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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) It is against US! http://news.yahoo.com/fc?tmpl=fc&cid=34&in...us_armed_forces [Edited Out] (salam)
  2. (salam) I used wisecroft 2.0 . It does the job. http://www.wisecroft.com (salam)
  3. (salam) I am having problems getting nmap to run on my windows. I don't believein port scanning without having any information. A person should try three ports before proceeding to hack the place. Port 21, 23, 25 . These are very common. From these three ports, you will know the type of system and the type of weakneess. Once you have the weakness and know how to implement it. THen, run a port scan on that puppy and let it give you what you like. Some sites are boring to hack, some are very very hard, but not impossible to hack. A successful hacker make sures where ever he or shes steps is cleaned up. All logs must be cleaned if a successful attempt. make sure to install a backdoor, spoof an account. And use AT LEAST THREE DIFFERENT PROXIES! don't wan to see any of my brothers in the slammer :) And plus u r muslim. they will try to say you are a natioanl security risk to the country. Remember Bush has to get elected. Finding an arab hacker is gold to that man :) knowledge is legal. action can be illegal if you are stupid. I don't recomend anyone to try any of this. This is only for person knowledge gain. I am not responsible of any doings or mishaps you may get yourself in. THIS is knowledge, don't try this! Sayd
  4. (bismillah) (salam) Your question is very easy. Read the following two surah's. Surat laylat al-qadr and first 6 verses of surat al-dukhan (The Smoke). If you don't understand, let me know. Sayd ABbas
  5. (salam) WHo give a s(*& what a sunni believe about Abu Talib (as). Imam Ali (as) already said: I am the qaseem (separated of the fire and heaven, and my father will be in fire? Bro, leaven them alone, and let them think whatever they want to think. A quick note, a believer is in his heart and not in his doing. ABu - talib did was a believer, therefore, never thought of making any doings like the others. I hope u understand. (salam)
  6. Testing http://capoeira5.tripod.com/pics/69.jpg
  7. (salam) It was develped by african muslims in Brazil (salam) Abbas
  8. (bismillah) (salam) It is pretty funny. That a sunni will never take part in something like this. They are probably making a new topic how we are kuffar. SICK, I will never let me children be with a sunni. Everyone should take part on this. The adminstrators should code this page into each sunni user that everytime he or she logs in, she reads the followin post. I will be more than happy to provide the code to do so. (salam) Abbas
  9. (salam) it brings love to my heart to see a brother look you ayub. I will send you a turba if you want, give me your address. (salam) Sayd Abbas_MJ
  10. (salam) It is narrated from Imam Hussien (as) from Imam ALi (as) saying: Whoever fasts the month of Sh3ban it is love from the Prophet (saw), closeness to Allah (swt), love for Allah (Swt), closeness to His (swt) generosity on the day of judgement, and Heaven was become wajib (obgalitory). The prophet (swt) said: "This month (sh3ban) is my month, whoever fasts one day of my month, I made wajab the jiena (Heaven)." It is narrated from Imam Mohamad Al-Baqar (as) Imam Jaffer AL-Sadq. They said: "If the middle of sh3ban comes, then pray four rak3ats, each rouk3a you read the al-hamad (al-fatiha) and a hundred times surat al-iklass and when you are done say this duaa: Allahouma iney eelayka faqeeron wa meen 3thebak khaafon mistageeron. Allahouma La Toudeellou Ismeey wa Laa toukgayr Gesmey wa Laa tajahd balaaey wa laa tashmout bee a3daaey a3outhou bee3afwak meen 3eqaabak wa a3outhou beer7matak meen 3thaabek beeradk meen sakhtak waa a3outhou beek meenka jalla thnaaouka inta kama athnaeyta 3ala nafaseka wa fouqa maa yaaqoulo al-qaaeloun. Dont Forget to fast. Sayd Abbas _MJ (salam)
  11. (salam) SIDDIQUIAN I bet you are trying to get people to look at your stuff, Huh? look at you. All those were posted by you. You trying to trick us to sign up so you can have some people in your site? Believe me, you are selling garabage, and we are not interested. (salam)
  12. (bismillah) (salam) You have forgetten to mention that who prayed on the rasool (saw)? ABu bark? Isn't there many many sunni authentic hadith about the Gadir Qom incident making Imam Ali (as) the Imam after the Prophet (saw)? As far as I am concerned, Abu Bark disobyed the orders of the prophet (saw). TO disobey the prophet (saw), you get Lanat from Allah (Saw). Do you guys know why ONLY imam Ali (as) could do the ghusl? Because no one can see the private parts of the Prophet (saw), if anyone else see him, he would become blind. (salam) Abbas
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