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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Because it's 2016.. Taqiyyah even though has helped many in the past, shouldn't really be and option in todays era of Internet and different media outlets. It is because the disorganization of the Shias especially in the west that is the root cause of the silence on the Shias of the east unheard suffering. Don't count on BBC or such outlets to even blink twice in our direction. We should be tackling such issues ourselves and fighting them head on through the media but yet here we are bickering over who the right Ayatollah is and praying for Iran to intervene (Believe me Iran have done a massive favor with the creation of Hezbollah and the Shia Militias of the East, but don't expect an armed uprising every second).
  2. We haven't forgotten who they sided with during our recent struggles.
  3. Saturday night turned into a horror movie at London’s Leytonstone underground station as an attacker slashed a person’s throat while shouting “this is for Syria.” Police, who had difficulty detaining the man with only a Taser, are now treating the incident as a terror act. The attack took place in the ticket hall at Leytonstone station. Witnesses described a horrific scene, with a pool of blood on the floor and the attacker shouting, while threatening to stab others. Source: https://www.rt.com/uk/324882-london-leytonstone-station-stabbing-syria/ NOTE TO ALL ARBAEEN: Please stay safe because the wahabi's have struck literally a day before Arbaeen so please be careful at the Arbaeen Procession 07 December 2015. Also be careful look after the muslimah sisters as well because there is no telling of a attack on them or us by Far Right Protesters.
  4. Shia Muslims have a right to politics, we are not allied with the American government. Sunni iraqi's got their land stolen? on what basis? How? Where? Sunni's are not marginalized in Lebanon since they can be Prime Minister and a Shia is a speaker, however Shia's did fight the Zionists and won whereas the other sect struggled, We Shia's cannot afford to go to war with the Zionist's every bloody time because it would be suicidal because Zionist's will openly hit civilians and also have the help of certain Militants from the other sect... Shia's have always been marginalized since the times of the empires. You have not looked up our history, you have no clue what you are talking about and clearly you hold some form of animosity towards Shia's more than Sunni's. Also your whole post is a oxymoron within itself. Salam Alaikum.
  5. They aren't gonna stop.. Unfortunately they are like rabbit's, they multiply. They came in with the refugee's and now they are seated. I suggest to my brothers and sisters to please be safe and pray for the safety of the innocent also be careful for yourselves.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/Shia-International-UK-438306889688184/?ref=profile I completely understand brother, however shia international is no such organization. It's more like an organization which helps shia's in the means of building houses in iraq through donations also schools to educate our youth also we spread the love of Ahlulbayt by doing public events as well.
  7. The Shia International is a global community and relief charity which exists for the betterment of mankind by developing spiritual and vibrant Muslim communities serving humanity. It is working globally to promote the values and practices of the Islamic faith as preached and practiced by the last Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and his Family for the spiritual and material well being of humanity. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/Shia-International-UK-438306889688184/ Please pass this link onto the next people who are shias.
  8. As we all know the legendary Silent Hills game has been cancelled and that was a really sad day. However, there has been a successor that goes by the name of Allison Road and i must say, it is the most beautiful atmospheric looking game i have seen also the horror aspects within it are just brilliant. Here is a video demo of it. And here is a kickstarter page. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/allisonroad/allison-road-first-person-next-gen-survival-horror
  9. Along with our black brothers/sisters, we are also paying a consequence because of racism.
  10. Arab's also said Israel could not be defeated, but here comes a Shia organization like Hezbollah and they brought Israel to their knee's. Israel also let's homosexuals wonder the holy land. But you are as a human being entitled to your very own opinion. But your opinion just sucks.
  11. Brother Darth Vader, I have to agree with you because there will definitely be extremist among them and it will be a nightmare for all of us.
  12. Oh Pakistani's, my people never cease to amaze me.. :dry:
  13. I actually do agree with you, they only did it to sell money buy at the same time they did have messages behind their music
  14. Sorry but your thread title looked like it was leading to a funny joke.
  15. Can't let the enemies know all of our moves Bruh do you even shia? Lobbying can be very important in terms of helping us spreading our message across society also help us decipher between us and those terrorists and we could even have a strong influence in government.
  16. This kind of thread has probably been done 100 times but it's important to know how to organize so if you have any ideas please do state. As Shia Muslims we must organize under: - Politics - Intelligence (Long stretch but have a intelligence that helps and looks out for our community) - Education (make sure we as a community are well educated especially in the west we're lucky enough) - Entertainment (in terms of having an influence also there as well) - Media - A certain form of secrecy Also Lobbying by having our own lobbies in government striving to help our community have a voice. I might gets some backlash for mentioning Entertainment but we also need show ourselves in such a way where it distances us from the terrorists. If anyone else has idea's then please do state them. Peace be with you all, Syeduddin
  17. One thing is that Jew's will always stay united when it comes to persecution, now they are the strongest religious community whereas we shia's nit pick the most tiniest things to hate about each other. If there are rich shia's out then lets hope we organize like the jews and have Shia muslim lobbies.
  18. ISIS Burn 4 Shia Muslims As If They Were Pigs On A Rotisserie. Chained upside down and burned alive: ISIS forces four Iraqi Shia prisoners to watch flames inch toward them in latest horrific killingFour Iraqi men are accused of spying for the Shi'a resistance against ISISThe men are forced to wear orange boiler suits and are chained upThey are forced to watch as a trail of petrol is lit and heads towards themThe horrific video shows the men being burnt alive in Anbar, Iraq Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3216937/Chained-upside-forced-watch-petrol-licked-way-engulfing-flames-ISIS-video-shows-four-Iraqi-Shia-prisoners-burnt-alive.html#ixzz3kW9mIF7B
  19. I just finished play Arkham Knight, I have to say i was actually kind of disappointed with the story because it lacked the surprises the previous game had for example when near the end (spoilers ahead) we found out there were two jokers and one of them was none other than clayface himself, and the tank battles in Arkham Knight were a nightmare.. Patiently waiting for Shenmue 3 Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PS4 Kingdom Hearts 3 Unfortunately Silent Hills was cancelled :dry: :mellow:
  20. Now all that's left is the western countries to do this and Inshallah the careful steps have been taken to eradicate this extremist disease
  21. God these baboons have become a virus that has spread.. We must cure it! Curse be upon ISIS!!!
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