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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Indeed our Prophet was a Prophet and Imams were Imams before their physical birth and even before creation of Adam, for Adam asked Allah "for the sake of Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hassan and Hussain forgive me" and Allah forgave him. There are also narrations that the Holy Prophet (s) said: "Allah created my light and the light of my Ahl al-Bayt 14 thousand years before creation of Adam, we were around the 'Arsh of Allah and Angels used to learn Tasbih and Taqdis from us." Then Allah the Almighty, chose Adam among his creations and placed the light of 14 infallibles in his back. The Angels comp
  2. Verily Allah the Almighty made Hajj obligatory upon those who are financially able with some conditions but He made Ziyarat of Ahl al-Bayt (a.s.), especially Ziyarat Imam Hussain (a.s.), obligatory upon all believers, rich and poor, then He made the Ziyarat of Imam Hussain (a.s.) equal to a thousand accepted Hajj and a thousand accepted Umrah in term of reward. Indeed suffice it to say that if one goes to Hajj every year of his life (God knows if it will be accepted!) but do not go to Ziyarat of Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (a.s.), Imam al-Sajjad (a.s.), Imam al-Baqir (a.s.), and Imam al-Sadiq (a.
  3. Some of the Hussaini Rituals such as Tatbir is of Raajih issues, it means that act could become Wajib depending on circumstances. Shias who do not perform Tatbir should not side with the Umaris in condemning or mocking those who perform Tatbir. All kinds of Azadari for Master of Martyrs (a.s.) including Tatbir and other rituals such as qama, zanjir, walking on hot stones, which are common in different parts of the Muslim world has great and unimaginable rewards. The only anti-Tatbir are the Nasibis and those who care about them, otherwise Christians too perform Tatbir by nailing themselv
  4. Seems like you are a little behind! These kind of ignorant Shias are the result of unholy revolution of Iran. They think the entire Islamic world is Iran and their leader is the leader of the Muslims of World while Shia Mujtaids do not even accept him as their student.
  5. Denying Imamat is like when Iblis disobeyed Allah, the first who pledged allegiance to Abu bakr was Iblis himself. Iblis just disobeyed Allah and did not prostrate while People of Saqeefa not only disobeyed Allah after al-Ghadir but waged a war against the Friend of Allah and Khalifatullah al-Akbar. They attacked the house of Prophethood and eventually massacred the Khulafa of Allah on earth. The following Hadith shows that the punishment of those who denied the Imamat of Imam Ali and usurped His right is worst than Iblis! Sulaym ibn Qays narrates from Hadhrat Salman al-Farsi who said, ‘I in
  6. Shia Aqeeda is that Hadhrat Au Talib and his father Hadhrat Abdul Mutalib were from Awsiya (Wasi) of Hadhrat Ibrahim and inheritor of Scrolls of Ibrahim (Suhuf Ibrahim) and custodians of House of God. In his sermon in Holy Prophet's marriage to Hadhrat Khadija, Abu Talib declared that the Bani Hashim were the heirs of Ibrahim and Ismael, and were the carriers of their heritage. They were, therefore, uncontaminated by idolatry. "All glory and all praise to Allah, the Creator of Heavens and earth, and all thanks to Him for all His blessings, bounties and mercy. He sent us into this world in th
  7. Exactly, one of the reasons of Ghaybah of Imam al-Zamana is that there are not enough Real Shias. These Safavi persian hijacked our Madh'hab, they have misguided millions of Shias and they did more damage to Shi'ism than Umaris. May Allah resurrect them with Enemies of Ahl al-Bayt.
  8. I am not here to convince the pro-Umari Shias, I am here to show the Umaris that they are dealing with a bunch of illiterates follower of illiterate as Ayatullah al-Uzma Khorassani perfectly describes. These Iranians do not represent Shias, you can be united with them but Shias will never be united with followers of Killer of Hadhrat Zahra and arch-enemies of Ahl al-Bayt. Abu Hadi: Stop acting as you are in the House of Khamenei, I sue your bottom for violating my Charter of Rights and Freedom Rights. This forum is run from Ottawa Canada, not Iran so be careful ***
  9. However you want to take it! pro-Umari Iranians might be able to shut down the shrine of Hadhrat Abu Lulu in Kashan but they will never be able to change the teachings of Ahl al-Bayt, as the saying goes; "Whoever that collides with Ahl al-Bayt will be perished," history of tyrant rulers are proof to this. Opposing certain forms of traditional Azadari, making the rewardable act of cursing theenemies of Ahl al-Bayt Haram, and respecting the Enemies of Ahl al-Bayt for the sake of unity, is not Shi'ism. The only reward and benefit of this unity is anger of Ahl al-Bayt and the Prophet and the rewar
  10. Amir ul-Mo'minin Cursed the Idols of Quraysh and their Daughters, and their Followers, and their Lovers in every single Qunut of His Night prayers as follows; "In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful. O Allah! Curse the two Idols of Quraish and their two magicians, their two rebellious people, their two accusers and their two Daughters." Read the entire Dua at: http://www.duas.org/alaviya/dua-120.htm So did Hadhrat Fatima al-Zahra when She swore; "By Allah I will Curse The First and the Second after all my obligatory prayers." and there are authentic narrations that Imam al-Sadiq
  11. Imamat, Wisayat, Khilafat, or Leadership, whatever you want to call it; Is a divinely appointed authority in Islam and not electable. Umaris should stop embarrassing themselves by playing with words. Shias do not have to prove Imamat to convince the Bakris, the onus is on Bakris to put forward their arguments against Imamat and Leadership with reference from Shia books not Abu Huraira (L) who is considered to be a Nasibi Zindiq who attributed all kinds of lies, insults and blasphemy to Holy Prophet. His narrations are of no value to us.
  12. Insulting any Mujtahid in any form is unacceptable. Yassir Habib is not a Mujtahid, he himself is a follower. I don't know who his mujtahid is but he is reiterating what is recorded in our hadith books and his Aqeeda is correct. Apart from denying the verses of Quran and words of an infallible Imam which itself alone constitutes disbelieve; the Umaris are basically saying that the words of our Imams are not authentic while a bunch of blasphemies and insults from Ka'b al-Ahbar the Jew (L) and Abu Huraira (L) in their un-Sihah Sitta are authentic. The Bakri should understand the basic rule
  13. What a ridiculous counter argument. A topic gets HOT when it gets certain number of hits in a day not because Admins like your nonsense lol
  14. Sulaym himself is 'Thiqqa' and the most authentic chain of narrator, while other narrators of hadith have to go through chains of narrators to reach an infallible Imam, Hadhrat Sulaym reports Directly from the Holy Prophet and Fatima al-Zahra and also Five infallible Imams as He was the Companion of Prophet and Amir ul-Mo'minin and 4 other infallible Imams. That is why his book is the most authentic Shia hadith book and mother-source of all Shia hadith books. Nobody accused here of adultery here in this topic, the topic is about Assassination of Holy Prophet. Prostitution accusations wa
  15. Direct or no direct you are just a Nasibi skunk trying to justify your hatred and grudge against Shias by keep bringing up Yassir Habib. It seems like He hit the Nasibis where it really hurts, but had the ignorant Nasibi paid a visit to Persian or Arabic forums he'd realize that Yassir Habib is just a drop. No need to reveal your Umari morality! I don't know who told you that Shias don't have Sahih hadith, but we have more Sahih hadith than your entire un-Sihah Sittah. The words of infallible Imams shall serve as ultimate proof and Hujjah for all Shias, as the words of our Imams are words
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