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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Henna

    Anyone LOST?

    how cud libby b oen of them?!?!? but shes dead now neway, and omg tht wud b so cool if we cud see the flash backz from 'the others' :Hijabi: and yehhh i recognised sayids american torturer soldier person 2!!!! ahhh i luv lost, it has never ending links wid everything
  2. yeh but hu the hell wud want ruth 2 work 4 them. i'd b scared of the woman she like an evil cloud hu will blow u away as soon she opens her big mouth **evil**- all the contestants were rubbish!!!! i dnt think ne were gd enuff 2 be his apprentice but they made gd entertainment- spec sayid!!! hahahaha
  3. did i say ewwwwwwwwwww ruthz a lesbian eww eww eww... no i dint so wot u on about? lol- and exactly wot sorta 'mussie' flirts, pervs, lies, chats [Edited Out] and boasts at every chance he gets? i wouldnt say those qualities make him a gd @) or a gd apprentice omdz ur like my apprentice twin yes yes yes sayid is so up himself, and soo bloody aroogent he jus randomly deserves a slap from margerette lol.. but i love sir alan- hes sooo funny!!!! he propa takes the piss, but i dnt find it nasty coz they flipin deserve it! if i was sitting there i'd do the same lol :lol: lol@ looks like aishwar
  4. omg yes- it was jks wen he got told 2 shut up... he seriously dnt realise theyr takin the piss outta him, how arrogent n thick can u get? hes sucha gay i hate him- omg dint u think it was soooo funny wen sir alan asked doon or woteva his name is, y shudnt i fire u? n he goes 'coz i dnt need 2 walk three steps behind' n sir alans like 'i dnt understand ... y shudnt i fire u' LOL.. omdz i luv tht show its sooo jokes btw i agree sayids gonna get fired next week- he was smilin wen he was firin hueva so its well obvious- but i dnt want ruth (shes propa annoyin me now), ansel or michelle 2 win lol..
  5. omggggg r u chttn about tht buff sweater type top which has long sleeves and is in the colours: navy, grey and brown and maybe dark pink or something and it has one button at the front!!!! r u talking about tht?? it was on display at my h n m and i couldnt find it anywhere inside!!!!! ignore me if ur chttn bout summin else.. im jus a shopperholic :lol: ^^^ or is it the one similar to the one i described, but has pretty big buttons all down the front and comes up 2 above the hips in the colours: beige and brown lol..
  6. Henna

    Anyone LOST?

    omg.... the last episode was soooooooooo good.. where do they cum up wid this stuff.. it jus gets betta n betta lol... i feel sorry 4 loke, hes just too nice a guy so people take advantage of him.. bachara lol omg sun is like the best! shes so pretty and kate should die shes just a playa hus leadin both jack and sawyer on, and jack has also got anna lucia on his case by the looks of it, although i cant understand why seein as jacks a poof lol.. and yeh back 2 kate, tht girl has issues, i mean hu the hell seduces sum1 to rob a bank (and get God knows how many pple killed in the process) to ste
  7. sayed?!??! alan sugar hates him!!!!!! he called him a cheeky [Edited Out] lol, and sayed is really arrogant and thinks he knows everything, he bugs me SOO MUCH. personally, i dont like any of them 4 the apprentice, theyr all pretty rubbish lol. n im so glad jo's gone :shaytan:
  8. exactly!! not all shrugs are as fitted as the one in the picture, infact its quite conveniant wen u hav a modest shirt or dress which doesnt hav full sleeves as you dont have to wear a big thick sweater or sumthing else on top. The style of the front also varies, most have buttons and are a bit longer from the front so they go quite a bit below ur chest and are not fitted. personally i wear a lot of crop jumpers over long kurta (tunic) tops, and i think its looks nice and decent :)
  9. omg... thts how i wear my scarf :cry: ... err not- i think 'the hijaab shop' are trying to set new trends LOL - my non muslim friend was like wowww why dnt u wear u hijaab like tht!! i was like get lost!!! she has a very outgoing sense of fashion.. lol looool@ sports hijaab- ye i sorta ignore tht section LOL
  10. ^ it wasnt that bad sis! i mean i know wot u mean i was a bit disappointed, i mena i thought it wud be amaaaaaazing, but still it was well made, they managed to bring out the culture so well.. made me feel japanese by the end of it lol n i thought the acting was really good!!!!! if nethign it fell down in other places
  11. Henna

    Anyone LOST?

    my friend reckons that whole polar bear business and random animals and other weird things they see on the island are in fact hallucinations created by the project dharma lot, but i dont agree with tht at all because hallucinations cant eat a pilot or get shot and bleed lol... but i do think the whole experiment thing is well freaky :Hijabi:
  12. i saw the movie, yeh, i thought it was really gd... i cnt imagien guys watching it tho :S, its really girly lol. the little girl who played sayuri was sooooo cute!!! and ziyi zhangs sooo pretty!!! specially with the blue eyes n all. yeh i havent read the book yet, it will probably be better than the movie.. but apparantly the book/ film is exaggerated a little and the life of a geisha wasnt really like that... says my friend lol
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