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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Prophet Yunus was a prophet, which means God loved him more then any of us because he was closer to God and more obedient then any of us, however he did one thing , he didnt break any of the laws of Moses, nor the Laws of Isa, nor the Laws of Muhammad , peace be upon them all. All he did was walk away from a nation that was being disobedient and you know what happened to him, you know the rest of the story, the punishment he experienced is probably more worse then any of us will experience in this life(the closest i had was once being stuck in a lift for 3 hours and it was really uncomfortable) You see, God got him swallowed by the whale, and he was being burnt inside by the stomach acids, and this is not a gentle burn, nor was this experience pleasant Just imagine you are inside a fishes stomach, and you dont know if you will ever get out or if God will forgive you, he didnt know if he was going to remain there till judgement day or if he wil ever be forgiven Not knowing is probably the most scariest part, he was in darkness, there was no light inside the stomach, and of course as i mentioned he was being physically tortured by being eaten alive by those digestive acids God could have kept him there forever, and he didnt have any idea that he would be ever let out, that indecisiveness is a scary experience And then there is us, we sin great sins, we commit adultery as some of you here have confessed to the public, we commit sins daily small and large, and of course the sins we do that only you and God know about are even worse So what makes you feel so secure? If God punished instantly the one whom he loves more then all of us in such a way, you really think your safe? You publicly backbite you publicly insult and swear and slander you publicly do other sins on here and in your circles at work and with friends etc and you feel so safe? dont give me the whole "he was a prophet we are different nonsense" how many times had we been in a situation where we really needed God? and we prayed and prayed and there was no response of any to us? no medium, no response from God, and we were left to deal with whatever was bothering us/hurting us/killing us and yet you feel so secure? the amount of sin that goes on here on this forum , the amount of insults and amount of backbiting and laughing and slandering and insulting and attacking the scholars and so on and so forth is enough to get us all in hell, let alone what you do which nobody but you and God knows about, and yet you feel so safe? you need to take God more seriously anyway this is my last post, here and i will comment for however long i can, because i have asked inshallah the admin to delete my account i must say that i have found you so called shia here to be appalling as humans let alone as muslims or followers oh ahlul bayt, and i dont want anything any further to do with you, go live your lives do what you want, say what you want insult whoever you want, talk about whoever you want, insult and slander and do what you want, but i am done with you selams to you all as far as i know i have not attacked anyone or said anything which is not true, but i in turn have been insulted and accused and slandered against , ridiculed and so on , i dont know what authority you do what you did, i dont know who's teachings you followed, but surely it is not the teachings of ahlul bayt i have also been for a while on mod review and much of what i say or said was not allowed to come through, i dont really care about that, all that shows is that there is an unjust mods and admins here anyway i am done with you for good i will not be coming back, and i will see you all on judgement day have a good life and hopefully some of you turn to religion and islam as it is supposed to be turned to and not just talk about the ahlul bayt, but actually follow them in action and contemplate on their words and then apply them to your selves as bruce lee said "willing is not enough you must do knowing is not enough you must apply" so good luck to you all in life and i hope to never see you again hopefully the mods would speed up the process of deleting my account on here so that it doesnt look like im stalling, i have already messaged inshallah but he doesnt seem to respond and dont be surprised if some of you end up in hell
  2. i think if the Imams were sent to any other nation, such as the Romans or Greeks at the time, they would have benefited from these personalities , they wouldnt have killed them like the Arabs did to Imam Husayn and the other Imams if Imam Ali and Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) went to the Greeks and Romans of the time, the whole world now would be speaking Roman or Greek, and they would have never let go of it the miracles that the Prophet and Imams could have done to prove their true divine leadership, and the knowledge of the whole universe they had to give to the people, the ancient Romans and Greeks would have used that and milked that instead of killed it and imprisoned that such as the Arabs did it would have been instant success for Islam and it would have never ceased to exist the Europeans are not as blunt as the Arabs where, they only wanted Power as history showed and at the moment of the death of the Prophet what happened happened, the Islam world died with him, and the 3 caliphs permanently damaged Islam but had that been the Europeans they would have accepted the Prophets and Imams , if not for their religion but for their knowledge because they always held knowledge in a high place and most of their leaders pursued it, even if it was nonsense knowledge such as magic etc the Imams and the Prophet would have guided them to the truth and they would have accepted it
  3. of course we dont pig etc however if you were a farmer wouldnt you be feeding a "good" diet to your animals for produce? it wouldnt make sense to allow them to grow/eat in grotesque conditions i dont know much about farming animals, but i do know that people can get sued very easily if they dont follow guidelines set by the industry, and i am sure there is guidelines to growing pigs which are regulated, otherwise you would have alot more common news about people dying or being poisoned from eating pigs i know here in the west that people eat bacon daily, especially in the mornings and they don't get any issues from it, in fact pork is probably the most eaten food out of the other meats, and yet you hardly hear of cases where people have health issues from it, even minor ones if all the above were true , people would be dropping like flies daily
  4. It seems to me , and i get the impression that people are care free and dont put enough attention towards their akhira Im really surprised by the response from people , its as if people have been given veto from hell fire, that is the attitude that people have they dont care about salatul layl, and they feel that they will live tomorrow you forget we can die any moment, you have taken the gift of God for granted , the constant life we get day in day out have given people the wrong impression and the wrong kind of confidence im really surprised by people attitude towards akhira, its almost as if some you think you wont die ever i expect death every day, any moment something can go wrong or God can call me back, and thats it, you die in some terrible state such as your stomach full and in comforts and pleasures, or even worse in state of doing something haram, your finished and there will be hell to pay your comforts have given you a wrong feeling of safety , death can come any second, you will just melt away from this world and wont even realize its happening
  5. well then become functioning you need to take your akhira more seriously , this is the best chance for getting forgiveness and instead you would miss out on it? i dont understand people today , its is like they have all been handed the golden ticket to heaven and are just care free in this life , how sad and miserable
  6. i dont see how this is funny we all need to help each other, get closer to God, and what that means is we need to work as a group if 40 people attest to somebody at their funeral that he/she was a good person, then Allah forgives the sins of that person so if every night 40 people mention your name asking for your forgiveness, God will not refuse us and clean up our souls every night if that is something people dont see any worth in, then what is worth it? this is an opportunity that is heavenly and divine and can incur great rewards and great position for us with God we should be doing this everywhere and with everyone, besides we all have sins that need forgiving and most of our days are not infallible
  7. what is so hard about being consistent ? we pray the 5 obligatory prayers every day and we never miss them, so what is so hard about doing a sixth?
  8. do you watch/listen/believe in that sheikh that is situated in england who slanders aisha and hafsa alot?
  9. Selam im Bosnian, whats all the fuss about? oh and if your looking for a female for marriage, sorry to disappoint you im a male
  10. even if you miss it at night for whatever reason you can do qada during the day
  11. Recently im doing a revision on my salatul layl section where i ask forgiveness for 40 people, and i have about 10-15 spaces open since i have removed some that i used to mention for a long time but i feel they dont cut the requirements which is that it must be 40 mumineen So any of you who are mumineen want me to include you in my list? The condition is that you must include me in your list, and also that you actually promise to do the slatul layl every night at the appropriate time consecutively and constantly and mention my name when seeking the forgiveness for 40 people If you are interested you wil need to privately message me and send your name so i can include you in the 40 mumineen list and i can also send you my name so that you mention me so 10 -15 people is open , and hopefully it is 10-15 people who are consistent and keep their word to remember me also and to most importantly do this for as long as God gives us the tawfeeq if you stop the prayer then you must let me know
  12. whether this video is true or not, there is doubts or question about the disunity in the many communities of Muslims that exist, amongst shia and sunni and all the different denomination in between them and inside them if there wasnt disunity, the whole community would have prospered long ago , otherwise what has been the cause of all this stagnation and problems? we cant blame everything on Israel and America, because had they been removed as factors to the problem, you would have found that still there would be fighting inside these different groups i go even further, and say this that if the whole world was Muslim, and if America and Israel were Islamic countries etc there still wouldn't be peace there would still be fighting and segregation and huge grudges and walls between people that would be difficult/impossible to cross like the Quran says ".......they stand in formation but their hearts are disunited...." and that is because of one thing alone, the human nafs which is greedy and wants power and fame and position and to be the leader and to have whatever it wants to have etc even when it has enough it still wants to have more even at the cost of taking others rights away thats why the Prophet said "the root of all evil is the loved of this world" if everyone took away this love of this world from their hearts, then you would have world peace even if Islam was unknown , but of course the possibility of freedom from the love of this world and Islam being unknown is impossible meaning being love free of this world means having Islam in your heart and vice versa it is impossible to not have anything occupy your heart, the heart is made like that by God that something must occupy it, and the two choices are either Islam or the world, however the world flows into the heart while Islam must be forced in to the heart by ripping out the roots of the tree of love of this world and planting the seeds of Islam
  13. anyone else who reads the above, also pray for those two things i have asked for and i will pray for you, just let me know who you are and we can help each other
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