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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Internet speed testing . Not bad for Lebanon
  2. As a proof on what I'm saying , I'll give an example . This is a MI6 agent with no posts and just registered to gain access to posts and members search feature : http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?showuser=39627 He is user number 39627 : 3+9=12 ; 1+2=3 . 2+7=9 That would be 369 which is a number associated with noobys satanists . He have to step back 3 steps from the right side which is good and add them on the left side which is evil to reach the state of satanism 666 . Well now think in it , is this just a coincidence ?
  3. Clean the blood and lickh the injury , the saliva contains an enzyme that help it to close . That what I've heard , and maybe an anti-bacterial like the cat's saliva . Most peoples have an automatic response in licking their injuries , I think there is a reason behind it . Just don't lick blood .
  4. kolleh that means all .
  5. Ali is a CIA agent who made this forum for tracking terrorist shia chatters by tracking their IPs , monitoring their PMs logging their chats and gathering their personal informations . Also all the mods and dev teams are involved . Also beware of some users who may befriend you . They may have been banned before as a disguise and illusion .
  6. "Haq isn't known by men , Know Haq you'll know its peoples and Know Batel you'll know its peoples" - Imam Ali (pbuh) .
  7. "Don't you know that these peoples are the most wicked Sufi sects ? And the entire sufis are in contradiction with us ." Hadith #4 in Ayatullah Mujtaba's link . The hadith includes all the sufis and the designation needs a specification which isn't present . Irfan of AhlulBayt (pbuh) is what you take its from AhlulBayt's (pbuh) hadiths and not from hellenestic mythologies .
  8. The Truth Of Tasawwuf By Ayatullah Al Mar'ashy Al Najafy . Sermon about Mysticism, by Ayatullah Mujtaba Al Shirazi .
  9. http://www.blavatsky.net/blavatsky/arts/NumberSeven.htm
  10. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?sh...=0&p=728822 http://www.14masom.com/hkaek-mn-tareek/11.htm http://www.14masom.com/hkaek-mn-tareek/15.htm
  11. Knife and Ice Tong .
  12. Your analogy with Tatbeer is void because the aim of tatbeer is to inflict pain and not just throwing najis blood . Maybe this can slip because of the quran double usage for the word , and a common use in the meaning of "overcame by strong feeling or emotion " . But the drawn picture doesn't just stop on khamr , it encompasses a whole pagan scene containing idols , temples , bars and bit.ches , (and in other poems containing haram music instruments... ) . My question was focused on the scene and its elements and not solely on khamr . Do we take pagan symbolism to express love for Allah and AhlulBayt (pbuh) ? The second point of the topic , about khomeini claiming that he is Al Haq and wishing to be hanged like Hallaj (la3). Here are the sources : source : seraj.ir source : nahad.ir source : http://www.shareh.com
  13. Maybe it is like a fashion in poems for Sayed Ridha al Moosawi al Hindi and others to go in the irfanic style but the problem that remains is why the sufi gnostics used such najis matters to describe what they meant . Khamr in heaven isn't the same matter of khamr in earth that is "Rijs from satan's work"/(quran) . The other part of the topic : Why khomeini said "Ana-l Haq" and wish to be hanged like the laanati Huseyn bin Mansour Al Hallaj (la3) , that is cursed by Imam Mahdi (pbuh) and his special deputees ? What does he mean by Ana-l Haq ? Who from the shia marjas in the 14 centuries claimed that he is Al Haq ? Did one of AhlulBayt (pbuh) or their companions (like Slaman , Abu Zarr , Al Meqdad (as) ) claimed that he is Al Haq ? What is the difference between the claim of khomeini and that of pharao (la3) who said "I'm your Lord the Highest"? (79:24) If there is a difference between the basis of their claim , in what it would differ when both they see themselves Allah ? What kind of shias will take as a leader a person claiming that he is Al Haq ?
  14. Chew tobacco , an amount of 1 cigarette , it will give you a fever for 30 min .
  15. If you drink khamr your salat/namaz won't be accepted for 40 days , but you still have to perform it .
  16. Ayatullah Shahab al Deen Al Mar3ashy Al Najafy (qas) , from the grand scholars of Qom , one of the heavy confronters of Tasawwuf . He said in his book "Ihqaq al Haq" :
  17. He did have stated it in his poetry and wordings with statements that doesn't hold another interpretations . It is khomeini's believe in Wehdat al Mawjud that is in question and not another sufi theories . Kamal al Haydary justified this hadith . I don't have its source now . As if you haven't heard about Badr Brigades and SCIRI . http://www.sciri.ws/ http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/para/sciri.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCIRI You mean by justifying injected hadith like : "We have states with God where He is us and we are Him and He is He and we are we " ? Or by justifying Khutbat al Bayan ?
  18. Maybe the Hezb will agree on an alliance with Junblat if it is a price for a long term alliance with the future movement . Nasrallah still believe that the ideal situation of the hezb will be by a political alliance with the Hariris .
  19. Please stop asking stupid questions and google them . I wont explain an analogy to you . If you didn't understand it then ignore it .
  20. Syed Abdul Aziz al Hakeem (ha) is counted on the IRI line . Iran contra is another point to make you remember that when khomeini was saying "the road of Quds will pass by Karbala " , he was taking arms from USA and Israel to fight Iraq . It is obviously not related to al Hakim's pictures . The peoples who planned invasion of Iraq wanted to get rid from an oppressive kafir (Saddam) by another kafir (USA) , which is allowed in islam . You're acting like a wahabi deducing that shias are jews by posting pictures for iranian leaders with rabbis . Anyway PM the whole list maybe I'll get your point. Thank you .
  21. You mean this :huh: ? Or should I repeat the story of Iran Contra ? ... fanatic .
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