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  1. Posted 6/9/2005 10:00 PM Updated 6/9/2005 11:37 PM Iran helped overthrow Taliban, candidate says By Barbara Slavin, USA TODAY Members of Iran's Revolutionary Guards fought alongside and advised the Afghan rebels who helped U.S. forces topple Afghanistan's Taliban regime in the months after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the guards' former leader says. In an interview by e-mail, Mohsen Rezaie, a candidate in Iran's presidential elections next week, says the United States has not given Iran enough credit. He says Iran played an "important role in the overthrow of the Taliban" in 2001 (Related: Full text of interview). Even before U.S. forces entered Afghanistan, Iran backed the Northern Alliance, a loose coalition of warlords and militias from the Tajik, Uzbek and Hazara minorities. The alliance fought the ruling Taliban, a regime dominated by majority Pashtuns that imposed a harsh Sunni Islamic government. Current and former U.S. troops and officials confirm Iranians were present with the Northern Alliance as U.S. forces organized the rebels in 2001. http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2005-06-09-iran-taliban_x.htm
  2. The effort by the old pagan Persian priest and royal classes to twist the message of Islam for their own purposes (divinization of Muhammad's family and so forth) has been ongoing since Islam began. The Shia, more than any other sect, is most controlled by these scum who, today, simply wear different masks in a desperate attempt to hide their identity and agenda. It's almost the same scenario we saw with the Roman Empire's priest and royal classes taking the teachings of Jesus and turning him into an object of worship to try to keep their empire going and to undermine the very real spiritual challenge these teachings posed to the imperial order. Of course, the 'true believers' will object to this completely which is expected. Slaves, as they say, shall serve. The reality is that the leaders of Iran and the leaders of the 'West' are all friends - playing good cop/bad cop to keep their populations in chains. Ahmadinejad projects what he represents onto others - who in turn project what they are all about onto others. Iran is, at heart and root, an imperial center. They have the nerve to call the West imperialists and colonialists - which of course they are - and then, like their imperial ancestors, pose as champions of the people when they are part of the very same imperialist network. Just today Ahmadinejad exposed what he's the public face of even more by saying that the world is 'controlled by ex colonialists'. He should know - he serves them.
  3. Everyone will learn the hard way... Iranian cleric wants to see creation of 'Greater Iran' to rule over Mideast, Central Asia Ayatollah Mohammad Bagher Kharrazi says advocating creation of what he calls an Islamic United States is a central aim of the political party he leads called Hezbollah, or Party of God. AP Published: 17:58 May 15, 2010 Tehran: A radical cleric is pushing for the creation of a "Greater Iran" that would rule over the entire Middle East and Central Asia. Ayatollah Mohammad Bagher Kharrazi says advocating creation of what he calls an Islamic United States is a central aim of the political party he leads called Hezbollah, or Party of God. Kharrazi is not particularly influential in Iran's clerical hierarchy and does not represent the Iranian government. But his comments reveal the thinking of a growing number of hardliners in Iran, many of whom have become more radical during the postelection political crisis and the international standoff over the country's nuclear program. Kharrazi's comments were published on Saturday in his newspaper, Hezbollah. http://gulfnews.com/news/region/iran/iranian-cleric-wants-to-see-creation-of-greater-iran-to-rule-over-mideast-central-asia-1.627204?localLinksEnabled=false
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyrus_the_Great#Death Tomyris ordered the body of Cyrus brought to her, then decapitated him and dipped his head in a vessel of blood in a symbolic gesture of revenge for his bloodlust and the death of her son.
  5. Ahmadinejad hails Cyrus Cylinder Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:19PM Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lauds the Cyrus Cylinder as the embodiment of human values and a cultural heritage for all humanity. http://www.presstv.com/detail/142251.html Cyrus was politically shrewd, modeling himself as the "savior" of conquered nations. To reinforce this image, he instituted policies of religious freedom, and restored temples and other infrastructure in the newly acquired cities. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Achaemenid_Empire ...where have we seen this before? Oh yes, the modern-day 'liberators' and champions of 'freedom' and 'democracy'. The shaytan saviors will let you do anything - as long as you bow to them and their self-serving 'rule of law'.
  6. Well, the Shias in Iraq are no more free now than before. America rules Iraq and that's the fact. All that we see now is game playing as Iraqis have always done - which is why they've always been slaves. History is a testament to the reality that noone is going to 'free' you or 'save' you from anything unless you're going to do it yourself and follow through. If our brethren in Bahrain, Iraq, Yemen, or anywhere else want their freedom for the sake of Allah Ta'ala, they're going to have to seize it themselves. Demanding and begging for rights from another creature that's oppressing you is tantamount to shirk - and only leads one deeper into the cage.
  7. Syria's complete destruction was set in motion right from the early days of Islam. The corrupted spirit of Muawiya and Yazid has never left.
  8. I am faced with men who do not obey when I order and do not respond when I call them. May you have no father! (Woe to you!) What are you waiting for to rise for the cause of Allah? Does not faith join you together, or sense of shame rouse you? I stand among you shouting and I am calling you for help, but you do not listen to my word, and do not obey my orders, till circumstances show out their bad consequences. No blood can be avenged through you and no purpose can be achieved with you. I called you for help of your brethren but made noises like the camel having pain in stomach, and became loose like the camel of thin back. Then a wavering weak contingent came to me from amongst you: "as if they are being led to death and they are only watching." "Behold, I have called upon you day and night, secretly and openly, to fight these people. I have said to you: 'Fight them before they fight you, for, by God, never do a people fight within their own territory without being dishonoured.' But you tarried and vacillated until you have been attacked repeatedly and your territory has been lost to you. How strange indeed a strangeness in which God makes the hearts dead and brings grief-is the gathering of these people in their falsehood and your standing aloof from your right. Woe unto you, and fire upon you, for you have become a target which is shot at; you are raided and you raid not; you are attacked and you do not fight back; and God is disobeyed and you are content to see that."When I order you to march toward them during the summer season, you say. 'This is the season of intense heat; grant us respite until the heat has abated from us.' And when I command you to proceed toward them in winter, you say . 'This is the season of intense cold; give us time until the cold is dispelled from us.' With all this fleeing from heat and cold, by God, you will flee even more readily from the sword."O you who look like men but are not men, having the intellect of children and the wits of women, I wish I had never seen or known you, for acquaintance with you has drawn regret and brought in its wake grief and sorrow. May God destroy you." http://www.al-islam.org/nahjul/index.htm
  9. Iraqi DM: US Troops Will Stay Until At Least 2016, Maybe Forever Massive 'Training' Mission May Last Through 2020... or Beyond by Jason Ditz, September 08, 2010 Speaking today Iraqi Defense Minister Abdul Obeidi predicted that the US military would stay at least through 2016 because there are incoming arms purchases that will still be arriving through at least that point. The training mission could last far longer. however. http://news.antiwar.com/2010/09/08/iraqi-dm-us-troops-will-stay-until-at-least-2016-maybe-forever/
  10. These articles, from non Shia sources, can either be dismissed as ludicrous and lies - or - the issues they raise can be taken seriously and we can begin to move towards a real living of Islam instead of clinging to personal histories.
  11. The Quran needs to become a living Word within the Momin rather than a 'book' in which one merely 'recites' poetic words.
  12. Islamic Banking: Theory and Practice in Iran Comparitive Economic Studies - By Hamid Zangeneh http://www.financeinislam.com/article/1_35/1/96
  13. Idolizing a book is no different than idolizing a man or any other created thing. The Word of Allah is not a printed book....
  14. Burn it. Burn 1000's. Then watch the temper tantrums of the children who cry out to their shaitan-like 'leaders' for 'justice'. The eternal victims will show themselves once again for what they are - nothing. Slaves of other men will serve...
  15. The Alchemy of Happiness The book was originally written by Imam Ghazali in Persian. It is a compendium of some chapters of his main work "Ihya' `Ulum al-Din". If one consults the corresponding chapters in the Ihya', one would find that many of the arguments presented here also discussed there in details. Our Majlis corrected some mistranslations which were detected. Source: Ghazali, Kimya' al-Sa`ada = The Alchemy of Happiness. Translated by Claud Field. Lahore, Sh. Muhammad Ashraf, 1954. http://www.amislam.com/alchemy.htm
  16. Muslim conquest of Persia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muslim_conquest_of_Persia Causes Of The Propagation Of Shiaism In Persia,print.shtml History of Jihad against the Zoroastrians of Iran (634-651) http://www.middleeastinfo.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=14315 The Role of Zoroastrianism in the Development of Shiaism http://www.allaahuakbar.net/shiites/role_of_zoroastrianism_in_the_developement_of_shiism.htm
  17. The imperial 'god-like' Aryan ruling class of ancient Persia still exists and rules its slaves from behind religious veils - which is why there's Shia-ism in the first place.
  18. Invitation to Islam by Moustafa al-Qazwini http://www.al-islam.org/invitation/
  19. I agree. The details are what matter as we move forward. Practical details as things will work in the day to day is what most of these groups have yet to actually talk about and get into. Doing it on the fly really won't cut it, though not everything can be fully outlined. A working outline, though, rooted and based in Islam, though, is what's needed. They raise the general issues, which is important for setting the foundation for change. Yet, in order to really start to move towards implementing and realizing real change, Islamically speaking, we need some details of how its actually going to work and who's is going to do what.
  20. Perhaps, the Imam of our time isn't going to return until we stop looking here or there for him, over-analyzing signs and wonders, and stop hoping for an external 'savior' to make things right on our behalf. Victory is from and with Allah - and through our spiritual development, real world actions and struggling, and full practicing of our deen - the 'appearance' will manifest straight away. Maybe then we will see that he was here all along! How many of us have this type of imaan? We all have a lot of work to do. It's fine for events like Al Quds Day to bring us together - but after the marching and chanting of slogans stops, then what? That's when everything begins...
  21. Islam and Nationalism by Dr. Ali Mohammed Naqvi http://www.al-islam.org/islamandnationalism/
  22. Let's ask ourselves some very honest questions: Will the removal of the Zionist entity remove the US and NATO imperial military forces from the region? Will the puppet governments in the region be ANY different when Israel falls? Israel is a symptom of something more fundamental that we're being directed not to address and correct.
  23. Iraq: US troop withdrawal conceals continuing occupation Saturday, 04 September 2010 17:22 Adnan Khan On Tuesday August 31st 2010 at 23:59, the US mission officially ended in Iraq. On the evening of Tuesday 31st August Barack Obama gave a televised address from the Whitehouse, hailing the end of the War in Iraq. Echoing Obama, the Iraqi Prime Minister claimed Iraq was now independent. Maliki said: "Iraq today is sovereign and independent; our security forces will take the lead in ensuring security and safeguarding the country and removing all threats that the country has to weather, internally or externally." The last brigade reportedly crossed over the Iraqi border into Kuwait over two weeks ago in a televised broadcast with much fanfare. Obama's speech comes at a time when support not just for the Iraq war, but even for Obama is at its lowest. With this in mind the following points should be remembered regarding this whole disastrous episode: - As the war has dragged on for years, the reasons for the invasion have been lost. US reasons for invading have constantly changed over these years as each justification has been disproved. The alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction was the pretext for war, the infamous claims of mobile chemical units and the ability to launch a WMD in 45 minutes all came to pass as mere fantasies. The Iraqi government's human rights abuses against its citizens was presented as a justification for occupation soon after it became clear WMD's would never be found. Saddam Hussein's harbouring and supporting of al-Qaeda was even presented as a justification. The spreading of democracy to a people who lived under a dictator for decades was also used as a justification and eventually, as the US was marred in an insurgency, the war was justified on the basis that Iraq would collapse if the US was to leave. - The so-called stability the US has constructed is tenuous at best. After removing the Ba'athist's from power the US cobbled together a political architecture based on ethno-sectarian lines, which many opportunists have joined to line their own pockets and protect the interests of their own factions. The March 2010 parliamentary elections saw Kurdish, Shi'ah and Sunni factions fight to gain power in the US constructed political system, yet the divisions the US has created are so deep that after five months since the elections parliament has still not been formed. The rising level of violence also continues as literally hundreds of Iraqis have been slain in the last two weeks as the US departs. - As early as 2005 the US was drowning in an insurgency and comparisons were made with the US invasion of Vietnam. The US had massively underestimated Iraq's unconventional forces. The US could never have stemmed the insurgency or constructed a post-Saddam regime were it not for the help it received from certain nations in the region. It was this help that was central to stemming the insurgency that gripped the US army. It was Iran's patron the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), a group created in Tehran in 1982 that gathered the Shi'ah factions to join in the US constructed political system. This then allowed US forces to concentrate on the insurgency in central Iraq. Through promises of positions in government, bribes and rewards the US co-opted pro-Iran elements into its solution for Iraq. It was Sayyid Ali as-Hussayni al-sistani, who brought Sadr, SCIRI and da'wah factions together to form the United Iraqi Alliance (UIA) that gained a large number of parliamentary seats in the 2005 elections. This is how the insurgency was stemmed. - The Iraq war has undermined the US forever, whatever its rhetoric regarding the end of operations. The US has been exposed for throwing aside international law in a colonial pursuit and then concocting lies in order to justify invasion. During the invasion the US violated human rights as well as the rights afforded to prisons in Guantanamo Bay and in the infamous Abu Gharib prison. The Haditha killings, the use of White phosphorus, the Mahmoudiyah incident, the torture and killing of prisoners of war and the Mukaradeeb incident where 42 civilians were bombed and shot in a wedding party are publicly known war crimes. These state-crimes in fact symbolise American's invasion and brutal occupation and not exaggerated claims of mission accomplished. Alongside this more than 100,000, quite possibly 200,000 or more innocent Iraqi civilians lost their lives under US watch. US policies after the invasion to disband the Iraqi army caused a vacuum, which was then filled with violence. - Iraqi oil is firmly under US control. Whilst US companies may have missed out to other companies on developing oil fields, the deals struck are markedly different to what is the standard in the oil industry. Governments generally agree to ‘production sharing Agreements,' (PSA's) where governments give companies a share in the oil. The Iraqi contracts however were ‘Service Contracts,' (SC) where a company is paid for pumping oil and in no way gains any ownership of the produced oil. In this way Iraqi oil remained within the control of the US sponsored Iraqi government that is dependent on the US. - Obama in effect gave the same speech as Bush did in May 2003, when the war ended. Whilst Bush spoke about the end of the war to take Iraq, over seven years later Obama has given the same speech to shore up weakening US public opinion. Bush and Obama both took such positions in order to improve their political ratings. The reality on the ground is 95,000 contractors are in Iraq doing the work traditionally done by the US military. Whilst 50,000 US troops will remain although their definition has been changed from combat troops to transition forces. Obama made a number of promises in his election campaign and this apparent withdrawal of the US is critical with the upcoming Mid-term elections in November, where Obama and the democrats are expected suffer significant losses. The US has today replaced a dictator with a system built upon ethno-sectarian differences which is institutionalised for decades to come. As the US attempts to extricate itself from this conflict which has gone well beyond what the US contemplated, the US is finding a resurgent Russia reclaiming back the former Soviet Republics and a confident China expanding its supply lines across South-East Asia all the way to Africa. The US position is considered untenable and overstretched and this has led Russia and China to be much more confident in challenging US prowess around the world. We also find that the US today is more and more reliant for the help and cooperation of Muslim rulers in the world whether it is in Iraq or Afghanistan, in order to achieve its aims. Their treachery has given the US the much needed support it required in its time of need. Whilst Obama may claim Iraq as his victory, globally US prowess has been permanently damaged. http://www.khilafah.com/index.php/analysis/middle-east/10251-iraq-us-troop-withdrawal-conceals-continuing-occupation
  24. Islamic Government: Governance of the Jurist by Imam Khomeini (ra) http://www.al-islam.org/islamicgovernment/
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