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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I am wondering how a person sympathetic to Khomeini can condemn this incident.
  2. They dont call it 'BatriChat' for no reason :)
  3. as-Salamu A'laikum Jami'an, Are there ahadeeth prohibiting Tatbir, or more specifically, are there ahadeeth that sets boundaries and limits to what are accepted and valid forms of expressing grief for the Shuhada of Karbala? Thanks in advanced.
  4. Khameneis words are not binding upon the Mu'mineen and there is much that can be said regarding him. But I do realise that his worshippers have infiltrated this forum and have taken up administrative positions, so I'd rather not.
  5. Dont let the liberals persuade you to abandon Tatbir, engage in it brother Ali.
  6. Most laymen cannot differentiate between the Maraji' and when looking for one, they usually refer to the most popular Faqih ie. Sayed as-Sistani (ha) in the case of most Iraqis, Fadhl and Khamenei are the case for the Levantine Arabs unfortunately. And the qualifications of a just Marja' is that they should have a sound A'qeeda, I'jaza from earlier Fuqaha etc.
  7. There should be a hawzawi study on the authenticity of the 'Sadat' outside of the Shi'i religious hubs of Iraq and Iran. Not to say that there aren't authentic Sayed in broader areas. The Sayed families of Lebanon are documented, but there are reasons to doubt the claims of Afghani and Indo-Paki Sayeds.
  8. ISIS is the application of the most prevalent political theory in the Sunni religion ie. A trans-national Caliphate that is run under the judiciary established in their religion. ISIS = Sunni state and any Sunni that says otherwise is either: 1- Ignorant of their Shari'a. 2- Liberal. 3- In a state of 'Taqiyyah'.
  9. Actually your effeminate Tehrani accent is the 'funny one' Mr.Jackson.
  10. Iranis treat everybody badly, unless their political establishment (under WF) decrees against it when it suits their political and economical ambitions. And by Iranis, dont include my beloved Shi'a brothers and sisters, who are Shia Rawafidh before being Irani.
  11. Most Iranis dont adhere to Islam, or do albeit to an insignificant degree. Persian nationalism is the unifying factor for alot of them and even in some lectures, you can identify nationalistic undertones in the speech of those fake Shuyukh. The best Iranis IMO are the Muqalideen of Sayed Shirazi (ha) and Sayed Rouhani (ha). They are sincere and pious lovers of Ahlulbayt (as) and identify with Islam before 'Irani Budan'. May Allah's (t) wrath befall all people who identify with their ethnicity or race before Islam, including Hazara nationalists and especially upon the Persian nationalists.
  12. Soldier313

    Arabic Tips

    Salamu A'laikum, I am making a commitment to brush up on my Arabic after years of procratination. I do have a basic understanding of its grammar and syntax and I hope to start going to formal classes in the near future. However, I was wondering if the members here could give their recommendations. If you know of useful and effective resources such as books, or if you have any advice or general tips that has helped you grasp Arabic, please feel free to comment. Much obliged.
  13. SF Tanha, there are your people, Afghani fake 'Sayeds', that party and drink and intermarry with the Kuffar.
  14. The condition and state of affairs of the Hazaras in Afghanistan are improving bi ithnillah. Alot more are pursueing tertiary education, governmental positions and all around, it seems to be fairly good. Whereas in the blessed 'Islamic Republic', Hazaras are still perceived and treated like dogs. Despite all the polemics on this forum on the official stance of Iran on the Hazara migrants, they are on the receiving end of harsh racial vilification. And by talking to some Hazara asylum seekers who have come from Iran, it seems as though their state in Iran is deteriorating as the years go by. This is probably due to the large waves of irreligion that is sweeping across Iran as we speak, however some of the WF lovers here may object to this obvious fact. InshaAllah I will be travelling to Iran in the near future. Hopefully I will receive such treatment by the Iranis, as did my father and my close friends that went for Ziyarah recently, just so that nobody here can object to it. Wa Allahu A'lam.
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