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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salams, Both the video and the writing on the link I have provided state that I was unable to prove that I suffered financial damages and that this is the reason why I did not pursue the case in court. I only found out about the breach long after the incident and so I had to challenge the case in a County Court. The rules are different in a County Court. The solicitor's letter show that he believed my case to have merit (but I was advised by other lawyers to not proceed as I did not suffer damages). The page is not only about the breach of contract; it is also about the mistreatment and th
  2. Salams, I am trying to correct what I see to be wrong in the company. Since the company has a tendency to ignore me and has made unsubstantiated claims to have addressed the issues I raised, I have decided to speak out against this company. Didn't the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) command us to enjoin good and forbid evil physically, verbally and in our hearts? As I have said earlier, I am trying to bring this matter to the attention of as many people as possible so that they can avoid something similar happening to themselves. Didn't Prophet Nuh (Peace be Upon Him) remain with hi
  3. Yes, I have done a few different jobs since.
  4. Salams, Please do not say there is no evidence without knowledge of the case. The link I posted clearly shows that a letter from a UK lawyer who believed my case to have merit. I am trying to bring this matter to the attention of as many people as possible so that they can avoid something similar happening to themselves. I have an email from the company's lawyer stating that they will take civil action against me should I publish the material I have (whilst naming the company). So, clearly the company doesn't want its reputation to be damaged. I have irrefutable evidence of my claims.
  5. Assalamu Alaykum I was treated very badly by a major UK supermarket. To see more of my story, to help me and to find out which UK supermarket I am referring to, please see this link where you can watch a very short video (1:46 minutes long) and fill in a short form (less than one minute). Please fill in this form and share it with your UK contacts. http://informationpi.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/supermarket.html In a nutshell, my story is that the supermarket appears to have destroyed evidence that would have proven that it breached my contract and that it has made claims to have addressed
  6. Khamal


    Salams, http://informationpi.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/supermarket.html Although the Facebook and Twitter comments are part of the person's private life, I wanted people to think about how this person, whom employees are instructed in their invitation to the meeting letter to direct their questions to about the forthcoming meeting and who signed both letters, openly admits his dishonesty. My point is that the verbal information you are given about the meeting is (at least in my case) untrue or misleading. I am sure that most people don't record verbal discussions (which might happen in a corrid
  7. Khamal


    Salams, Something you may want to read. http://informationpi.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/supermarket.html The brother about who wrote the writing on that web page has already consulted several lawyers and so no further legal advice need be posted here. Wassalam
  8. Salams. I want to post a link to a specific web page anonymously. Please let me know how I can do this. Is there any email address I can contact ShiaChat Administrators? Wassalam

  9. Salams, Here is my translation of the first few paragraphs of this news article from BBC Arabic Wassalam تغير المناخ "حقيقة واقعة": هل ننقذ كوكبنا الجميل؟ يكثر الحديث عن الخطر الذي يداهم البشرية بسبب التغيرات المناخية التي أصبحت مظاهرها حقيقة ملموسة في أنحاء كوكبنا الأرضي. وآخر إشارات الخطر صدرت من لجنة الأمم المتحدة للتغيرات المناخية وتردد صداها في مؤتمر بالي في إندونيسيا أواخر عام 2007، الذي أكد أن الدليل على التغير المناخي "لا لبس فيه"، وحذر من عواقب بيئية كبرى إن لم تتخذ "إجراءات سريعة" لدرء الخطر. والسؤال الأكثر إلحاحا هو لماذا يتفاقم الانهيار البيئي وما السبيل لوقفه؟ السبب كما ير
  10. يربط المؤرخون بين صعود كرة القدم والثورة الصناعية، بما يجعل منها لعبة تتفق مع الأزمنة الحديثة. فهي تنطوي على التنافس الديموقراطي القائم على الكفاءة، إذ نصيب اللاعب من النجاح مرآة لمهارته الفردية، مثلما أنّها لعبة جماعية لا ينقصها الاختصاص والتكامل، فلكل لاعب دوره في إنجاز الهدف المقصود، وفي كل دور ما يكمل أدواراً أخرى. وإذا كان اللاعب، بصيغة الجمع، يمثّل بقامته المعتدلة عملاً عضلياً، فإنّ إلى جانبه عملاً ذهنياً، يعطي اللعبة أسسها الضرورية. فهناك الإدارة التي تشرف على الفريق، هاجسة بالنصر والتفوّق، أو بصناعة جيدة، ترضي الجمهور. إضافة إلى"الحَكَم"، الذي هو قاضٍ حديث يضمن العدالة والمساواة، اعتما
  11. Salams, I have already contacted several agencies that provide free legal advice. None were able to help me. I have checked http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/? and it seems unlikely that they would be able to help me (based on what their website states regarding the areas of law they provide advice). Nevertheless, I have written to them to confirm whether or not they would be able to help me. I can teach/help anyone wishing to learn Arabic in exchange for donations towards my legal advice appeal. I have postgraduate-level qualifications in Arabic to English translation. Wassalam
  12. Salams, I just had a look at what areas of law they give advice in; it doesn't state defamation as one. Please note that I already received some general written advice about this matter from a law centre. That law centre has told me that I need to obtain specialist advice and even gave me a list of possible places to try. Unfortunately, it seems to me that specialist advice in the area of defamation is not available. If anyone knows of a specialist defamation lawyer who gives free legal advice then yes, I could consider that. Otherwise, I will need to pay a lawyer for the advice. Wassa
  13. Salams, As far as I know, there is no free legal advice for defamation (which is the area of law that would be relevant in my case). I have already visited some law centres and sought free legal advice where relevant. I need specialist advice in the area of defamation law which isn't free. Wassalam
  14. Salams, I need help raising £1500 (minimum amount) for a certain personal cause. I need the money to pay for legal fees so that I can get access to legal advice. There is no free advice available in the area of law in which I need advice in. Please see the link below: http://www.gofundme.com/ocowyc May Allah reward you. Wassalam
  15. There is a non-stun slaughter petition that has more than 114,000 signatures. This topic will now be discussed in the British parliament. The petition supporting halal slaughter http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/74830 only has more than 33,000. We are well behind the opposing petition.
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