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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My Prayers
    PenOfTruth got a reaction from Mzwakhe in Important Traits Of A Mo'min   
    Imam al-Kazim said, 'Verily he who is most persevering in the face of adversity is the most abstemious from among you.’
    Imam Zayn al-Abidin said, 'Allah says, 'O son of Adam, be satisfied with what I have given you and you will be among the most abstemious of people.’
    Imam Ali said, 'When an abstemious person flees from people, seek after him, and when he seeks after people, flee from him.’
    Imam Ali said, 'The best level of asceticism is to conceal one's asceticism.’
    Imam Ali said, 'Do not be of those who try to secure the Hereafter by means of the worldly life…they disparage this world using ascetic terms, yet act like those who covet it.’
    The Prophet said, 'The most abstemious of people is he who renounces the prohibited things.’
    Imam al-Sadiq said, 'It is forbidden for your hearts that they should taste the sweetness of faith until and unless they abstain from the pleasures of this world.’
    Imam Zayn al-Abidin said, 'He who renounces the world's vain pleasures finds its afflictions trivial and is not bothered by them as a result.’
    Imam Ali said, 'Abstaining from the vain pleasures of this world is the greatest source of comfort.’
    Imam Ali said, 'Abstain from the vain pleasures of this world and divine mercy will descend upon you.’
    Imam Ali said, 'He who renounces this worldly life, neither concerning himself with its baseness nor vying for its glory, Allah rewards him with a gift that is unobtainable through any of His creatures, grants him knowledge without the need for learning, secures wisdom in his heart and makes it flow upon his tongue.’
    The Prophet said, 'Abstaining from the vain pleasures of this world puts the heart and the body at rest, whereas longing for them exhausts the heart and the body.'
    Imam al-`Aaskari said, 'If the inhabitants of this world used their intellect, the world would self-destruct [for it would cease to be of any importance].’
    Imam al-Kazim once said while standing at a graveside, ‘Indeed something that ends with this [i.e. death] is worthy of its beginning being spent in abstemiousness. And indeed something that begins with this is worthy of its end being feared with apprehension.'
    Imam al-Baqir said, 'Remember death frequently, for no sooner does man increase his remembrance of death than he begins to renounce this world's life.’
    Imam Ali said, 'How can one renounce the pleasures of this world when he has not yet fathomed the worth of the Hereafter?!’
    Imam Ali said, 'The person best able to practice abstemiousness is he who understands the inferiority of this worldly life.’
    Imam al-Rida , when asked about the qualities of the ascetic, replied, 'He manages to still his hunger without pursuit of food, he is well-prepared for his death, and weary of his life in this world.’
    Imam al-Sadiq , when asked to define the ascetic, said, 'The ascetic is the one who renounces the permissible things in this world for fear of having to account for them, and renounces the forbidden things of this world for fear of punishment for them.’
    Imam Ali said, 'Those who restrain themselves from worldly pleasures are such that their hearts are weeping though outwardly they may laugh, they experience great sorrow though they display joy, and they are filled with self-contempt though they rejoice at all that they have been bestowed.’
    Imam Ali said, 'The one who practices asceticism from worldly pleasures is such that he neither allows the prohibited things to overcome his perseverance [in the way of Allah], nor the permissible things to distract him from gratefulness to Allah.’
    Imam al-Sadiq said, 'Asceticism is the key to the door of the Hereafter and immunity from the Fire, and it is to abandon all those things that preoccupy you from Allah, neither experiencing regret upon their loss, nor self-admiration for having abandoned them, nor awaiting deliverance from them, nor seeking praise on account of them, and nor anything else in exchange for them. Rather you see their loss as a source of comfort and their presence as a source of misfortune, such that you consistently run away from misfortune and seek refuge in comfort.'
    Imam Ali said, 'Asceticism is summed up between two phrases in the Qur’an, where Allah, most High, says, "So that you may not grieve for what has escaped you, nor be exultant at what He has given you.” Therefore, one who neither grieves about past losses nor is overjoyed about the possessions he is granted has perfected his asceticism from both sides.’
    The Prophet said, 'Asceticism is not to prohibit oneself that which is allowed. Rather it is to find that which is with Allah more secure than that which is in one's own possession.’
    The Prophet said, ‘Asceticism from worldly pleasures means to cut short one’s hopes of this world, to be grateful for every single bounty, to have piety and to keep away from all that which Allah has prohibited.’
    Imam al-Sadiq said, 'All goodness has been placed in one house, and its key is asceticism and restraint from worldly pleasures.'
    Imam al-Baqir said, 'In one of His conversations with Prophet Moses , Allah told him the following, '…those who seek to adorn themselves [for Me] have no better apparel than abstention from the worldly pleasures that they find indispensable.’
    Imam Ali said, 'Verily among the qualities that greatly develop one’s faith is abstention from worldly pleasures.’
    Imam Ali said, 'Asceticism is the distinguishing characteristic of Godwary people and the natural disposition of those who turn to Allah.’
    The Prophet said, 'People cannot worship Allah with anything better than asceticism from worldly pleasures.’
    please dont forget me in your duas.
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    PenOfTruth got a reaction from Mzwakhe in Important Traits Of A Mo'min   
    Praise be to Allah sibling in Islam.
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    PenOfTruth got a reaction from Mzwakhe in Important Traits Of A Mo'min   
    Imam Ali said, ‘Perseverance in the face of adversity protects the heart.’
    Imam Ali said, ‘Accustom yourself to persevering in the face of adversity, and [you will see] how well persevering with the truth will become part of your natural disposition.’
    Imam Ali said, ‘The origin of patience is to have strong conviction in Allah.’
    The Prophet said, ‘Whoever tries to be patient, Allah makes him patient, and whoever tries to remain chaste, Allah keeps him chaste, and whoever suffices himself with what he has, Allah enriches him. No servant can ever be granted something better and more sufficient than patience.’
    Imam Ali said, ‘He whose patience gives him no deliverance is destroyed by anxiety.’
    Imam Ali said, ‘Whoever does not endure his troubles ends up having to endure his own ruin.’
    Imam Ali said, ‘You can either have the perseverance of noblemen or be lost in the oblivion of beasts.’
    Imam Ali said, ‘Verily if you are patient, the trials of destiny will befall you and you will be rewarded for them, whilst if you are anxious, not only will the trials of destiny still befall you but they will cover you over.'
    Imam al-Sadiq said to one of his companions, ‘Verily we are very patient and our Shi`aa are even more patient than us.’ His companion asked, ‘May I be your ransom, how can your Shi`aa be more patient than yourselves?’ He replied, ‘Because we are patient alongside our knowledge [of everything], whereas our Shi`aa are patient in spite of not knowing.’
    Imam al-Baqir was once asked about graceful patience [graceful patience (al-Sabr al-jamil) - mentioned in the Qur’an 12:18, 12:83 , to which he replied, ‘That is the patience that is devoid of complaint to other people.’
    Imam Ali said, ‘Patience comes in the form of either persevering in the face of an affliction, or enduring an act of obedience, or restraining oneself against an act of disobedience. And this third type is of a higher calibre than the first two.’
    Imam Ali said, ‘Patience is of two types: perseverance in the face of that which you despise, and enduring restraint against that which you love.’
    Imam Ali said, ‘Patience is that a man bears whatever afflicts him and swallows his anger.’
    The Prophet said, ‘Patience is satisfaction [with Allah’s decree].'
    Imam al-Sadiq said, ‘Whoever, when suffering from an ailment, patiently endures it and considers it a means of proximity to Allah, Allah writes down for him the same reward as that of a thousand martyrs.'
    Imam al-Sadiq said, ‘Whoever from amongst our Shi`aa is tried with an affliction and endures it will be granted the reward of a thousand martyrs.’
    Imam Ali said in his description of the Godwary ones, ‘They endured hardship for a short while, and in consequence they secured comfort for a long time.’
    The Prophet said, ‘With perseverance, deliverance becomes possible, and whoever knocks at the door persistently will enter it.’
    The Prophet said, ‘Verily victory comes with perseverance, and deliverance with hardship, and verily with difficulty comes ease.’
    Imam al-Sadiq said, ‘Patience is the peak of faith.’
    Imam Ali said, ‘Whoever patiently endures the path to Allah reaches Him.’
    Imam Ali said, ‘Through patience are great things accomplished.’
    Imam al-Jawad said, ‘Patience in the face of a misfortune is itself a misfortune for the one who gloats over your bad luck.’
    Imam al-Sadiq said, ‘The [true] believer is inherently patient against adversities.’
    Imam Ali said, ‘Patience in the face of tribulation is better than well-being in times of comfort.’
    Imam Ali said, ‘Patience makes light work of calamities.’
    The Prophet was once asked what faith was, to which he replied, ‘Patience.'
    Prophet Jesus said, ‘Verily you will never be able to attain that which you love until you are able to endure that which you despise.’
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    PenOfTruth got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in I Swear Its Waajb To Follow A Marji   
    salams alaikum,
    I have met some people on here, who think its not waajib to follow a marji and even ask for evidence, before anything, please reflect on these issues
    1) have you reached the highest level of studies to come out and say its not waajb? no? ok.
    2) How are you going to know your halal and haram issues? ask others? well guess what, they follow a marji. unless you and them are guessing depending on your little amount of knowledge.
    3) if you are going to spend the rest of your life guessing your laws, get ready for a lot of questioning on the day of judgment.
    4) why do you think the imam (af) left four messengers before his big and main occultation? 
    now, here are the narrations that clearly say its waajb to follow a marji'. :
    1: Imam alaskari (as) says- if there were jurists who preserves himself, guards his religiosity, is against his desires, obedient to his mawla,then the common people in the society should follow him.
    اما من كان من الفقهاء صائنا لنفسه حافظا لدينه مخالفا لهواه مطيعا لامر مولاه فللعوام ان يقلدوه
    source : wasaa'l alshee'a, book18, page 95, narration 20.
    2 : imam Mahdi (af) says : for the incidents that occur, refer to the narrators of our words for they are my proofing for you and im am the proofing for Allah swt.
    اما الحوادث الواقعة فارجعوا الئ رواة حديثنا فانهم حجتي عليكم وانا حجة الله 
    source : wasa'l alshe'a, book18, page 101, narration 9.
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    PenOfTruth got a reaction from Hameedeh in The Spiritual Workout   
    Exellent. May Allah reward you.
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    PenOfTruth got a reaction from Inaayah in Sheikh Yasser Al Habib   
    exactly.. and loving imam ali (as) isn't just loving him, it's following his teaching as well. I swear yassir habeb can get 20 turbans on his head, if he doesn't follow the ahlulbayt teaching whats the point.
    wasalam :)
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    PenOfTruth got a reaction from Anwaralhidaya in Muslim Women & College   
    Salamu Alaikum,
    I disagree with sister Hameeda. I think the best choice of covering or hijab is that which covers most, regardless of where you live. If you find your self in a community which is accepting and open minded then you should wear the abaya.
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    PenOfTruth got a reaction from The Light in Emphasis On Sahabas   
    I swear if those three loved imam ali, they wouldnt mention their names.
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    PenOfTruth reacted to Ibn al-Hussain in Iran Nuclear Deal: Historic Agreement In Vienna   
    Agreement to end 12-year standoff over Iran’s nuclear programme expected to be unveiled imminently in Vienna.
    Follow the latest developments live: http://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2015/jul/14/iran-nuclear-talks-deal-historic-vienna-live-updates
    Zarif hails win-win deal
    Zarif describes the agreement as a “win-win” solution but not perfect. He says the deal would open new horizons for dealing with serious problems that affect our international community. He added: “I believe this is a historic moment. We are reaching an agreement that is not perfect for anybody but is what we could accomplish. Today could have been the end of hope, but now we are starting a new chapter of hope.”
    Mogharini said the agreements would “open the way to a new chapter in international relations” and show that diplomacy can overcome decades of tension. “This is a sign of hope for the entire world,” she said.
    "With this deal, Iran will become the first country in the history of the United Nations to exit Chapter 7 sanctions through diplomacy rather than war." 
    BBC: http://www.bbc.com/news/live/world-middle-east-33509809
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    PenOfTruth reacted to Ethics in Rings And Stones In Islam   
    XD I am wearing one now like that ^_^ It contains small 5 stones in one. Nothing wrong with either. Dont make this more difficult as it seems. Just follow the sunnah of Rasullah within its boundaries and inshAllah you will receive baraka.
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    PenOfTruth reacted to Muhammed Ali in What Motivates Him?   
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    PenOfTruth got a reaction from Brained in Stop Shirazi Ads!   
    If threads that matter had such number of replies I would come on this site more often.
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    PenOfTruth reacted to Abu Nur in Iraq And Useless Projects   
    Salam Aleikum,

    I don't know how many you have noticed, but part of Iraq reconstruction have been very useless and waste of money. Instead of reconstruction and supporting fully and effectively for example the poor and orphans (3 million orphans in Iraq), these Iraqis have wasted a lot money for building for example sport cities, like Basra Sport City that cost about £550 Million.
    Then we have this waste of money project, New Iraqi parliament building that cost 1billion dollar, like Iraq need another one. But somewhere I heared they cancelled it.
    Is there something to do to prevent these projects? Seeing these new videos of Iraq Orphans and poor people makes me so sad, and it seem this Iraq Goverment is very horrible.
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    PenOfTruth got a reaction from The Green Knight in Stop Shirazi Ads!   
    If threads that matter had such number of replies I would come on this site more often.
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    PenOfTruth got a reaction from kamyar in Imam Ali Treats Aisha With Respect, And Asks Us To   
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    PenOfTruth reacted to Chaotic Muslem in Stop Shirazi Ads!   
    True !But then, where are your replies in the other threads? :D
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    PenOfTruth got a reaction from Al-Hassan in Stop Shirazi Ads!   
    If threads that matter had such number of replies I would come on this site more often.
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    PenOfTruth got a reaction from Chaotic Muslem in Stop Shirazi Ads!   
    If threads that matter had such number of replies I would come on this site more often.
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    PenOfTruth reacted to kamyar in Quds Day, The Mysterious Key To Faraj   
    Insha'Allah I will participate, because:
    1. It a form of support for Resistance axis.
    2. It will anger Zionists.
    3. It is a sign to show that I as a Shia support oppressed Sunnis, even though I know some of them (not all) have made some strategic mistakes against their own supporters.
    4. It is an opportunity to support and show solidarity with other oppressed people in countries like Yemen and Bahrain.
    5. I know who will benefit most, if I don't participate.
    6. It is a labbayk to Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei.
    7. I will participate to say: Alqodso lana.
    And I know babasirats will have many more reasons to list for attending Quds day rally.


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    PenOfTruth got a reaction from power in Why Umar Ra Nominated Ali Ra As His Successor?   
    I am always amazed by the existence of these discussions whilst Hadith al Ghader exists.
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    PenOfTruth got a reaction from von Lohengramm in Why Umar Ra Nominated Ali Ra As His Successor?   
    I am always amazed by the existence of these discussions whilst Hadith al Ghader exists.
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    PenOfTruth reacted to The Green Knight in Why Umar Ra Nominated Ali Ra As His Successor?   
    LOL. You are making a very poor case. Pardon me but I give up. I have better things to do.
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    PenOfTruth got a reaction from Ali_Hussain in Looking For A Book   
    Salamu Alaikum ^, I searched online too but couldn't find it, Don't think you'll find such a book online anyway. If I were you I would search for it in the libraries when going to zyara, hope you find it inshallah.
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    PenOfTruth reacted to Qa'im in "the Worst Of The Jinn Are The Rafida"   
    “قال الإمام الشعبي – رحمه الله – كان لي صديق من الجن ويزورني فلا أراه، ويغيب في الجدار ويأتي من الجدار، وكان يأكل فاراه يرفع الطعام ولا أرى صورته، وكان يعجبه “الرز” فكنت أصنعه له”.
    وأضاف العريفي أن الإمام الشعبي سأل الجن :”هل عندكم مذاهب وفرق؟ وما أخبثها؟”، فأجابه نعم يوجد فرق وأخبثهم يطلق عليهم الرافضة، فرد عليه الإمام الشعبي قائلاً : فكذلك والله هم أخبثهم عندنا.
    Translation: Imam al-Sha`bi (tabi`i, faqih, and muhaddith) said: "I had a friend from the jinn who would visit me and I would not see him. He would disappear into the wall, and appear from the wall. He used to eat, and I would see him lift up the food, but I would not see his form. And he used to like rice, so I used to make it for him."
    Imam al-Sha`bi asked the jinn, "Do you [jinn] have schools and sects? And what is the filthiest of them?" So the jinn answered, "Yes, there are sects, and the filthiest is called the Rafida". So al-Sha`bi replied, "Yes, by Allah, they are the filthiest of us too."
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    PenOfTruth reacted to Highflyer in Emotional Reunion   
    Oh my my, such a shame.. cry emoticon Two people who got education from same school

    A Florida man burst into tears when he discovered the judge at his bond hearing was a middle school classmate, video of the emotional reunion shows.
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