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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/user/UnityLectures/videos 9 Lectures in total, Lectures continue until Monday if you can make it to Manchester, UK. We also have a dinner on the Tuesday with him for those interested.
  2. It depends how serious that thing is.... Like I said we are lucky we have rolemodels like the Ahlulbayt(AS) who have protected our religion. However, it appears the religion that has reached us has imperfections in it. The sooner we can admit this the sooner we can move on.
  3. Exactly my feeling! You can not defend the indefensible. It's a a bit like the Israelis defending the slaughter of Palestinian children.... just doesn't work. Back to the topic of this thread..... Honestly this rages massive and legitimate questions about Islam and the way we have been viewing it over our lifetimes. To me the saving grace is that we have figures like Imam Ali(AS), Imam Hussain (AS) and the rest of the Imams (AS). were I a sunni who looked at the hadiths on the Prophet (SAWW) and followed the 3 "caliphs" after him then I'd likely depart the religion at this point
  4. It's not like the Quran mentions clearly abhorant crimes like Incest and Rape, do you not see how ridiculous it is for you to request clarification of why paedophilia is so bad?! Honestly the world has gone mad.
  5. For God's sake, is this what Islam has come to? Why don't we all go and join ISIS and do Jihad Al-Nikah. Oh great. She has been sexually abused and had her childhood taken away from her. To add to that she is most likely mentally ill and psychologically ruined. But hey she gets to say I want out when she is 9 so who cares?
  6. ok here is the answer to your questions, head on. 1) At no point in history or with any other Prophet have I heard the of the idea of a man marrying a baby.... 2) Slavery specifically is in the Quran and Islam effectively abolished it through a gradual process. Now the idea of having a slaves is no longer relevant. 3) a girl aged 9 is different to one ages 1, 2 or 3. It can be argued (though I would question authenticity of those narrations) that 9 years old in those days was mature, whereas 15 years old these days is immature 4) homosexuality is condemned by all major religions and it goes
  7. I am not dodging any questions at all.... but you do keep avoiding mine! 45 year old man, 2 year old girl. Explain.
  8. Or there were certain immoral people who managed to infiltrate the system? Let me ask you this question: Do you think it is justifiable in any way or form for a man aged say 45 to have sexual relations with a toddler? Do you honestly and sincerely believe Islam would condone this? Do you think it would be even remotely acceptable?
  9. You are mixing issues here, once again. Islam is clear on homosexuality. Islam is clear on Women's rights. Islam is supposed to be universal - every decent human being realises theft is not a good thing, similarly murder and then of course sexual abuse of a child! What is even worse is that you are trying to justify this absolutely ridiculous fatwa which brings the whole marjaeya system into question. Either the jurists wake up or they should be collectively condemned. So far I have seen that my current jurist (sayed Sadiq al Shirazi) does not have this fatwa, though I can not
  10. Basis for morality is human and universal. Anybody suggesting that innocent children should be allowed to be abused whether sexually or physically is outside the boundary of humanity let alone Islam. I am not questioning the judgement of Allah and his messenger (SAWW) as I don't believe this has anything to do with them. I am in fact condemning any person who endorses paedophilia and that includes anybody with the title Ayatullah or whatever,
  11. errr I actually I don't think it does. Please use your brain when responding to my posts or don't respond at all. Having sexual relations with a baby or children under the age of 9 is certainly tantamount to any definition of paedophilia. So don't try to avoid the question with some silly response!
  12. So you think Islam is a religion which condones paedophilia? And you are happy with that? So jurist is not allowed to decide whether Paedophilia as a disgusting and horrific crime which should be dealt with using the worst possible punishment? You would think our jurists have minds? I think it's one thing to suggest that women in that era were mature at 9 or 10 years old and to say an adult is allowed to marry a baby! for God's sake does nobody have a mind here?
  13. Can you not establish from the above posts that we have already done that research? Or are you living on another planet?
  14. From my research I have found that it was not the case she was 9 years old, Aisha wanted to make it seem like she was a child when she married the prophet to try to prove she was his only virgin wife. However she was well into her teens in reality and had already previously married. Can you find any of the Imams(AS) marrying children? Do you not even think it is within our rights to condemn anybody (regardless of their "status") of declaring that any kind of child abuse is acceptable? This is actually beyond a disgrace and I would go to the extent of disassociating from with anybody who appro
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