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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well I was under the same impression that maybe the doctor is missing something out, So I consulted another one, It's total 3 different doctors now (not that I take medicines of all of them) but rather Just to talk and explain the situation and all of them gave me different tests & suggestions. The neurologist said that I've to stop studies and or work and just take some vacations somewhere peaceful for a while, coz my brain activity doesn't stop even if should have or something like that. and the other doc, He's a Muslim, he said that everything looks completely fine (yea fine, that's why I'm having all these issues) and your tests etc comes clean, so my knowledge is just til this stage, anything more than this is in God's hand -.- @Ali Ali Ali Now taking into consideration I'll go visit the doc on Tuesday, and will ask them for the things that you stated and let's see what they say. @True Sunni: lol not an exorcism since I'm not much of a believer of Paranormal but I'm just annoyed and all and wanted to find if there's any other explanation. Thanks everyone for the replies.
  2. Already have, couldn't write every detail as it'd make the thread a wall of text :/
  3. Hello everyone! I hope you all are having fun :) So I'm facing this weird issues since like the last 1.5 months or so, at the very start I started to have headaches most of the time, as it's a normal thing, I just used to take tablets for headache, it didn't worked well except for the part that it would help me sleep. After a week or two, I started vomiting and like I didn't wanted to eat, I could go on without eating for a day almost (except water & drinks, I LOVED THEM) or something very light, soup & so on. If I would eat anything a bit heavy, I'd vomit and later on, I noticed, I'm vomiting a bit of Blood too (wasn't sure) so I thought let's go see a doctor, it's getting a bit serious! I decided to go see the doc 2 days from then, but just a day before, at night I started feeling dizzy and felt like I'd vomit (i didn't had eat anything) and when I did vomit, it was blood, nothing else, although I was conscious but still I felt so dizzy I couldn't move myself but get these jitters or shivers for around 3-5 mins. Then I WAS ALL FINE! So I went to see the doc the next day, He checked me up and asked several questions. and then prescribed tons of tests, Blood, calcium, iron, and all. they all came clean. Then another doctor was involed coz the first one was a General Physician and this new guy was a Neurologist, so he asked me for a few other tests, including MRI and all. they all came clean too. So the docs concluded that I'm fine and maybe it's just stress or anything, gave me some tablets and asked me to see him after a month. and well I came home, after a day or two, It started all over again, being dizzy, getting those shivers and being conscious but not being able to move! It's time frame has moved from 3-5 mins to like 15-20 mins by now as I'm writing this! and it happens like almost between 2-5 days at any time, this is the reason I stopped going to University too as It was embarassing and I've lost weight, around 12 kgs. OK I COULD UNDERSTAND THAT THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG MEDICALLY BUT. Since like a week or two, I'm actually seeing things, There's this lady, I feel like She's there or watching me, when I concentrate or look at once, No one's there. It happens alot, and now when I go outside, I feel like there's this shadow following me all the time, I got too scared of it at the start and now it's more like ANNOYING than SCARY! It's been 1-2 weeks and it's constantly happening. EDIT I just got 20 years old last september, I'm healthy or was, and used to exercise, run & all so physically I was strong if not average! I was born in a Muslim family and followed Islam most of the time although since like the last few years, I haven't been into it and more like just living the life. Any suggestions, anyone you know who might've had the same issue? anything at all coz this is driving me crazy! LITERALLY CRAZY :(
  4. System? I guess it's a real person, as stated by several ahadees, the one eye guy who'll entitle himself as the God & so on.
  5. No one knows what or who Dajjal is? What's all the Ahadees & Stuff about then :S ?
  6. Assalam o alekum. I'm kind of new here, so sorry If i've posted in the wrong section. So i was asking, It Dajjal is killed, Where will he go? - Hell? - Heaven? - Nowhere? 1. Hell: If it's going to Hell, isn't it a little unfair, that God made him for the same purpose of Destruction and then when the work is done, He'll be going to be in Hell? 2. Heaven: It's also unfair to send him to Heaven for causing all the havoc & destruction. 3. Nowhere: Any reference or sayings regarding this?
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