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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Prophet Yunus was a prophet, which means God loved him more then any of us because he was closer to God and more obedient then any of us, however he did one thing , he didnt break any of the laws of Moses, nor the Laws of Isa, nor the Laws of Muhammad , peace be upon them all. All he did was walk away from a nation that was being disobedient and you know what happened to him, you know the rest of the story, the punishment he experienced is probably more worse then any of us will experience in this life(the closest i had was once being stuck in a lift for 3 hours and it was really uncomfortable
  2. i think if the Imams were sent to any other nation, such as the Romans or Greeks at the time, they would have benefited from these personalities , they wouldnt have killed them like the Arabs did to Imam Husayn and the other Imams if Imam Ali and Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) went to the Greeks and Romans of the time, the whole world now would be speaking Roman or Greek, and they would have never let go of it the miracles that the Prophet and Imams could have done to prove their true divine leadership, and the knowledge of the whole universe they had to give to the people, the ancient Romans and G
  3. of course we dont pig etc however if you were a farmer wouldnt you be feeding a "good" diet to your animals for produce? it wouldnt make sense to allow them to grow/eat in grotesque conditions i dont know much about farming animals, but i do know that people can get sued very easily if they dont follow guidelines set by the industry, and i am sure there is guidelines to growing pigs which are regulated, otherwise you would have alot more common news about people dying or being poisoned from eating pigs i know here in the west that people eat bacon daily, especially in the mornings and th
  4. It seems to me , and i get the impression that people are care free and dont put enough attention towards their akhira Im really surprised by the response from people , its as if people have been given veto from hell fire, that is the attitude that people have they dont care about salatul layl, and they feel that they will live tomorrow you forget we can die any moment, you have taken the gift of God for granted , the constant life we get day in day out have given people the wrong impression and the wrong kind of confidence im really surprised by people attitude towards akhira, its almost
  5. well then become functioning you need to take your akhira more seriously , this is the best chance for getting forgiveness and instead you would miss out on it? i dont understand people today , its is like they have all been handed the golden ticket to heaven and are just care free in this life , how sad and miserable
  6. i dont see how this is funny we all need to help each other, get closer to God, and what that means is we need to work as a group if 40 people attest to somebody at their funeral that he/she was a good person, then Allah forgives the sins of that person so if every night 40 people mention your name asking for your forgiveness, God will not refuse us and clean up our souls every night if that is something people dont see any worth in, then what is worth it? this is an opportunity that is heavenly and divine and can incur great rewards and great position for us with God we should be doing this
  7. what is so hard about being consistent ? we pray the 5 obligatory prayers every day and we never miss them, so what is so hard about doing a sixth?
  8. do you watch/listen/believe in that sheikh that is situated in england who slanders aisha and hafsa alot?
  9. Selam im Bosnian, whats all the fuss about? oh and if your looking for a female for marriage, sorry to disappoint you im a male
  10. even if you miss it at night for whatever reason you can do qada during the day
  11. Recently im doing a revision on my salatul layl section where i ask forgiveness for 40 people, and i have about 10-15 spaces open since i have removed some that i used to mention for a long time but i feel they dont cut the requirements which is that it must be 40 mumineen So any of you who are mumineen want me to include you in my list? The condition is that you must include me in your list, and also that you actually promise to do the slatul layl every night at the appropriate time consecutively and constantly and mention my name when seeking the forgiveness for 40 people If you are inte
  12. whether this video is true or not, there is doubts or question about the disunity in the many communities of Muslims that exist, amongst shia and sunni and all the different denomination in between them and inside them if there wasnt disunity, the whole community would have prospered long ago , otherwise what has been the cause of all this stagnation and problems? we cant blame everything on Israel and America, because had they been removed as factors to the problem, you would have found that still there would be fighting inside these different groups i go even further, and say this that if
  13. anyone else who reads the above, also pray for those two things i have asked for and i will pray for you, just let me know who you are and we can help each other
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