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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I wouldn't mind going. Haven't yet so no way to say anything bad.
  2. Even if Imam Ali(as) was generous, after what Muawiya did to Hasan (as), how can he be praised? He fought, cheated and lied to Hasan. Then he curropted the caliphate. Worst of all he appointed his pig son Yazeed(la) as his sucessor, knowing he was curropt.
  3. I was shown the video of his speech on whe Az Zahra was attacked. It was the point to continue to think for myself. He made good points and explained it well as I wondered how Imam Ali wouldn't. Do anything. But then a brother shoqed me a hadith which shown what Imam Ali did.
  4. The man called him a scumbag fir being married to an arab because of either 2 (or both) reasons 1) The man is a racist who thinks all arabs are muslims and all muslims are terrorist who wish to slaughter all jews. 2)He is an orthodox jew who believes a jewish man marrying a non jewish women (shiksa) is sinful ans makes the man a traitor to the jeqish peoples due to the childrens atatus as non jewish. I am such a loser. Can you tell me what Carlos danger is? I viait family who have cable (I don't) and they mentioned that on daily show.
  5. You could write 'Death to Israel' or "Death to America' :)
  6. I don't see how. There is still a beat and singing
  7. If music is haram, then why is there so much singing and songs about Ashura?
  8. No. The sections heading is called; The political metod of the seletion of the Caliph by vote and its disagreement with the Shi'ite view. So he was talking of some things which don't really vibe with us Shia.
  9. My post would've supported your [Edited Out] hhere, if it was a statement showing support for killing anyone. But apparently you not only lack an understanding of Islam, but also lack comprehension.
  10. That is what I thought. The book confused me as this is what a highly knowledgable man wrote.
  11. Can't it be argued that adult Israeli civilians are legitimate targets as military service is mandatory in Israel?
  12. I am, currently reading; Shi'ah by Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabataba'i. Translated by Sayyid Husayn Nasr. On pages 60-61 you read, "....Likewise, because of the emphasis laid by Shi'ism on the sayings and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet, it is difficult for it to understand why the writing down of the text of hadith was completely banned and why, if written hadith were found, it would be burned. We know that this ban continued through the caliphate of the khulafa rashidun....." The commentary says iin regards to "khulafa rashidun"; "The first four caliphs, Abu-Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali
  13. I don't know you brother, but I support you and will remember you in y dua. May Allah ease your situation.
  14. Assad91


    I favor communism over capitalism. But both are not infallible sysmtems and are easily curropted by the whims of the leaders.
  15. It is no secret for the Egyptian Copts, that the reason why is beause they have been opponets towards MB and supported the Coup. THis angered the big babies in charge of MB so they sent their braindead dogs to attack innocent people.
  16. I don't know him well enough to say such. But I think it is irrelevant if Hezbollah is being forced by Iran or not. As long as they are there helping protect innocents and the Shrines, then I will pray for their success.
  17. Salam Alaykum I wish to ask for advice in striking the corret balance between spiritual ativities and obligations, and learning fiqh. At times, madness caused by shaytan, I spend hours looking for something fiqh wise. Usually of the same topic. Tonight I missed asr, magreb and isha, May Allah have mercy on me, in order for me to look to see if an Ayatollah or sheikh ever mention the position of an ex-sunni converted to shias status of marriage and prayers from before. Everyone I asked said it fine, but I still felt the need to get clarification from a recogized scholar. This is not a hea
  18. Great topic for me to read. Jazakallahu khyran for the reminder. But at times I feel the weight of past mistakes, from before and after my reversion,weigh my heart down. At times after prayer I wish to jsut cry. How do I get rid of this?
  19. Take time of sunrise and subtract time of fajr, and you will find the answer. For example, from the above post, if you lived in Islamabad, you would have about an hour and twentyeight minuets (1:28) to pray the fajar salah before it becomes qazah.
  20. A messed up proAmerican and proIsrael governmet battling terrorist is what the west wants. Any surprise they want to help ovethrow Bashar? Any surprise all the supporters of these "rebels" are all countries with good ties to either America or ISrael or both?
  21. Wa Alaykum Salam Thank you Basim :)
  22. I wish to ask about the adhan and iqamah. I read from Ayatollah Sistani, as that is who I follow since there is a lot of english translations. He says on his site that one should say Ash hadu anna Amiral muminnina Aliun waliyyulah. But I have seen different variations such as Ashadu ana Aliun waliullah, ashadu anna Aliun hajjatullah. Since I follow Sistani, should I stick with just saying the first one twice, or can I say the other one, or is it anyway you want?
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