of the Americas? I mean, if it applies to the US, why doesn't it apply to Canada - geographically it should be the same, right?
  2. i don't know how authentic this site is cause there's some other stuff on it that doesn't make sense like adding "ali un wali ul Allah" to the tashahud in namaaz...i don't know about anyone else, but i've never heard of that... http://www.molaali.com/namaaz.htm
  3. Zohair

    agha khan

    Salaam Ismailite, I have a question for you...I have a close friend who is Ismaili and she told me that she believes in re-incarnation and the idea that people progress towards re-unification with a "Universal Soul" but she wasn't sure if this was a belief shared by all Ismailies or just something within her family. If you could clarify this for I would appreciate it.
  4. I've never heard it to be HARAM per se, but as a sign of respect I was always told not to say salaam to each other on ashura, since we should give our salaams to the ahlul bayt...that seems reasonable to me, thats why i try not to say it.
  5. But then during the time of Abu Bakr, for example, did he lead the prayers or did Imam Ali (as). Since Abu Bakr was the "caliph" wouldn't he be leading the prayers?
  6. Thank you very much brothers and sisters B)
  7. Salaam everyone, A friend of mine asked me a question the other day to which I didn't know the answer and I hope that you guys (who are much more learned than I am :) ) could help me out. We were talking about a funeral, and the question of burial versus cremation came up. What exactly is the reason why Muslims must be buried rather than cremated (like Hindus and Sikhs)? What he said was that since the soul leaves the body to go to barzakh, why is it important that the body be buried rather than burned? I hope someone can help me out. Khudahafiz, Zo
  8. (salam) My name is Zohair Syed...but everyone calls me Zo. I was born and raised in Toronto but I go to school in Ottawa. My parents are both from India (Bombay) but I also have relatives in Pakistan. I've been on this site for the last week or so, but I only found looked at this thread now...I've been learning a lot from the posts, and hopefully I'll learn more. Khudahafiz, Zo
  9. Assalamalikum, I'm kinda new to this forum but this topic looked interesting and i wanted to add my two cents worth. Specifically about the race/nationality thing being discussed. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with marrying someone from a different race or nationality in terms of religion, but it can occassionally cause problems in other ways. Because all of us have a specific culture and lets face it, they can be radically different at times. I'm not sure what differences exist between the various Arab nationalities but if its anything like those that exist amongst us IndoPaks, then I can see where there may be some issues. THere are so many differences that exist between Hyderabadis, Punjabis, Gujaratis, Bengalis etc etc etc, that it may be tough. Not only will you get the comments from aunties but there are other issues like language, customs, traditions etc. Not that I actually went through this experience, but my family is a bit mixed too...my Dad is a Syed whose dad is Madrasi and Mom is Hyderabadi and my mom is Khoja Gujarati. Over here in Canada, our only relatives are from my dad's side of the family...and I can see that sometimes people make comments about my mom's heritage which bother me...and I'm sure they bother my mom too, but she doesn't really say anything. Also, some other cultures (Guyanese, Philipino, German) have married into my extended family and they sometimes seem to have trouble adjusting to our cultural practices which may seem weird to them. However, some people in our family see it as arrogance or snobbishness (if that's even a word :P ). So, I'd just like to say that before getting married, be ready to face the challenges that you may encounter. However, if you feel that this is the right person for you then go for it...life is too short and nice people are too rare to worry too much about things like this. Good luck and inshallah everything will work out for the best. Khudahafiz
  10. Assalmalikum all, I just wanted to know what exactly the Shia viewpoint is on the Djall. Do we believe in this as a real entity who will be defeated by Imam Mahdi (as) or is this exclusively a Sunni belief? I tried searching on the internet, but I only got the Sunni point of view. Your help would be appriciated.
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