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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If threads that matter had such number of replies I would come on this site more often.
  2. I am always amazed by the existence of these discussions whilst Hadith al Ghader exists.
  3. Salamu Alaikum ^, I searched online too but couldn't find it, Don't think you'll find such a book online anyway. If I were you I would search for it in the libraries when going to zyara, hope you find it inshallah.
  4. Salamu Alaikum, The prince of the believers knew he would get killed and by who without a doubt, praise be to Allah who gave the prince this knowledge. But when Allah wants something to happen, the Imam will obey and accept, as he accepts the will of God like we all have to. If it was time for the prince to leave this world then so it is, and God knows best.
  5. Salamu Alaikum, people always focus on finishing the 100 ruk'at that I feel there is no sprituality in it. The reason we do an act of worship is to gain closeness to Allah through it, not only wanting the rewards. Similarly with the Quran, many try their hardest to finish it on time and may Allah reward them for that, but studying the tafseer of one verse will bring you closer to Allah much more than reading the whole Quran whilst not reflecting upon one verse. I think we need to focus on using the acts of worship to build a connection with God rather than doing it because it is recommended.
  6. Salamu Alaikum, All sadaqat are rewarded equally as far as I know, if the intention is pure. The only time I came across a Hadith which speaks about a sadaqah being better than another is a sadaqah which is given private, rather than it being given in public and God knows best.
  7. ^salamu Alaikum, That's a very good question. I have never come across a Hadith covering the criteria of an Alim, only ahadith about their status and their rewards. An عالم (alim) comes from the word علم (ilm) which means knowledge. So, in the Arabic language at least an alim refers to a knowledgable individual. Regardless of what conclusion they come to with their knowledge, how their knowledge is used and what intention they hold behind gaining knowledge, they are an Alim, because they hold ilm. However, I'm sure most of us would rather call a person who uses his knowledge for good, acts a
  8. Salamu Alailum, I agree with you. It is highly important for a Muslim to be politically aware, from the time of Rasool Allah (s) until today we are constantly being attacked, and one must become politically active for defence. Like what has been said above, it is quite impossible to not be involved in politics, with so many events happening around the world, as well as getting closer to the time of the reappearance of the 12th. Muslims have been told by the prophet and his holy household to stand up for the oppressed, which in our time at least means becoming active on the political stage, w
  9. Salamu Alaikum, I disagree with sister Hameeda. I think the best choice of covering or hijab is that which covers most, regardless of where you live. If you find your self in a community which is accepting and open minded then you should wear the abaya.
  10. Some beautiful narrations i would like to share: The holy prophet (s) said: when i was sent up to the heavens, Gabrial held me on his right shoulder, then i saw a red spot, it's color is is better than that of saffron, and it's scent is more beautiful than Misk and i saw there and old man with a helmet. So i said to Gabrial (as): what is this red place in which it's better than saffron and it's scent is more beautiful than Misk? Gabrial (as) replied: this is the place of your Shia and the Shia of you successor Ali (as). I (s) said: who is the old man with the helmet? he (s) replied: Iblees. I
  11. Unless anti-Assad individuals cannot bring any evidence or proof that Assad himself (i repeat: himself) has done anythting oppressive, then I reccomend you sit yourself down. We need to look at who he is figting. So many rulers are either selling themselves and their dignity or bowing down to America and it's allies, we should thank Allah we have someone who has the guts to stand up, and fights terrorism for three years. Firstly, when goverments like Saudi and America are fighting someone, that means they are fighting hypocrisy, murder and most importantly, terrosrim. I understand some of the
  12. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235021960-how-to-control-human/
  13. Referring to the OP, i agree that we can't compare our little knowledge to the maraji. Then again, there are things that are obvious to all of us.for example, what Ahlulbayt (AS) say about cursing in public.
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